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Innovate early, often, and on demand. Today’s CPG leaders drive growth with continuous and incremental updates that are research-based and customer-approved.

Intellex connects businesses with highly experienced experts who can be instantly effective and pull the levers businesses need to compete.

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As an on-demand expert, you choose the projects you want to work on, with the flexible schedules you prefer. Jumpstart innovative programs, rebuild product pipelines, improve productivity and accelerate speed-to-market — pick your projects, call your shots.

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Share your ideas and contribute to conversations with highly experienced and interesting people in the industry. Discover new perspectives and collaborate on research in your field. Work with CPG firms and their suppliers to bring great products to market, and to scale, faster.

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“Within its focus on the CPG industries, Intellex provides on-demand experienced innovation experts. CPG companies can now affordably create sustainable competitive advantage via access to proven industry expertise.”

Alan Maingot, retired Procter & Gamble innovation executive,
accomplished innovation consultant, and Intellex advisor

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When Peter Erickson, Sr. Vice President Innovation, Technology, Quality General Mills, Inc. discovered a product quality problem, he came to us for ideas.

“We saw an opportunity to enter the marketplace with a new product and identified a small company to manufacture it,” he said. “Unfortunately, the company that had the capability we needed had limited resources and their product did not meet our flavor, stability or quality requirements. We arranged for the company to leverage the unique technical expertise from a team of experts. They quickly resolved the issues and allowed us to capture this new business opportunity.”

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