CPG Consulting Services for Startups & Emerging Brands

Your company is an emerging player in an already crowded CPG marketplace. You have a differentiated product, but you need to better optimize it in order to gain competitive advantage.

Quality is a top concern. But so are sourcing, procurement, and the economic climate

Manufacturing processes must be streamlined. Regulatory requirements must be met. Consumer preferences must be prioritized. It’s a lot to balance, and Intellex will keep you on a steady path forward.

We understand the unique position you’re in and we have the answers you need to put your best product forward.

Operational Expertise for your Startup CPG

Through an extensive global community of industry experts, we quickly source niche consultants to help you overcome operational challenges and address critical product issues to stand out in a competitive business market.

  • Supplier Management
  • Plant Startups
  • Formulation
  • Consumer Insights
  • Quality Audits

Experts are carefully paired with your startup CPG based on alignment between their tenured industry expertise and your specific project needs. Our experts average more than 25 years in their respective specialties, delivering long-standing career focus and an insider perspective that gives your emerging or startup CPG an insightful edge.

Expert Consulting to Differentiate Your Emerging Brand

It’s estimated that an average of 30,000 new CPG products launch each year. That’s a lot of competition. How do you break through all the noise? With expert guidance.

Intellex experts can make your product shine on the shelf–from improving your manufacturing processes to formulating the end product, and everything in between.

Given that only 30% of all U.S. launches will sustain or grow their sales in-market during their first two years, as an emerging CPG brand, you need expert insider knowledge. Intellex delivers.

Industry Experience that Supports Innovation

As a CPG company, your product lineup could focus on one niche category, or span multiple subcategories. Either way, we have hands-on experience supporting innovation and operational excellence in key consumer industries:

  • Food and flavor
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby
  • Feminine care
  • Personal care

If you’re eager to get in front of the best CPG experts, but aren’t sure if a full engagement is warranted, you can join Intellex Engage. Here, you can browse expert resumes and request short, 1-hour consultations with a consultant on a specific topic.

Case studies & proof points

Our on-demand CPG consulting and expertise fosters undeniable results.

Strategies for Continued Product Improvement

Looking to refine your product for a more competitive play? Intellex experts can help you reach your improvement goals. Like one CPG who turned to us for reformulation magic. In less than one month, our expert provided the CPG with new formulations and new process refinements.

Expert Guidance to Maintain Product Quality

As an emerging CPG, it’s especially important to maintain product quality as you break into the industry. Take a look at our recent blog for four expert strategies to preserve quality during turbulent economic times.