A Slick Take on Fats & Oils Supply Chain Optimization

How an Intellex Lipid Science Expert Re-engineered Manufacturing For the Better


Fortune 100 food company


Our client needed to troubleshoot issues related to their fats & oils supply chain specific to their confectionery business. They engaged us to find an expert with deep expertise in supply chains related to palm oil, palm kernel oil, and shea oil, as well as someone who understood the chemical makeup of those materials.


The Expert Needed:

Senior Food Product/Process

The Skills Needed:

  • Deep expertise in palm oil, palm kernel oil, and shea oil supply chains
  • Expertise in chemical makeup of oil materials
  • R&D leadership experience in improving food processing and products
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with existing team
  • Ability to engage suppliers in the raw materials space
  • Fluency in testing and implementing formula and process changes

Time to Placement:
3 weeks

Client Satisfaction Level:
Client loved the expert so much, they are continuing work to troubleshoot other issues and improve processes



Intellex provided an expert with more than 30 years of experience in lipids science, including seven patents related to lipid science and 70+ published technical papers. In addition to being a lipids-focused chemist, our expert holds roles where he is responsible for engaging with suppliers in the raw materials space. This background made him uniquely equipped to understand both the landscape of the supply chain, as well as the science behind the materials in question. We recommended working with our client in a phased approach:

 + Phase 1: Troubleshooting issues our client was having in processing their products and taking stock of their current network of suppliers. 

+ Phase 2: Providing an extensive landscape review of the current supplier market, the regions where these materials are harvested, and the chemical makeup of the materials available from the suppliers.


Our expert identified and created eight new workstreams, with a focus on improving manufacturing processes, and will work with each of the workstream teams on an ongoing basis to provide strategic consulting as they execute a plan that results in both cost and time savings. This work ultimately helps our client gain the knowledge to fix issues they are currently facing in processing their ingredients, develop IP around the landscape of their fats & oils supply chain, and be better positioned to streamline their current processes.