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Expert Details

Process Engineering, Project Management

ID: 736673 Canada

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Expert brings 15+ years of Process Engineering and Project Management experience in the Chemicals/Oil and Gas/Pharmaceutical/Green Hydrogen domain (in the USA and Singapore) and has also worked in manufacturing and the EPC environment. Expert has led multiple projects concurrently throughout the lifecycle of the project.

He has worked with the operations team on process improvement, safety/compliance, new product qualification trials, and cost reduction opportunities. Expert started his career with EPC companies as a Process Engineer and worked on many capital projects for various clients like Exxon Mobil, Huntsman, HHI, GSK, Pfizer, BASF, etc. Then he moved to the manufacturing plant of Rohm and Haas Chemicals (now Dow Chemicals) in a dual role of Process/Project Engineer, and here he was in charge of identifying, developing, and executing small capital projects and also supporting the plant operation. While working in Chevron, he has a track record of identifying crucial process improvement opportunities and executing capital projects. He has a great sense of capital efficiency and has successfully identified multiple cost-saving opportunities. He also has successfully completed multiple Lean Sigma projects and has achieved savings of more than $13.5MM in the last 6+ years.

This reflects his remarkable ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data. He is Lean Sigma Green Belt from Chevron and Six Sigma Green Belt from Rohm and Haas. Expert has achieved success in managing multiple activities/projects, priorities, and people in a fast-paced, high-growth, results-driven environment. He has excellent communication, interpersonal, presentation, report writing, analytical/problem-solving skills, and enjoys working with cross-functional teams.

TOP SKILLS Process Engineering, Project Management, Turnaround Management, Process Safety Engineering, Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Sigma, Six Sigma, Project Identification, Project Economic Evaluation (early phases), Decision Support Package, HAZOP/PHA/LOPA, IPL Credits, Control philosophy, Cause & Effect Matrix, Function testing plan, System completion plan, Reliability improvement, etc.

Upstream: Steam generation and distribution systems, Water treatment systems, sour gas treatment, fuel gas systems, Vapor recovery units, gas compression, new technology evaluation, heating, and cooling systems, etc.
Downstream: All utilities. Incinerator, SRU, Chillers, Cooling tower, Wastewater treatment, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, relief systems, reactors, vacuum pump units, centrifuges, decanters, dryers, etc.
Others: Green Hydrogen, LNG, Crude treatment


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2004 Degree: MEng Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: National University of Singapore
Year: 2002 Degree: BTech Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi, India

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2022 to 2023 Employer: Everwind Fuels Title: Director of Engineering and Technology Department: Project Development
Point Tupper Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Project (~USD10B project) – 1 million tons per annum of green ammonia by 2026.
Scope: 2.5GW of Wind power/ 1.5GW of solar/2.5 GWh of BESS/ 1.75GW of electrolysis/4000 TPD of ammonia.

Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia experience
• Successfully led engineering efforts for FEL1 and FEL2 and completed it on schedule.
• Successfully Led FEL3/FEED through Black and Veatch as engineering contractor (100+ engineers working from USA, Canada, India) and ILF (25+ engineers working from Canada and Germany) as owners engineer.
• Evaluated green hydrogen, green ammonia, e-fuels production technologies and developed scope for the project.
• Led vendor evaluation for various packages (Electrolyzer, ammonia, compressor, BoP, etc) and selection, lead negotiations for cost, schedule, guarantees, etc and finalize contract.
• Lead for development of project scope documents, all engineering and procurement deliverables, schedule, cost estimates, budget forecasts, risk register, HAZOP, etc
• Lead for optimization efforts for cost reduction, maximizing production, schedule streamlining, etc and interface/support for Wind power, Solar Power, Batteries, and transmission.
• Support external applications for project - Crown land application, Environment Assessment (EA), easement application, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), etc
• Represent Engineering in all external meetings related to off-take agreement, project financing, insurance, and government bodies.

Wind/Solar/BESS/Transmission experience
• Optimization of overall scope of the project (wind, solar, BESS, Hydrogen/Ammonia production/storage) to maximize the ammonia production and lower levelized cost of Ammonia (LCOA). Used wind and solar production profiles to get maximum utilization of plant.
• Participated in selection of wind turbine supplier selection, review of proposals, ranking of vendors based on the capacities and suitability, etc.
• Performed site assessment and feasibility studies for solar scope to get the maximum energy output and efficiency and estimated the land and transmission requirements.
• Optimization of transmission system (230kV Vs multiple 34.5 kV lines) of power from solar substations to plant substation.
• Involved in sub-station design for plant and integration of BESS and solar transmission lines into the sub-station.
• Worked with B&V on the study for transmission line canso of straits crossing options (2 km water body crossing), for overhead cable, Horizontal drilling, and subsea cable options.
• Supported the VP power with the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) agreement with Nova Scotia Power with laying out technical requirements for hydrogen and ammonia plant, the power profile requirement from plant, and control interface design.
• Explored hydrogen storage technologies available, including liquid hydrogen, salt caverns, anhydride storage, high pressure storage, etc and evaluated these in comparison to BESS.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2020 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Snr Consultant/Director Department: Consultant
Key job responsibilities:

