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Expert Details

Space/Rocket Systems & Voice Mail

ID: 718026 Iowa, USA

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Expert E. Expert, Jr. has 23 years experience in the management of both projects and programs as well as research and development specialty engineering groups. He has a profound understanding of human nature and, as a result, the ability to create an environment for excellence. He has been a highly successful manager.

A majority of Expert's career has been in the conceptualization, planning, design, development, manufacturing, and test operations of spacecraft and space launch systems and the associated ground assets. He has led large teams (up to 500) of scientific and engineering personnel in the accomplishment of challenging space system goals.

Expert has designed numerous electronic circuits, subassemblies, and systems including power switching, sensing, instrumentation, and conditioning for 16 Earth orbiting satellites, three upper stage boosters, two primary space launch boosters, and one shuttle mission. He was responsible for all aspects of these designs, including theoretical research, prototyping, packaging, manufacturing, mil-specs, ground and flight testing, operation, and documentation. These efforts comprise well over $100 million in hardware systems.

A significant portion of Expert's work has included the conceptualization, planning, design, development, manufacturing, test, installation, operation, training, and maintenance of industrial systems. He has led large teams of technical personnel in this pursuit.

Expert has 15 years experience as a designer and chief designer of electrical circuits that arm and fire a wide variety of electro-explosive (pyrotechnic) devices for applications ranging from bolt cutters and pin pullers to solid rocket motors. His experience is with spacecraft and rocket systems. He was the principal design engineering author for the re-write of MIL-STD-1576 Electroexplosive Systems employed on the Space Shuttle. Expert has considerable experience designing and managing the design of precision analog/digital instrumentation and power conditioning circuits and systems, satellite ranging systems, dedicated microprocessor-controlled instruments, and a wide variety of control systems.

Along with his extensive experience in control circuitry and equipment for electroexplosive devices, Expert is well versed in attendant safety analysis. His designs have flown on numerous satellites and rockets.

Expert is the developer of Magic Voice, a PC-based, feature-rich, automated voice mail and fax system. It comprises 100,000 source lines of code. Features of the system include a sophisticated and easy-to-use interactive voice response and a full-functioning auto attendant. This system is designed for direct connection with telephone company lines or connection to PBX/KSU business telephone systems. Expert consults on and installs telephone and phone mail systems as well as audio conferencing systems.

Having a thorough knowledge of fax systems, Expert has developed a sophisticated, multi-line fax-on-demand and fax retrieval/broadcast system. He also operates a national fax-on-demand and fax broadcast service bureau.

Expert has developed numerous PC-based automated test systems. These have included complete environmental and stimulus control to test complex spacecraft subsystems under a wide variety of conditions. His most recent effort is a feature-rich voice mail system (see above).

Expert develops commercial and custom Internet client software for Windows platforms. His GoRobot product is an autonomous search robot (spider) that "crawls" the web searching for information specified by the user and returns web-links or actual web files to the user's PC. GoRobot will perform up to 100 entirely disparate searches at the same time. No sites, servers, portals are required for GoRobot to function. GoRobot only needs a Windows PC and an Internet connection.

Expert designs, installs, administers, and consults on Windows NT (TM) networks.

Expert has designed and manufactured many computer-controlled data acquisition and control systems that fall under the broad category of ATE (automatic test equipment). Systems that he has worked on range from small "suitcase" sized test sets to ATE that was housed in full-size rack enclosures.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1971 Degree: BS Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: University of Virginia

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1991 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President, Chief Engineer Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 1991 Employer: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Title: Program Manager, Spacecraft Systems Department: Naval Center for Space Technology
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1972 to 1985 Employer: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Title: Power Systems & Instrumentation Section Department: Naval Center for Space Technology
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1971 to 1972 Employer: U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory Title: Electromagnetic Compatibility Section Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1967 to 1971 Employer: WCHV (AM) and WCCV (FM) Radio Stations Title: Chief Engineer Department:
Available upon request.

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Expert is a Registered EIT in Virginia. Expert is also a licensed FCC commercial radio operator, with a "General Radio Telephone Operator's" License.

Professional Appointments
He is a former Chairman of the Systems Working Group, Interagency Advanced Power Group.
Awards / Recognition
He has received numerous awards, including the U.S. Navy Excellence in Engineering Award for his role as Chief Engineer and Program Manager of LACE Spacecraft System.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has authored several publications and has submitted a patent application.

Fields of Expertise

project management, aerospace engineering, outer space experiment design, space hardware development, industrial systems engineering, systems engineering, analog device design, analog instrumentation, aerospace military specification, electroexplosive device, telecommunications electronics science, voice mail, telephone system, autoattendant, integrated voice response system, telephone equipment, telephone line, voice interface, facsimile communication, facsimile broadcast, facsimile retrieval, process automation, telephone-computer service integration, personal-computer-based industrial process control, Microsoft Windows NT, computerized data acquisition, automation technology, voice processing, telephone electronic equipment, local loop, headset, automatic call distribution, unshielded twisted pair cable, proposal writing, fault tolerance, space power system, aerospace instrument, carbon microphone, systems diagnostics, electronic system, key service unit, electronics, electric transient, aerospace defense system, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor integrated circuit, private branch exchange, printed circuit board assembly process, electrical-power system control, light-emitting diode, analog-signal processing, alternating-current transformer, digital-to-analog conversion, data acquisition, electrical grounding, energy generation, circuit design, wave-generating circuit, potentiometer instrument, telephony, electromagnetic compatibility, attenuator, electromagnetic interference, resistor, transistor, thermistor, switching circuit, Strategic Defense Initiative, spacecraft, sensor, semiconductor device, relay, project planning, precision engineering, power electronics, overvoltage protection, oscillator, microprocessor application, electronic logic circuit, electrical safety, electric fuse, electric circuit, digital circuit, bipolar integrated circuit, avalanche diode, automatic test equipment, analog circuit

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