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soy products utilization, nutritional product formulation, probiotics and prebiotics, nutritional clinical study designs

ID: 735135 Ohio, USA

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An accomplished and global clinical and nutritional leader with over 25 years of progressive experience in the botanicals, nutritional vitamins, prebiotics/probiotics, multinational healthcare, and consumer products industry sectors. Demonstrated leadership in partnering with internal technical and cross-functional operating teams in delivering strict FDA compliance on a wide and challenging range of regulations associated with new product rollouts. Known for strategic thinking and new product execution/monetization opportunities with proven nutritional and health benefits while driving the management of costs and deploying continuous improvement initiatives. Recognized abilities span successful global project leadership including ideation, testing in conformance with stringent governmental regulations and keeping fast-track product launches on schedule and on budget. Proven leadership skills in the translation of clinical and white paper reports into new product ideas that resonate with clinicians and consumers with a strong focus on efficacy and positive outcomes. A pivotal technical leader who delivers well-organized and structured global clinical study designs that strictly conform to rigorous federal compliance requirements.

• Global clinical & nutritional leadership
• Clinical science, physiology & biochemistry
• FDA guidelines/regulations adherence focused
• Continuous product quality improvement was driven
• Skilled project management leadership
• Clinical study design & protocol development
• Cost reduction and expense streamlining
• Product ideation and rollout execution
• Front end innovator and technically skilled
• Strategic partner to cross-functional teams
• Versatile interpersonal communication skills
• Mentoring & emotional intelligence leadership

Expert in nutrition including dietary supplement products, formulations.


Year Degree Subject Institution

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2018 Employer: PHARMAVITE Title: Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs Department:
• Provided hands-on clinical and technical leadership in 2015 in driving 3 new probiotics to market including a revolutionary digestive probiotic that generated over $1.5M in incremental revenues in the 1st year, a female-focused digestive probiotic with special minerals and vitamins for women’s health that drove over $1.3M in incremental revenues and an advanced adult probiotic product for various stomach ailments that generated over $3M in revenues.
• Spearheaded the development and launch of 2 adult and children’s probiotic Gummy products. The kid’s Gummy products are being marketed at Target and are projected to bring in just under $1.0M in the 1st year and the adult product is forecasted to realize over $1.5M in the 1st year and annually.
• Key clinical force in driving global expansion opportunities through successful reformulation processes that led to over 8 existing Pharmavite products that secured the challenging Chinese Blue Hat Labels obtaining health claims approval. The result was creating a company market presence and potential future business opportunities in China. Also secured new business opportunities in Taiwan and Korea that is forecasted to deliver over $1.0M in the 1st year, Central America and the Caribbean region's revenues are forecasted at over $1.4M in the 1st year.
• Successfully led the launching of 2 new multi-strain and advanced probiotic products forecasted for Q1, 2018 in the $3.5M in 1st-year revenues as Director of Scientific Affairs, “Nature Made was the #1 recommended vitamin supplement by pharmacists, food, drug, and retail outlets, 8 years in a row.”
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1990 to 2009 Employer: ABBOTT NUTRITION, ABBOT LABORATORIES Title: Senior Research Scientist Department:
• Expert guided the research team in the development of JuvenR and OxepaR products for surgical wound healing and acute lung injury, respectively.
• Provided successful technical and clinical leadership in designing, developing and rolling out a unique antioxidant powder system for a powder product that met both European Union EU) and Codex regulations paving the way for global commercialization of a new product launch that drove over $500MM in annual sales.
• Led the charge in the conception and successful new product rollout of an innovative and transformative pediatric product with “Early Shield” ingredients that demonstrated increased immunity while concurrently developing the 1st ever infant formula product in tablet form resulting in increased nutritional opportunities for newborns.
• Championed the successful commercialization of a new lactose-free formulation in a unique and disposable container for in-hospital use and became the “Gold Standard” by clinicians in neonatology wards resulting in increased efficacy.
• Played a pivotal leadership role in the identification of the cause of poor mineralization and development of infant bone structure in a study that paved the way for the development of increased efficacy in infant nutritional products.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2000 Employer: ABBOTT NUTRITION, ABBOT LABORATORIES Title: Research Scientist Department:
• Spearheaded the commercialization of the 1st and only aseptically-filled, ready-to-feed infant formula product in the industry that established and pushed the technical envelope resulting in Abbott becoming the leader in this field.
• Provided breakthrough nutritional leadership in the development of a unique oil blend that resulted in amplifying calcium absorption 50% higher than the closest competing product creating new business opportunities.
• Resourcefully identified and deployed corrective measures that remedied the mineral fall-out and creaming problems occurring during operating cycles that resulted in significant savings in processing time and ingredients costs.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1990 to 1995 Employer: ABBOTT NUTRITION, ABBOT LABORATORIES Title: Senior Project Leader Department:
• Appointed by management to assume a leadership role in driving the improvement of the company’s oral rehydration product resulting in sustaining a market leadership position.
• Key driver in the successful development of an innovative whole rice flour-based oral rehydration (ORS) product that resulted in highly positive clinical outcomes superior to regular glucose-based ORS recommended by the Worlds Health Organization (WHO).
• Stepped up and focused on the challenging validation of the North Carolina State University “auto-show” facility for porcine studies and subsequently became the preferred location for “controlled feeding studies involving piglets.
• Provided expert evaluation and nutritional guidance at the Primate Colony at the University of California, Davis that resulted in a cheaper and faster alternative to humans in a milk lactoferrin study on gut health.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1988 to 1990 Employer: KELLOGG COMPANY Title: Associate Research Chemist Department:
• Successfully developed a new and innovative analytical methodology that went on to become the “official A.O.A.C”. Created a new patented processing method for the rendering of psyllium seed husk hypoallergenic supporting the manufacturing of the Kellogg’s Heartwise cereal product driving incremental revenues.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) – Federated Society for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
Awards / Recognition
Pediatric Products Division – Abbott Nutrition Award of Excellence, – Medical & Regulatory Affairs Division
– Abbott Nutrition Speaker Award, – Chairman’s Award Recipient - Abbott Laboratories
Publications and Patents Summary
Publications: 2
Patents: 8

Fields of Expertise

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