● Leverage my expertise in Process Engineering, Process Safety, Project Management, Process Improvement, etc., and provide solutions to clients (small and mid-size companies) on complex process issues.
● Apply broad-based experience of Upstream, Downstream, EPC, etc. on Green Hydrogen Projects, Crude treatment, Sour Gas treatment, Water treatment, Steam generation and distribution system, centrifugation, filtration, heating/cooling system, storage, etc. to resolve issues
● Utilize expertise developed over the years on identifying potential opportunities (Phase-1) developing creative and doable alternatives and evaluating those, and select the most preferred (Phase-2)

Key achievements

Recently started – working for a couple of international clients, following are key efforts:
1. Project Engineering Advisor role on an LNG revamp project, Scope is to upgrade a 40 yrs old LNG facility to meet today’s standards. Identified suitable vendors for LSTK, and now at bidding process.
2. Technology Advisor role on a green H2 project (renewable energy). The scope is to evaluate the suitable technology/vendor for electrolyzer, H2 Storage, and fuel cell. Technology selection is complete, and now moving to FEED.
3. Process Engineering advisor role on conceptual study for TAN treatment of crude. Evaluate various technologies available to treat TAN, perform technical assurance and economic feasibility. Worked with 3 vendors, selected only one.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to 2020 Employer: Chevron Corporation, Bakersfield, CA, USA Title: Facility Engineer / Project Manager Department: Capital Projects
Key job responsibilities:
● Formulate the projects (6 to 8 projects concurrently) in the conceptual phase, develops process scheme and project scope, develop PEEP (Petroleum Economic Evaluation Program) cases to justify project viability
● Directly responsible for the engineering scope of the project. Work with engineering business partners to guide them through Chevron expectations. On average manage 10,000 engineering man-hours job in a year.
● Responsible for reviewing and approving all the engineering, procurement, and construction deliverables on medium to complex brownfield projects.
● Responsible for accuracy of process safety information data, project documents life cycle process, and maintaining as-built drawings.
● Work with suppliers to ensures that the latest and most efficient technology is used in the project. Set up criteria for supplier selection, evaluate the supplier’s capabilities, and select the supplier.
● Prepare bid packages, invite for bidding, respond to Request for Information (RFI), perform technical and commercial bid evaluation, and award the bid.
● Manage 6-8 projects concurrently involving multi-functional teams for key project decisions and seek alignment on the decisions.
● Responsible for operating procedure update and review, and conduct operator training for changes related to his projects.
● Develop a decision support package (DSP) for all the phase gates of all the projects.
● Responsible for developing, updating, and managing schedules in Chevron Microsoft Project Professional tool at Chevron SharePoint.
● All the projects assigned responsibility for the Management of Change (MOC) process. MOC process requires significant functional reviews, including PHA/HAZOP, 3D model review, System completion plan (SCP), and Pre Start-up Safety Review (PSSR).
● Responsible for SCADA/Automation deliverables, control philosophy, Cause & Effect matrix, SCADA index, Function testing plan, IPL credit solutions, etc
● Engage various regulatory bodies to get approval for construction for his project. In all of his projects he has worked on preparing, submitting, and following through permitting packages to Kern County and the Air Pollution Control District (APCD)
● Lead/Support plant turnarounds in the planning and execution phase

