Intellex Acquires Expert by Big Village

We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will benefit our clients and experts.

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Intellex Brings Big Talent Pt. II

You’ve already heard: Intellex rebranded to our current name just this June — and that pivot didn’t happen overnight. Here we take you on a deeper dive into how our creative team made this the considerable success you see it as today. We share insights from our interview with Bridget Tirella, Senior Director of Marketing here at Intellex. Check out the first installment of this blog post series with Bridget to learn more about the rebrand and about Bridget’s fascinating marketing and communications background!

Intellex brings programmatic solutions, media, insights, and creative all under one roof. Watch the rebrand video here.

What’s in a rebrand?

Think of the single most important piece of a company’s brand: Its name. Intellex is a community, and our new moniker reflects that. It also means the Intellex umbrella was decided by committee. That takes time. We finalized the name in February 2022, and brand recognition was a huge consideration — not only for marketing and IT professionals but also for sales leadership and other pillars in Intellex chains of command. All this happened in a short time frame. That’s a testament to strong communication within Intellex pipelines, and a sincere drive to get things done swiftly… and done right.

Just behind the name, the top considerations for any company transition are color and logo. Before reaching Intellex’s rebrand crossroads, we’d oriented ourselves around red (“loud,” “hot” and “eye-catching”) and, before that, blue (“calm” and “inviting”). We’re excited about the current color scheme, which we find organic, warm and evocative of nature. From an aerial view, the brand-new palette —dark green, white, black, grey, nut brown, lemon yellow, and sky blue, laid out in friendly shapes — invokes the image of a sizable, inclusive township. In our case, that city is made up of researchers, problem-solvers and experienced practitioners. Plus, Intellex bridges U.S. and UK businesses, connecting the rebrand across the literal ocean with thoroughness and finesse.

Intellex: A success story

Right after the launch, we were thrilled to hear glowing feedback from our clients — the most important part of all our business — and even from our competitors. Much of this discourse was held on LinkedIn. Especially within our research world, the broader “village” of our peers and comparable companies commended our quality execution of a major change. They offered particularly attentive and positive reviews — especially, in Bridget’s words, “on the look and the feel of the messaging.” In the world of marketing, that’s high and wonderful praise.

Beyond the Rebrand: Marketing 101

Bridget isn’t just an expert in Intellex’s companywide rebrand. She’s also a longtime thought leader in numerous subfields of marketing and communications. In the next installment of our expert in-depth interview series with Bridget — “Marketing 101” — we discuss essential marketing practices, website copy, maximizing SEO, brand strength and credibility, lead conversion, security, drip campaigns, and more. The upshots: The content itself must be great, and you must make your materials about the customer. We are set up to provide you with essential content applicable to each and every reader.

Here at Intellex, we’re not interested in small problems — we’re keen on the big ones, which it takes a community to solve. Our successful, recent brand is no exception. Our Villagers are the best of the best — a workforce built around teamwork, coordination, and execution. We are Brave. We are Connected. We are Original.

What’s next?

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