The Sweet Success of Coating Reformulation

An Intellex Food Scientist Creates a Winning New Formula


Leading Snack Brand


Our client—a leading brand of packaged tree nuts—needed help improving their formulations and processes related to coating almonds in a sugar and honey mixture. They were experiencing quality issues related to their coating’s performance in high temperatures, and felt their current process was creating too much waste.


The Client Needed:

An On-Demand Consult

The Skills Needed:

  • R&D leadership experience in improving food processing and products
  • Expertise in coatings formulations and processes
  • Experience in reducing production waste
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with existing team
  • Fluency in testing and implementing formula and process changes

Time to Placement:
3 weeks

Client Satisfaction Level:
Thrilled and ongoing



Intellex provided them with a former Chief Scientist who has more than 30 years of experience working specifically on coatings formulations and processes. This expert had a deep understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the coatings and the surfaces our client was applying them to, along with knowledge in the areas of heat transfer and bonding.

We recommended an On-Demand Consult, which offered the quickest solution for our client. Once selected and brought on board, our expert quickly integrated with the client’s team, reviewed the current challenges and issues with both the formulation and the processes, and provided guidance on ways to improve both.


In less than one month, our expert provided our client with new formulations and process improvements, as well as guidance on testing the new formulas and processes in their pilot plant. As a result, the client was able to quickly implement these changes into their manufacturing procedures, improving the quality of their product for consumers while also cutting their costs by removing production waste. 

The client was extremely satisfied with the results and the speed at which they were delivered, and has inquired about using this expert again for additional work to improve other product formulations.