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Paper Chemicals - World-Wide Market, Business, Products, Applications, Sourcing, etc.

ID: 725294 United Kingdom

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Over 25 years experience of paper chemicals and their application and marketing to industry world-wide:
- Generation and selection of new product ideas
- R&D and R&D management
- Introduction into production
- Market introduction
- Marketing of new products
- Product management
- Supply chain management

Dyes & fluorescent whitening agents - Worked for a market leader in these segments and was involved in R&D, applications and marketing world-wide.

Internal sizing (ASA and AKD) - Experience world-wide of the manufacture, supply, application and market for AKD/ASA. Has a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape; the current market situation; and the future outlook for the AKD/ASA business in all regions where paper is made. Has first-hand knowledge of the application of AKD/ASA. Has some knowledge of the rosin sizing application and market.

Fluorochemicals - Developed a new business world-wide after acquiring fluorochemical technology in a merger.

Water soluble polymers for retention, drainage and deposit control - Well versed in all aspects of the development, use and marketing of coagulants and flocculants (this includes their application in water treatment)

Tissue chemicals - have expertise in all aspects of tissue chemicals from development through to marketing and business management. Recently had a one year consulting contract for a leading-brand tissue manufacturer.

For the last 15 years, has been involved in the analysis of paper chemicals market world-wide:
- Product segments (size, regional differences, pricing etc)
- Competitive landscape (SWOT, size, regional presence etc)
- Regional structure
- Future outlook and emerging technologies/players
- Patent mapping

Have intimate experience of the paper chemicals business and accumulating business intelligence understanding strategies and offering counter-strategies:
- Strategies
- SWOT of the main players
- Benchmarking
- Financial and technological SWOT (eg technological platforms, cost structure, financial performance etc)
- Strategic alliances, JV and other co-operative strategies

For over 10 years was responsible for the rolling 5 year strategic plan for paper chemicals for a global speciality chemical company. This involved independent work and working with leading consulting companies such as McKinsey&Co, Accenture and ADL. The work was part of a corporate business and marketing plan therefore also got involved in corporate business portfolio management.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1979 Degree: BSc Honours Subject: Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Institution: Loughborough University
Year: 1982 Degree: PhD Subject: Colloid & Surface Science Institution: Loughborough University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Managing Director Department:
Founder and general manager of the business which covers:
Consulting - any aspect of the paper chemicals business world-wide,
Sourcing and supplying paper chemicals,
Technical expertise in the use of paper chemicals,
New product development.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2007 Employer: Clariant International AG Title: Head of Global Marketing & Global Product Line Department: Global BU Paper
Head of Global Marketing/Head of Global Business Line Process Chemicals.
Member of the Global Paper Business Management Committee (Sales CHF 500 mio).
Established a Global Marketing Team – brand management; market communications; market research; global price management; CRM; secondary marketing; new business opportunities; developed 10 year global strategy (especially Asia and India).
P&L Responsibility for Process Chemicals (incl R&D); grew a CHF 58 mio business at 2-3% above market growth rate; achieved 30% of sales with products < 5 years old.
Established, managed and grew a global alliance business and identified new acquisition opportunities (M&A).
Responsible for Global R&D; networking with world-wide Institutes and Technology centres.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2002 to 2005 Employer: Clariant UK Ltd Title: Head of Strategic Business Development & Business Line Process Chemicals Department: Global BU Paper
Head of Strategic Business Development/Head of Global Business Line Process Chemicals.
Member of the Global Paper Business Management Committee (Sales CHF 410 mio).
Successfully lead initiative to grow through competitive alliances (eg Nalco, Buckman).
Exploited inter-divisional opportunities growth with products from other divisions.
Lead global activities in a review of purchased/traded products.
P&L responsibility for Process Chemicals (incl R&D); achieved above market growth.
Responsible for Global R&D; networking with world-wide Institutes and Technology centres.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1997 to 2002 Employer: Clariant UK Ltd Title: Head of Global Business Line Paper Chemicals Department: Global BU Paper
Member of the Global Paper Business Management Committee (Sales CHF 500 mio).
P&L responsibility for Global Paper Chemicals Business (Coating & Process Chemicals)
Directly managed marketing and technical teams in UK, France and Germany.
Significant role in the integration of Hoechst following their acquisition.
Established a Global business in Fluorochemicals of over CHF 50 mio.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1993 to 1997 Employer: Clariant UK Ltd/Sandoz UK Ltd Title: Manager Global Research & Technical Support Department: Global BU Paper
Established and managed a team of 41 scientists and engineers.
Introduced 14 new products ? highlights were first patentable stilbene OBA in 20 years and a new water-soluble polymer that achieved annual sales of CHF 3 mio in 3 years.
Lead a successful 2-year biotechnology co-operation with Gist Brocades, Holland 2 promising xylanase clones were identified.
Actively cultivated a world-wide technical network that included major research institutes, Universities and customer technical centres.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1991 to 1993 Employer: Sandoz Chemicals Ltd Title: Global R&D Manager - Chemical Technology Department: International Paper Business
Managed a team of 27 scientists and engineers (R&D and Applications).
Introduced 8 new, commercially successful products.
Exploited inter-divisional opportunities: growth with products from other divisions.
P&L responsibility for Process Chemicals: achieved 8% growth
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1989 to 1991 Employer: Sandoz Chemicals Ltd Title: Global Chemicals Application Manager Department: International Paper Business
Reporting to the Head of the International Business Unit, built a credible, new team of scientists and engineers after decision to establish an HQ in the UK.
Managed new product introductions and global technical support labs.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1987 to 1989 Employer: American Cyanamid Inc Title: Senior Research Scientist & New Business Development Department: Paper Chemicals Business
Developed a new micro-emulsion polymer range and novel surface sizes for paper.
Introduced a novel, high-performance ASA sizing system for paper and gained a leading market share.
Assessed the global market opportunities for Biocides and Surface Sizing; established a new strategic R&D programme for American Cyanamid.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2007 to 2008 Country / Region: India Summary: Formed a JV with an Indian chemical company, Anmol Polymers. Involves the manufacture, marketing and application of chemicals, especially those supplied to the paper industry. While working at Clariant, had extensive business and marketing experience in India. Currently bidding for business at a greenfield tissue mill.
Years: 1997 to 2008 Country / Region: China Summary: Have extensive experience of the paper chemicals business in China. Worked with key customers to introduce products; involved in sourcing raw materials and finished products; and developed new business development strategies based on market research and intelligence.
Years: 1997 to 2008 Country / Region: South America Summary: Have traveled widely in this region, especially the leading paper-producing countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile. Involved in new business development, new product development (manufacturing), productintroduction, market analysis/intelligence.
Years: 1983 to 2008 Country / Region: North America Summary: Started career at the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada and then moved to American Cyanamid (Stamford CT). Have had over 20 years experience in the pulp, paper and supplier industry in North America.
Years: to Present Country / Region: Africa Summary: Especially South Africa, have worked with the key paper producers (Sappi, Mondi)and formed an alliance with one of the leading paper chemicals suppliers.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Professional Appointments
External PhD examiner at Loughborough and Manchester Universities
Reviewer for BioResources
Publications and Patents Summary
22 publications and one book chapter on paper chemicals.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Has been involved extensively in both technical and strategic training in paper chemicals. Has a large number of reviewed publications and has presented at many international conferences.
Vendor Selection
Involved in the supply of chemicals worldwide which involved all aspects of supply chain management - manufacturing, sourcing, tendering for business (RfPs), strategic alliances
Marketing Experience
Considers himself to be an expert in the global paper chemicals business
Other Relevant Experience
Knowledge management; CRM; specialist technical knowledge in the development and use of paper chemicals; intimate knowledge of the paper chemicals market world-wide

