Intellex Acquires Expert by Big Village

We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will benefit our clients and experts.

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Expert Witness Services

Hiring an Expert Witness Will Boost Your Case

Having an expert witness stand by your brand during a legal hearing often yields positive results. Thanks to Intellex, finding an expert witness is simple — use our user-friendly database to perform a search and discover a large list of candidates for your industry.


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Expert Witness Consulting Services

An expert witness describes industry terms and processes in a courtroom. There are many reasons why this would be necessary, including disputes with third parties, employee incidents, damage accusations and contract breaches.

Whether you require help preparing reports for suits or need case strategy development support, trust our expert witnesses for:

  • Expert modeling: An individual in our network will map out demonstrations of contested processes relevant to your industry and case.
  • Patent portfolio review: An expert can explain when someone violates a design you have patented or when there are claims against original products.
  • Damage assessments: Our expert witness can identify whether damage claims around your offerings are valid.
  • Case strategy assistance: The expert can suggest approaches that have worked in the past to win similar cases.

Intellex is here to guide you through all phases of litigation. Our expert witnesses have direct experience with intellectual property disputes, patent cases, personal injury cases, personal liability cases, product liability cases and accident causation cases, which is something other expert witness companies are unable to claim.

Benefits of Partnering With an Expert Witness

Working with an expert witness adds a new level of insight and credibility to your case. Expert witnesses from Intellex have long histories of operating in your field, and many have studied at top universities. A large portion has also worked for renowned research facilities worldwide, meaning your partner knows what they are talking about and how to explain niche subjects to your audience.

You receive exceptional support when preparing your case with our professionals, who are prompt and efficient. These qualified individuals are ready to offer objective support for your company and serve as an extension of your team.

Our experts provide:

Unparalleled Insight and Credibility:

Expert witnesses provide a wealth of specialized knowledge, granting you invaluable insights into intricate technical, scientific, or industry-specific aspects crucial to your case.

Objective Support:

Regardless of whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant, expert witnesses can provide essential support, enhancing your legal position.

Time Efficiency:

Experts simplify complex concepts, saving valuable time for legal teams and the court by presenting information in a clear and understandable manner.

Tailored Expertise:

Recognizing that every case is unique, expert witnesses customize their knowledge and testimony to align precisely with your case’s specifics, making their input exceptionally relevant.

Intellectual Property Insights:

In cases involving intellectual property, expert witnesses assess patent portfolios, client technologies, and prior art, identifying strengths and vulnerabilities crucial to your case.

Damages Assessment:

Expert witnesses assess the financial impact of alleged wrongdoing, providing essential guidance in determining appropriate compensation.

By incorporating the services of an expert witness, you increase your case’s credibility, effectiveness, and chances of a favorable resolution. Experience the manifold benefits these professionals bring to the table and optimize your litigation strategy.

For over 6 years our firm has almost exclusively relied on Intellex to locate highly qualified experts for our cases. Intellex is always responsive and their follow-up and follow-through has been top notch. The quality of expert witness candidates they have brought to us has been impressive.

I would highly recommend Intellex to colleagues who consult as well as clients seeking a way to access expertise quickly and efficiently. They immediately identify whether it is an appropriate fit and quickly schedule calls with clients. Clients are well-prepared for consultations, and a lot of ground is covered, giving clients an extensive amount of information even in short consultations.

Industries Our Expert Witnesses Serve

Other expert witness consulting firms serve select fields. Intellex differentiates itself from competitors with expert witnesses serving more than 40 major disciplines for your convenience. Every one of our experts undergoes a thorough screening process before we add them to our database. Intellex looks for more than just impressive credentials — we choose individuals who also have proven success with cases.

You can speak with an Intellex representative if you are unsure which of our expert witnesses would serve you best.

Some of the industries Intellex serves most often include:

A Personalized Service That Goes Above and Beyond

When you engage with Intellex, your dedicated account executive will help you by finding and diligently vetting the expert witness you need. Whether for the consultants in our network or those custom recruited outside it, our case-specific vetting includes:

  • clearing conflicts
  • detailed, recent information regarding experts’ litigation and testimony experience
  • Daubert history

We arrange and moderate expert screening calls to ensure a strong match for your case — and a chance for you to hear how experts present themselves. (Will they be personable and approachable on the witness stand?) And from end to end, your Intellex account executive will manage all the paperwork, proposals, invoices, contracts, and NDA’s.

Unlocking Expert Witness Success

 Our Experts:

  • have historically worked in similar cases
  • offer more than just testimony
  • are reliable
  • excel in case strategy
  • review patent portfolios, client technologies, and prior art


  • Detailed expert reports for suits
  • Expert modelling/testing of contested processes
  • Expert case strategy advice
  • Expert review of patent portfolios, client technologies and prior art
  • Deposition and testimony
  • Damages assessment

What you get:

  • Discuss your case with our customer service rep
  • View expert biographies online
  • We present you with several experts who may fit your case
  • We screen experts with you by a conference call to gauge fit
    and presentation

Case Examples:

  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Patent cases
  • Personal injury cases
  • Personal liability cases
  • Product liability issues
  • Accident causation

Let’s find you an expert.

Complete a Quick Request Form to Find an Expert Witness With Intellex

Intellex keeps the expert witness consulting process stress-free with an online database that helps you find qualified mentors in seconds.

Consider your case and complete a quick request form to have our team help you find a partner for your case today.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Ask. Submit a free expert request here.
  2. Choose. Select the right expert with help from our team.
  3. Get started. Simply sign our agreement and begin working with your expert.
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