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Polymeric Materials, Flooring, Innovation Management, Ideation, Intellectual Property, Expert Witness

ID: 722958 Pennsylvania, USA

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Expert spent 34 years in new product development at Armstrong World Industries. He was technical leader/project manager on specific projects and successful developments of new flooring products. He has experience with "Stage/Gate" processes. He held multiple positions in developing flooring and foamed insulation products.

He was responsible for developing short- and long-range strategic research planning. This included utilizing external resources for assessing trends and technology. Research projects and cooperative projects with external sources were established based upon strategic research planning. As Intellectual Property Manager, Expert provided input to strategic research planning of R&D unit managers.

His expertise in polymer processing includes those polymers used to manufacture vinyl flooring, including rotogravure sheet flooring, vinyl tile, and commercial sheet flooring. Processes within his expertise include plastisol processing; melt processes such as calendering, extrusion, and roll press/stencil consolidation processing; and lamination processes, including printed films. He has experience in processing non-PVC polymers such as polyolefins, polyesters, and polyurethanes for flooring applications. He also has broad experience in processing polymeric coating formulations.

Expert is a registered patent agent with experience in drafting patent applications and dealing with the US Patent Office working with Duane Morris LLP. He also has experience in patent litigation both as a fact witness, as well as multiple Expert Witness experience. Expert developed expertise in flooring materials during his 34 years at Armstrong World Industries. He has been an R&D Senior Scientist/Project Manager, and held multiple R&D Management positions. He is experienced in carpet, ceramic tile, wood, and vinyl flooring materials. He holds 37 U.S. patents related to flooring materials and processes.

Expert has 14 years of experience as a Senior Scientist/Project Manager and 13 years of management experience in vinyl flooring products. He has held the position of Innovation Manager--Residential Flooring Products, responsible for R&D and Styling & Design for new vinyl flooring products. In this position he had a staff of 65 professionals and budget responsibility of over $12 million. He had responsibility for development of advanced coatings for use in flooring products. This includes solvent-based, water-based, 100% solids, and sol-gel compositions. They include UV coating, e-beam, and thermal curing technologies. He established the correlation of coating properties to flooring performance. He executed cooperative research agreements with university resources to study the mechanics of abrasion resistance of coatings for flooring products. He also developed technologies for gloss control.

He is experienced in UV coating materials including urethane acrylates, polyester acrylates, epoxy acylates, and ceramer organic/inorganic materials. He has broad experience in composite coatings on PVC layers, films, and UV cured/sol-gel composite coatings. His experience in release coatings include UV coatings, water-based, and melt-based materials. He built on his Ph.D. in organic chemistry to develop a knowledge of polymer chemistry, including polymer synthesis and polymer modification. He has a technical and practical understanding of the relationship of polymer chemistry/structure to polymer physical properties. He has applied his knowledge of polymer chemistry to coating formulation development and composite structures for flooring products.

Expert is a registered patent agent. He holds 46 U.S. patents and multiple international patents. He has experience working with law firms in: drafting and executing patent applications; preparing responses to U.S. Patent Office actions; and conducting preliminary patentability searches. Experience as Expert Witness in patent litigation: Interface Inc. vs J&J Industries; Pregis Innovative Packaging Inc. vs Sealed Air; Valenge vs Halstead and Home Depot. Expert spent seven years as Intellectual Property Manager for Armstrong World Industries. He established a worldwide IP strategy and process across multiple flooring businesses, increasing the number of valuable patent applications by 300%. He has conducted ideation and invention-on-demand. He was co-leader with an Armstrong attorney in defending Armstrong in a patent infringement lawsuit versus Mannington. He has experience in providing depositions and testifying in court during patent litigation. He has conducted competitive patent analysis and strategy, and developed "blocking strategy."

He participated in developing Armstrong World Industries’ Floor Division strategy in his position as Innovation Manager--Residential Flooring and as Intellectual Property Manager. He also participated in a "Market Expansion Team" composed of Marketing, Advertising, Production, and Logistics personnel. In his R&D Management positions, he had responsibility for strategic research planning.

Consulted with Armstrong World Industries on chemical embossing and vinyl flooring processing problems. Consulted on a patent application and and response to office actions. Consulted on a patent infringement issue for one of their clients. Expert has consulted with three different law firms as an Expert Witness in thee different patent litigation trials. Expert has consulted as technical expert with multiple large and medium companies.


Intellectual Property Expertise:
• Knowledgeable in Patent Law – Registered Patent Agent with law firm experience.
• Experienced Intellectual Property Manager: Patent portfolio analysis.
• Experienced working with in-house and outside counsel.
• Skills in bridging between inventors and patent attorneys, drafting patent applications, claims construction and prosecution-responses to Office Actions.
• Patent Analysis & Strategy Development– Expert with MicroPatent Aureka.
• Competitive blocking strategy development and implementation.
• Experience in testifying during patent lawsuits ( Expert Witness & Fact Witness) – depositions and at trial.
• Experience in conducting Ideation and Invention-On-Demand sessions.