Key Achievements: (Managed projects worth more than $50MM in 6+ years)
● Lead for Full Field Shut Down in San Ardo: Managed shutdown with 28 tasks to be completed in 48 hours window (including shutdown/start-up of the plant). More than 150 personnel worked directly under my supervision (4 layers org chart with myself on top) in the planning and execution phase. (estimated value creation: $5MM/yr of operating cost reduction)
● Program manager to increase the reliability of a fleet of 41 steam generators in the Cymric field. More than 15 distinctly efforts in 5 steam plants were identified, engineered, and executed in 18 months. Led a multi-disciplined team of 9 experts to run the program. (estimated value creation of $40MM of capital avoidance)
● Lost Hills New Wemco Project (Strategic Project): Critical project to maintain and sustain water quality injectors, and prevents loss of 75 injection wells/yr (estimated value creation: $30MM/yr of savings in repair cost)
● Lost Hills VRU Project: Resolved the tank venting issue (high consequence process safety issue) in a complex facility involving 25 tanks and other critical equipment and prevented facility shut down due to non-compliance. Business impact for facility shutdown is $1MM/day
● Mentoring: Filled in for the Snr Engineer role and formally mentored 5 new engineers on the job. Informally mentored more than half a dozen engineers in their day-to-day project management and engineering tasks and helping them be successful in their job.
● Team member for the Technical Codes and Standards team, developed project design verification checklist for Overpressure Protection and Equipment layout
● Achieved cost savings of $13.5MM from various Lean Sigma projects
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2012 to 2014 Employer: Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd, Singapore Title: Senior Process Engineer Department: Major Capital Projects
Carboxylate Project was a Major Capital Project ($300MM) in Chevron Oronite, Singapore. The project scope was to double the capacity of the plant to meet a revenue increase of 65% post-completion. Worked as a Process Engineer from the conceptual development phase to detail engineering completion. Foster Wheeler Singapore was the Engineering contractor for FEED and detail engineering.

The responsibilities are as follows:
● Lead process design decisions for the project in the areas/units assigned
● Manage/Guide Process Engineers (17 personnel) from engineering contractors for the engineering work by providing engineering guidelines, process information, operational data, design basis, etc.
● Responsible for reviewing and approving engineering deliverables (for area assigned) from engineering contractors.
● Explore vendors for key technology-related systems; work with them (visit vendor site, lead trials) for evaluation of technologies, and screen the suitable technology.
● Involve multi-functional teams for key project decisions and seek alignment on the decisions.
● Manage stakeholders for directions, decisions, and endorsement on decisions; update them on the project's progress and status.
● Responsible for achieving some key milestones for the Project, like completion of the Design Basis, completion for HAZOP, completion for vendor/technology selection for key packages.
● Participate in EHS reviews like PHA, HAZOP, SOA (LOPA), ESHIA, Pre-Startup reviews, 3D Model review
● As a client Process Engineer developed a control philosophy (250+pages), Cause and effect matrix (400 lines), IPL credit provision plan. In charge of all instrumentation deliverables, Instrument list, Instrument Spec/DS, procurement, control drawings, etc
● Support the regulatory work related to Process Safety and Environmental requirements like Quantitative Risk Assessment, Industrial Allocation, Pollution control study

● Overbasing system (two reactors 125m3 each, and multiple vessels)
● Centrifuge system (3 centrifuges with associated utilities)
● Distillation system (one new column with associated utility equipment)
● Methanol removal system
● Xylene dryer system
● Wastewater system
● Incinerator and associated equipment package
● Compressed air system
● Steam system
● Chilled water system
● Product storage (15 tanks)

Key Achievements:
● Delivered on Design Basis Package completion in Phase-2 and gained 6-8 weeks in the schedule by starting the FFED earlier than scheduled.
● Seamlessly mentored/guided the Engineering BP team (17 process engineers) in FEED and detail engineering to ensure that they deliver high-quality work without significant rework.
● HAZOP/SOA Leader (18 weeks HAZOP), successfully completed 51 HAZOP action items, out of that 23 action items were C3 (potential fatality) events and needed significant analysis.
● Worked with the multifunctional team and evaluated the need for a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) to address multiple C3 scenarios, justified the additional cost to DE/PM and stakeholders, and successfully implemented SIS in project scope.
● Organized iHAZID and ESHIA to understand the high-level safety consequence to the environment and the community.
● Worked on dispersion modeling for the xylene release from storage tanks and evaluated the possibility of fire and explosion, ensured that adequate safeguards are available to protect plant and personnel in case of release.
● Worked with operations, multiple vendors in Singapore/India, and project stakeholders to identify and qualify (through 2 months trial) a utility company to process our wastewater in their facility. Achieved savings of $20MM in capital and $3.5MM savings in operating cost by killing water treatment plant scope.
● Visited orgonite sister plant in the USA for a week and worked with process engineers, maintenance, and operations. Reviewed the process in the USA plant, identified key learnings, and ensured implementation in the project.
● Successfully achieved the technology selection of wastewater, waste gas, Xylene, Methanol removal system (all technologies were new to the industry). These technologies could help plants achieve $4MM/year savings in processing cost.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2012 Employer: Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd Singapore Title: Process Engineer Department: Process Engineering
Key Responsibilities
● Provide technical support to operations for plant performance and troubleshooting issues.
● Initiate, evaluate and execute process improvement projects through the MOC process.
● Participate/facilitate various EHS reviews like PHA, HAZOP, Pre-Startup reviews
● Owned all the product recipes (process control) in DCS and was in charge of all changes in DCS.
● Participate/lead Safety/Reliability Incident investigations, Reliability and prepare reports.
● Actively support regulatory work related to Process Safety and Environmental requirements like Quantitative Risk Assessment, Industrial Allocation, Pollution control study
● Responsible for trials for new product introduction and alternative raw material qualification

