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clients in the CPG and
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experts in the CPG
and food industries

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Put Intellex experts at your fingertips

Your company can’t operate with one-size-fits-all expertise. That’s why we offer an easy way to benefit from the unique perspective our experts have to offer, on your terms.

Immediately impact productivity and solve problems

Through Engage, you can thoroughly research—and inquire about—our unique talent network, interact with experts on-demand and connect with us in real time to communicate about the consulting process.

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Versatile consulting solutions 

You can access on-demand expertise across the product development lifecycle, with experts ready to address challenges under your guidance. Micro consults offer efficient 1-hour virtual sessions for quick problem-solving without lengthy meetings or major commitments. Custom consulting projects connect you with tailored expert teams, while Alumni Management Programs leverage the knowledge of semi-retired talent.

Success is just a click away.

Unlock the power of Intellex Engage and embrace a brighter future for your CPG endeavors. With our experts by your side, challenges become opportunities.

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