Technical Expertise: B.S. Chemistry June 1966; Ph.D. Organic Chemistry June 1969
• Expertise in Flooring Materials/Processing/Installation
• Vinyl, Linoleum, Ceramic, Wood, Laminate, Carpet
• Wood processing, engineered wood and surface checking issues
• Laminate structures, installation and performance
• Expertise in PVC Formulating/Processing
• Technical liaison with DLW vinyl and linoleum operations in Germany
• High Performance Coating formulating/processing and performance testing
Thermal cured; UV/EB cured; 100% solids; water/solvent based; sol gel
• Organic Chemistry & Polymer Materials/Processing (broad range)
• Insulation, inks/decorating, films, felt/paper, foams, PVC, polyolefins, polyesters, thermosets and thermoplastics
• Composite structure/physical property relationships, mechanics, and testing


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1969 Degree: PhD Subject: Organic Chemistry Institution: University of New Hampshire
Year: 1966 Degree: BS Subject: Chemistry Institution: Junitata College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner, Consultant Department: Kauffman Consulting
Has consulted with two patent law firms on technical/legal issues. He has also consulted on a nine-week contract, conducting an intellectual property and technology assessment. Expert has been a fact witness in a patent litigation trial, and also has had experience as an Expert Witness in three patent litigation. Multiple experience as technical consultant with large organizations.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2004 to 2004 Employer: Duane Morris Title: Patent Agent Department: Patent Department
Wrote patent applications, responded to USPTO Office Actions, and conducted patentability searches.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1996 to 2003 Employer: Armstrong World Industries Title: Technology Leader and Intellectual Property Manager Department: Flooring Division
He lead his team in search of new materials/processes for flooring materials, was responsible for the intellectual property process worldwide, and was responsible for strategy development. He held previous positions as Senior Scientist and Innovation Manager.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to 1996 Employer: Armstrong World Industries Title: Innovation Manager Department: Flooring Division
Was responsible for R&D and Design groups for residential flooring products. He had a staff of 65 people including Ph.D./MS/BS chemists, engineers, technical specialists, and professional designers.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1992 to 1994 Employer: Armstrong World Industries Title: Manager - Advanced Technology R&D Unit Department: Flooring Division
He was responsible for identifying new technologies from internal and external sources, assessing practicality, and transferring the technology to Floor Products R&D units.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1987 to 1992 Employer: Armstrong World Industries Title: Manager - Residential Sheet R&D Unit Department: Flooring Division
Was responsible for developing and implementing new residential sheet flooring products. He had a staff of 25 professionals.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 1987 Employer: Armstrong World Industries Title: Manager - Insulation Products R&D Unit Department: Industry Products Division
He was responsible for all research and product development for insulation products: Armaflex foamed rubber insulation.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1984 to 1985 Employer: Armstrong World Industries Title: Manager - Physical Testing Unit Department: Physical Testing & Analytical Services
He was responsible for physical testing in support of all R&D activities for floor products, building products (ceiling/walls), carpet, industry products, and exploratory divisions. He had a staff of 30 technical specialists/technicians.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2000 to Present Country / Region: Germany Summary: Took multiple two-week long trips to Armstrong's DLW Flooring subdsidiary for technical consulting and IP development.
Years: 2000 to Present Country / Region: England Summary: He took multiple week-long trips to Armstrong's Teeside England plant for new product development and processing trials.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the America Chemical Society, the Society of Plastic Engineers, and the National Association of Patent Practitioners.
Licenses / Certifications
He is a registered patent agent.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has over 10 publications and 46 U.S. patents.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert provided depositions and trial witness testimony in a patent infringement case in Federal Court in Philadelphia. He also provided depositions in a patent infringement case in Delaware Federal Court. He participated in depositions of personnel, providing assistance to the lead attorney. Expert has been involved as an Expert Witness in three separate patent litigation trials.
Training / Seminars
He has given many training sessions and seminars in his 34-year career.
Vendor Selection
Expert has broad experience in identifying, evaluating, and selecting vendors/suppliers. He has also established joint venture relationships with multiple vendors/suppliers.
Marketing Experience
He developed multiple flooring products that have been successfully brought to market.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
German Can speak and read German but is not fluent.

Fields of Expertise

new product development, strategic research planning, polymer processing, commercial floor, floor covering, claim (patent), Doctrine of Equivalents, floor, patent claim chart, patent claim construction, patent claim construction brief, patent infringement, patent law, patent prosecution, patent specification, flooring material, vinyl flooring, coating technology, coating material, polymer chemistry, patent, intellectual property, corporate strategic planning, innovation training, technology innovation management, Markman hearing, direct infringement, literal infringement, plastics patent, ceramic floor tile, cross-functional team, stage gate process, epoxy flooring, competitive benchmarking, team building, plastic product development, alkoxysilane, epoxy acrylic coating, competitive intelligence, ideation, acrylate coating material, scuffing, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, abrasion testing, aqueous polyurethane dispersion, flexible coating material, hardwood flooring, tile flooring, film manufacturing, tile, plastics finishing, floor protection, coating crosslinking, gasketing, inventions, patentability evaluation, fabrication, competitive analysis, technology planning, polymer science, organic coating process, reverse engineering, technology transfer, abrasion-resistant coating material, abrasion, product design, epoxy coating material, linoleum, process inventing, innovation, structural mechanics, structural component, project planning, polymer selection, manufacturing, hardwood, composite structure, ceramic tile, ceramic thin film, ceramic coating material, cellular plastic

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