Intellex Acquires Expert by Big Village

We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will benefit our clients and experts.

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For biotechnology experts, trust Intellex.

For expert witnesses, consultants and researchers in biotechnology, you’ll find no better source of expertise than Intellex. We have been a leading source of biotechnology authorities to businesses large and small for more than 30 years. Our professionals are thoroughly vetted and highly screened to provide you with access to top minds and thought leaders in biotechnology as well as the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and other areas of healthcare.

With a roster of more than 10,000 peer-recommended experts, Intellex is a top choice for the world’s leading companies. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies have relied on our experts, and our professionals are continually in demand for litigation support, consultative work and expert research.

To find a biotechnology expert now, complete our online Expert Request form or browse our directory of biotechnology experts. And for fast answers to questions or for personal assistance in connecting with the expertise you require, you may call us at 1-800-833-8055.

Featured Experts

Services offered by our biotechnology experts.

Intellex authorities provide a wide range of services in biotechnology and other disciplines like nutrition or psychology & psychiatry, including:

  • Expert research that uncovers high-impact insights into markets, technologies, needs assessments, competitive intelligence, intellectual property, hard-to-find products and more.
  • Expert consulting on product development, technology-driven projects, manufacturing and other areas of biotechnology.
  • Expert witness services, providing testimony in discovery or on the witness stand that can help to win cases, and helping attorneys with case evaluation and strategy.

How to find the right biotechnology authority.

To find the expert in biotechnology that best meets your needs, simply take a few minutes to complete an Expert Request online. Our recruiters will review your requirements and help to select the most suitable experts, who you may interview by phone to ensure that their special expertise matches your needs.

Why use Intellex for biotechnology expertise?

  • Find experts fast. Our database of experts and our recruiting team can put you in touch with an expert quickly, minimizing the time required to find the resources you need.
  • Access top expertise. Our experts are leaders in their field and respected authorities on a wide variety of matters. No other service has invested as much in recruiting top talent.
  • Choose your level of engagement. Our experts may be contracted for extensive, on-site projects, or for contracts that last only for a quick phone consultation.

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Let’s find you an expert.

Submit a quick request and our team will find a qualified expert to suit your research, legal, or consulting needs.

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  3. Start. Simply sign our agreement and begin working with your expert.
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