Key Projects:
● Lead for decanter process reliability improvement initiatives, successfully achieved potential OPEX savings of USD 2 MM/year
● Achieved Sulfonates Manufacturing Unit reliability and optimization through multiple modifications
● Increased production of Marine Additives by 12% by cutting batch cycle time of carbonation and pre-distillation process through multiple modifications to the process
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2010 Employer: Dow Chemical Company (previously Rohm and Haas Chemicals Singapore) Title: Senior Process / Project Engineer Department: Technical
Held role of Process Engineer and Project Engineer role in manufacturing environment in specialty chemicals plant, following were responsibilities:
● Responsible for identifying, developing, and executing cost and process improvement projects.
● In charge of asset utilization and product rate improvement initiatives.
● Provide technical support for production-related activities.
● Responsible for trials for new product introduction and alternative raw material qualification
● Developed process control logics for new products, control philosophy, cause & effect, owned the recipe simulation, and go live.
● Responsible for product quality and yield improvement initiatives.
● Participate/facilitate various safety reviews like HAZOP, LOPA, MAPP, etc.

Key Projects:
• Lead for performing trials for new product qualification (six product grades) to the facility
• Installation of Thermal Oxidizer (Ground flare system) for Butadiene.
• Replacement of chilled water supply units and upgrading the chilled water system
• Design Pressure Re-rating of the Jurong MBS reactor
• Additional nozzles installation on the three polymerization reactors
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2004 to 2007 Employer: Jacobs Engineering Ltd, Singapore (EPC company)/ABB Lummus/Aker Kvaerner Title: Process Engineer (Lead Engineer roles for some projects) Department: Process Engineer
Key job responsibilities:
• Planning and assigning the work to my team checking the deliverables for their quality and accuracy.
• Understanding client requirements for cGMP, clean room, classified area, etc.
• Work with clients to evaluate new technologies for their process and utility systems.
• Participate in vendor meetings to ensure process requirements are understood by the vendor and provide input to the vendor.
• Perform relief load calculations on Aspen Plus. Performing vent hydraulic network calculations to be performed on Flarenet.
• Design heat exchangers on HTRI
• Developing the process scheme, PFD, P& IDs, estimating utility requirements
• Control philosophy, Cause & Effect matrix, shutdown philosophy, blowdown philosophy, control vale sizing calcs, etc
• Heat and Mass balance, Relief load calculations, hydraulic calculations, line sizing calculations.
• Deliverables like line-list, equipment list, equipment datasheets, and instrument data sheets skid package specs.

Key Projects:
● Process Lead for Detail design for CNDE storage facility (Client: Pfizer Singapore)
● Process Lead for Relief system improvement in PB1 (Client: GSK Singapore)
● Process Lead for IX1010 Unit in Singapore Anti Oxidant Plant (Client: Ciba, now BASF Singapore)
● Process Engineer for FEED for Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit-Phase 4 (Client: Exxon Mobil Singapore)
● Process Engineer for SAR boiler relocation project (Client: Exxon Mobil Singapore)
● Process Engineer for Huntsman Singapore Plant, JAU-R (Client: Huntsman, Singapore)
● Process Lead for Feed and +/-10 percent estimate for CNDE Storage (Client: Pfizer Singapore)
● Process Lead for GSK Relief Study (Client: GSK, Singapore)

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Project Management Professional (PMP)
The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta
International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)
Licenses / Certifications
● Certifications Capital Stewardship Organization Capability (CSOC) by Chevron
● Process Hazard Analysis / HAZOP Facilitator by Chevron
● Safety Objective Analysis(SOA) / Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) by Chevron
● Operational Excellence by Chevron
● Lean Sigma Green Belt Chevron
● Six Sigma Green Belt by Rohm and Haas
● Safety Instrumentation System by Chevron
Professional Appointments
Reviewer for International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

Additional Experience

Vendor Selection
More than 10 years of experience in vendor and technology evaluation, selection, setting them up for success.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Fluent
Hindi Fluent

Fields of Expertise

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