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
German Studied German for over 10 years. London Chamber of Commerce, Threshold Level (Distinction March, 1999). Worked in Switzerland.
French Good working knowledge. Lived and worked in Montreal, Canada and was responsible for a technical team based North of Paris, France.

Fields of Expertise

alkyl ketene dimer, paper additive, paper chemistry, paper surface-sizing, papermaking fine-particle retention, retention aid, polyamide evaluation, barrier coat, antifoaming agent, fluoropolymer, glyoxal, brightener, fluorescent whitening agent, fluorochemical, business development, business management, pulp-and-paper industry biotechnology, business intelligence, competitive analysis, competitive benchmarking, competitive intelligence, competitive intelligence countermeasures, corporate strategic planning, market assessment, market research, marketing, strategic planning, strategic research planning, strategic alliance, aquatic chemistry, hydrogen peroxide production, recycled paper manufacturing, industrial biotechnology, potato starch, sodium dithionite, oleoresin, cellulose chemistry, industrial chemistry, paper aging, cationic starch, natural starch, organizational development, alkaline paper, chitosan, colloidal silica, polyaluminum chloride, polymer adsorption, modified starch, water pH measurement, color selection, industrial research, amylase, coated paper, chemical regulation, paper optical property, chemical industry market research, papermaking polymer, water treatment chemical, industrial water treatment, paper industry, environmental regulation, biotechnology market research, pulp-and-paper processing water reuse, paper coating formulation, carbonless copy paper, cellulosic pulp, boiler water treatment, materials safety data sheet, wood chemistry, cation, environment, paper testing, Food and Drug Administration regulation, color additive, fluorocarbon, cyclodextrin, enzyme, paper sheet forming, polymer, polymer physical chemistry, paperboard, paper recycling, paper coating process, paper chemical property, paper, kenaf, greaseproof paper, flocculating agent, fine paper, dye, disperse dye, dextrin, colloid and interface chemistry, coagulant, biotechnology, amylose

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