Intellex Acquires Expert by Big Village

We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will benefit our clients and experts.

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(In-Depth Interviews for long.)

Embrace the transformative advantages of using these professionals for in-depth interviews to gain a competitive edge in your research endeavors.


Sometimes you need a bird’s-eye view to an industry landscape question, trend, or urgent problem.

In this case, an expert IDI may fit your needs perfectly. Our expert IDI’s consist of a detailed discussion with one or several of the thousands of subject matter experts in our network. We typically schedule IDI’s for one hour — and we can arrange as many interviews as you need.


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“This series of interviews provided a huge source of insight and value that just one interview couldn’t provide.”
-3D printing client

What can an IDI do for you?


  • Get up to speed on new products and technologies
  • Give insight on trend impacts and implications
  • Showcase unfamiliar business processes
  • Give insight on market structures and dynamics
  • Illuminate new manufacturing processes
  • Explain needs and situations of hard-to-reach customers



Explore how expert in-depth interviews can make you successful.

Unlocking Insights: The Profound Benefits of Hiring Consultants and Experts for In-Depth Interviews

When seeking to gather comprehensive insights through in-depth interviews, the expertise of consultants and experts can be a strategic game-changer. Delve into the advantages of utilizing these seasoned professionals for in-depth interviews:

Specialized Knowledge:

Consultants and experts bring a wealth of specialized knowledge to in-depth interviews, ensuring a depth of understanding that enhances the quality of gathered insights.

Cost Efficiency:

Opting for consultants or experts for in-depth interviews can be more cost-effective than maintaining full-time interviewers, providing value without long-term commitments.

Accelerated Progress:

Leveraging the interviewing expertise of consultants and experts accelerates the data collection process, allowing you to gather insights more rapidly.

Customized Solutions:

These professionals can craft interview strategies that precisely fit your needs, ensuring the gathered insights address your specific research questions.

Industry Insights:

Consultants and experts often possess valuable industry knowledge, enriching your interviews with context and understanding of current trends and challenges.


When faced with complex interview scenarios, consultants and experts excel at adapting, ensuring your interviews remain on track and yield valuable data.

Ensure that your in-depth interviews yield rich, valuable insights. Benefit from specialized knowledge, experience, and innovative approaches to unlock the full potential of interview data by incorporating experts and consultants into your next project.

We bend over backwards for our clients.

Case Study: Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Company

Drive brand awareness & conversions


The project included qualitative research in conjunction with a couple of industry experts.

Intellex sourced, vetted, and screened two customized experts.



The FDA had just cleared a diabetes medication for secondary use as a weight loss drug. This study focused solely on the drug’s promotion of weight loss and what types of long-term studies healthcare professionals would want to see, to be comfortable prescribing the drug to their patients for weight loss.


Creative Strategy


  • Expert #1: Researcher and Clinician in Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism
  • Expert #2: Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, Obesity, internal Medicine, Thyroid, Calcium and Bone Disorders, Adrenal, Pituitary Disorders



The Client appreciated our ability to move quickly on this project. The Expert interviews were well received and integrated into the reporting. The Client had requested experts to ensure they weren’t missing anything significant happening that they were unaware of. The Experts our team provided reassured the client that they had a good handle on the scope and breadth of the issue. The research was intended to help the Client decide on how to proceed, and the data from this research provided clear answers on where to go next.


Case Study: Bringin’ Home the Bacon. Hear that sizzle.

Verified, Validated, Effective.


The project included qualitative study in combination with a couple of industry experts.

Intellex sourced, vetted, and screened two tailored experts.

The goal? How to make cooking at home fun again.



Find a way to reach younger generations while still appealing to the current market and customer base. The focus lies behind interviewing the perfect experts. Individuals who can speak to today’s youth while still giving perspective on the future, focusing on narrowing in on Gen Z, Millennials, etc.


Creative Strategy


To understand the generations and their habits, the Expert team vetted and recruited two specialized experts tailored ideally to the needs of this Client.

  • Expert #1: A globally renowned Executive Producer, Media Aggregator, Writer, TV and Radio Personality, and Chef. Expert has advised two White House Administrations, The United Nations, The USDA Food & Nutrition Services, and more.
  • Expert #2: A Marketing, Branding Development, Social Media Trends, and Social Media Influencing Expert has nearly 20 years of experience in the planning and creative development, implementation, and management of several successful marketing programs and campaigns in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.


We worked diligently with our Client on building out the screening criteria and the interview process. The result? Our Client was able to walk away with great confidence in what each generation is looking for, their habits, the current trends, and where the future is heading. 

With the knowledge gained from the interviews, the client feels energized to move to the next research phase. 





Case Study: Fortune 100 Insurance Provider

Insights on Market Structures and Dynamics


The project included qualitative study supplemented with a handful of industry experts.

The Expert team custom-recruited four specialized experts specifically for this Client.

The purpose? Illuminating white space and opportunities.

I'm excited that somebody is asking these questions more than just of 'what does it look like?' That you're really trying to do something with it. To me, it's just a really exciting project.




An Insurance Client came to us looking for knowledge in two main areas.

  1. Inform about the state and trends of the marketplace as it relates to DE&I in the workplace and access to benefits and services for underserved populations.
  2. Identify where the white space/opportunities exist to provide legal benefits and services through the workplace with a focus on DE&I and underserved populations.


Creative Strategy


Vet and interviewed four experts to gather in-depth insight to pinpoint areas of opportunity and what the marketplace is like today. Between these four customized experts, each brought specialized expertise to the project.

  • Expert #1: Sociology and Women’s/Gender Studies, Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy, and Sexual Assault
  • Expert #2: Law: Criminal, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, and Administrative
  • Expert #3: Business Law and Ethics, Applied Ethics, Poverty Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Elder Law
  • Expert #4: Human Resources & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion




The client found the expert interviews to be extremely rewarding and the content gathered to be highly impactful on how they moved into the next phase. Knowing what they do now, they feel much more confident that they are moving in the right direction. Want to learn more about this study? Read the full report here.

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