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We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

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Print and Print-Related Services for Print Users and Print Providers

ID: 722717 Illinois, USA

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Expert D. Expert has in-depth knowledge of all areas of book binding including equipment, processes, and types of binding that are appropriate for all circumstances.

Expert has overall knowledge with hands-on industry and consulting experience in all areas of technology and computer graphic concepts, and methods and processes relative to the graphic arts industry.

Expert is an expert in all aspects of deep-etch offset printing including processes, design, applications, and sales and marketing of products that are manufactured within this category.

Expert notes that this is the fastest growing segment of the printing industry. He is an expert in implementing this into a client’s business plan, in marketing and selling the products, and in training people to successfully participate in this high-growth industry segment.

Expert is an expert in flexographic printing and in the products that lend themselves to this process. He can help to implement this print process into any organization and can develop marketing and selling strategies to help with a successful program.

Expert is an overall expert in the graphic arts industry. His expertise is in all segments and in all processes including: product design, sourcing, print management, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, alliance opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and overall strategic planning and direction.

Expert is an expert in all types and processes of imaging and in the development and processing of the imaging data. He can help with product design, manufacturing, selling, and marketing. He can also help search out and provide assistance in developing alliance opportunities.

Expert is an expert in all types of ink-jet printers and the printing and printing processes of each. He understands which printers are best suited for individual products and the requirements of those products. He provides services related to data, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and training.

Expert has expertise in all types of laser printers and in the products manufactured and processed over all printing devices. He is very proficient in data requirements, manufacturing, selling, marketing, and training.

Expert has complete knowledge of all papers available and used in offset printing. He understands which papers are best suited for which products and equipment. He also understands both domestic and offshore products, and the pros and cons of each.

Expert is an expert in the entire printing industry and in all printing industry segments. He has spent time working as an executive with major print providers and as a consultant with all segments of the graphic arts industry. His overall expertise is on both the print provider side and the print user side. He is an expert in the entire process from product creation through product distribution and use.

Expert has in-depth knowledge of all printing plates that are used throughout each segment of the industry and for all types of print equipment and products.

Expert notes that technology development has been rapid in printing press control programs. Expert is very well versed in all systems. He can help determine which system is most beneficial for the needs of each situation and help to select and implement the best system for the circumstance.

Expert provided benchmarking services for one of the five largest in-house print facilities in the USA. He determined costs and final prices compared to outside print providers and eventually recommended outsourcing this facility and saved the client in excess of $8 million annually.He researched and implemented a print management process and tool for a Fortune 500 company with multiple divisions. The result was consolidation and leveraging of the print spend across multiple divisions resulting in improved processes and savings in excess of $4 million annually. Expert provided print analysis and sourcing services for a national Fortune 500 firm, resulting in savings in excess of $3 million annually.He developed a long-term exit strategy for a major print provider and eventually brokered the sale of the firm for a multiple of EBIDTA 20% larger than expected. Expert developed a strategic business strategy for a diverse print provider resulting in increased sales, profits, and a long-term growth strategy.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1970 Degree: B.S. Subject: Business Administration Institution: Southern Illinois
Year: 1989 Degree: Advanced Business Studies Subject: Various Management Courses Institution: University of Michigan

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2001 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Partner Department: Consulting
Expert is one of two partners that started the company, and is 50% owner in the company. He consults in the print arena.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1970 to 2000 Employer: Wallace Title: Vice President-Sales Department: Corporate Executive
Expert started as a sales representative in 1970 selling print. He took an early retirement in 2000, when he left as Vice President of Sales covering 140 sales offices nationally and over 1500 employees. During his tenure he was involved in sales, marketing, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, quality control, new product development, and manufacturing operations. When he started annual sales were $30 million and when he left annual sales were $1.6 billion.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1988 to 1994 Agency: Postal Service Role: Print Provider Description: Expert designed and manufactured the Overnight Express mail form/label combination document.
Years: 1991 to 1992 Agency: Patent Department Role: Print Provider Description: He designed the program for digital filing and updating of all U. S. patents.
Years: 1993 to 1994 Agency: IRS Role: Print Provider Description: Expert participated in the redesign of numerous IRS documents.
Years: 1997 to 1998 Agency: Illinois Secretary of State Role: Forms Provider Description: He designed the license plate renewal document.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2001 to 2002 Country / Region: Japan Summary: Expert developed a national contract sales program and strategy for one of the largest print organizations in Asia resulting in increased market share, sales, and profits.
Years: 2002 to 2003 Country / Region: Canada Summary: He developed and implemented a strategy for a large print provider to market their products within the U.S. The result was a successful new business strategy opening up a new market with new products.
Years: 2003 to 2004 Country / Region: Canada Summary: Expert helped a major Canadian print user consolidate their print requirements with their U. S. sister company resulting in improved print management and leveraging of purchases. Savings in excess of $2.5 million annually were realized.
Years: 2004 to 2004 Country / Region: Europe (various countries) Summary: He assisted a major print user with presence all over Europe and the U.S. to develop and implement a company-wide program to standardize print design, management, and procurement. The result was a 65% reduction in the number of items, 47% reduction in obsolete inventory, and over $5 million in annual savings.
Years: 2002 to 2003 Country / Region: Mexico Summary: Expert assisted a major print provider with the positioning and marketing of their print organization to a U.S. firm. The result was a successful sale at a premium price.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the Document Management Industry Association; Print Industry Association of America; National Association of Print Leadership; Print Industries of America National Digital Print Council; and International Business Forms Association.
Licenses / Certifications
He is a Certified Business Broker.
Professional Appointments
Expert is President of the Northern Illinois Chapter of International Business Forms Association; President of the Chicago Chapter of National Association of Print Leadership; Chairperson of the National Digital Print Council; and Chairman of the Industry Standard board for the International Business Forms Association.
Awards / Recognition
He has been awarded 28 consecutive “Outstanding Performance Clubs” at Wallace Computer Services; “Best Forms Design” by Print Solutions, and “Most Creative Product” by the Printing Industry of America.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has had articles published in Purchasing Magazine, CFO Magazine, Graphic Arts Monthly, Printing Impressions, Print Industries of America monthly, Print Solutions, In-Plant Graphics, Package Printing and Print Media.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Expert developed and implemented the training programs for the 1,000+ sales organization that he managed. He developed and conducted sales and marketing courses and programs for print providers in all industry segments. He has also developed and conducted training in print, print management, and procurement for numerous large print user organizations.
Vendor Selection
He is an expert in print and understands the industry from both his print provider role and his current consulting role. He has the ability and contacts to help fit the best qualified printer with the print user's exact needs.
Marketing Experience
Expert has spent 30 years with a major national U.S. print provider with products in every segment of the print industry, and ran their marketing department and their 1,000 + sales force. He has also worked with numerous printing companies in a consulting role in all areas of marketing, strategic marketing planning, sales development, and market research.
Other Relevant Experience
He provides extensive merger/acquisition and alliance services. His main advantage is that he has actually lived and worked within the industry. He understands how to position companies and he has extensive contacts throughout the printing industry, both nationally and internationally. He consistently positions companies to increase value in the market.

Fields of Expertise

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