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Pallets, Unit Loads, Distribution Packaging, Wood Engineering, Mechanical Strength of Wood

ID: 733440 Virginia, USA

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Expert has six years of experience in pallet and unit load design. As an Assistant Professor, he teaches pallet and container design at an undergraduate level. Expert is working with pallet manufacturers, retailers, manufacturers, and other final users of pallets to help them build safe and sustainable pallets and unit loads. He knows ISO, ASTM, ISTA, and ANSI pallet standards. He participates as a voting member in various ASTM and ISO committees. He is currently chairing the working group responsible for rewriting ASTM D1185 pallet testing standard.

Expert has 6 years of experience in distribution packaging design, including cushioning, fragility analysis, foam packaging, corrugated boxes, and unit load stability. He teaches multiple undergraduate classes on the topic. He is working with industries worldwide to ensure distribution packages' safety and performance. He is also one of the 24 ISTA Certified Laboratory Professionals- a professional level worldwide.

Expert has 14 years of experience in the wood industry. He has a degree in Wood Technology, an MS in Wood Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Forest Biomaterials. He has extensive experience with cellular level properties of wood to the full-scale behavior of wooden buildings. He also has multiple years of experience in wood processing and furniture manufacturing.

Four years of a summer internship at Pillango Butor Ltd. In Hungary. Pillango Butor Ltd. is a middle-size forest product company in Hungary whose main profile is custom kitchen design. Expert spent four summers as an intern where he:
- Adopted 2D and 3D Kitchen Design software to reduce the time needed for design and increase customer satisfaction.
- Directed continuous improvement tasks to reduce the production time of a custom-built dining table family and learned to identify production bottlenecks and improve process performance and product quality.
- Supervised a small (5-8 people) working unit and learned how to achieve the company's goals while enforcing safety and applying optimization activities.

Expert offers consulting services related to pallet, packaging, unit load design, unit load stability, and packaging performance evaluation.

Professional Skills and Competences:
- System based packaging design
- Protective packaging design
- Analytical chemistry techniques
- Micro and macro-mechanical test
- Optical and fluorescence and vibrational microscopy
- Micro-mechanical finite-element modeling
- Analytical modeling (Maple)
- Design of wood structures
- Statistical analysis (Multivariate regression. Principal component analysis, etc.)
- CAD design, CNC programming
- Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Process optimization

Computer Skills and Languages:
- Advanced application of MS Office, ANSYS, Abaqus, SolidWorks, Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor, Pro-Desktop, Unigraphic, ESKO ArtiosCAD and Studio Suite, SAS Enterprise 4.02, SAS JMP, SPSS, Origin Pro, MasterCAM, Unscrambler, Origin Pro, 20-20 Kitchen-Design software, Maple, and basic programming skills in Visual basic program language


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2010 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Wood Materials Institution: North Carolina State University
Year: 2007 Degree: Master of Science Subject: Timer Engineering Institution: University of West Hungary
Year: 2007 Degree: Master of Science Subject: Engineering Management Institution: University of West Hungary
Year: 2005 Degree: Bachelor of Science Subject: Wood Technology Institution: University of West Hungary

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Assistant Professor Department:
The development of an academic curriculum, teaching Packaging Design for Global Distribution, Packaging Distribution Systems, Pallet, Container, and Unit Load Design, Computer-Aided Design in Packaging, and Sustainable Packaging Design and Innovation I and II. Research focus is the investigation of the physical interactions between the components of unit load and to increase the sustainability of the packaging supply chain through more efficient distribution packaging design.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2011 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Director Department:
Managing multiple applied research projects funded to develop design methodologies to create more sustainable packaging solutions. Using the principles of Lean Management to create an innovative environment where researchers and students
can work together to help the packaging industry. Lead and manage a group of 14 laboratory supervisors and technicians.
Developing state-of-the-art training system to help students gain knowledge faster and more effectively through hands-on and minds-on projects
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2010 Employer: North Carolina State University Title: Ph.D. and Research Assistant Department:
The research was an excellent opportunity to advance knowledge in various areas including vibrational spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, mechanical analysis, CAD, finite element and statistical modeling, to carry out complex tasks, communicate in a professional environment, and to disseminate research results in conference papers and research journals.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to 2009 Employer: North Carolina State University Title: Teaching Assistant Department:
Preparation for laboratories, assisting student individually in different laboratory exercises and wood identification, grading homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. Being a teaching assistant improved knowledge on different teaching techniques such as student center learning and digital media to assist student learning. In addition, was engaged in tutoring for WPS 441 Wood mechanics and WPS 203 Wood Physics and in mentoring master students in their research and thesis preparation.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
- TAPPI Virginia –North Carolina Chapter
- Member of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC51
- Platinum member of the Institute of Packaging Professional
- Member of the International Safe Transit Association
- Student member of the Forest Product Society Madison, WI
- Member of Forest Product Society, Madison, WI
Licenses / Certifications
ISTA Certified Packaging Professional - Professional level
ISTA Certified Packaging Professional - Technologist level
ISTA Certified Packaging Professional - Technician level
Certificate of Leadership Excellence – Virginia Tech
Professional Appointments
- Vice-President of TAPPI Virginia –North Carolina Chapter
- Voting member of the ANSI MH10 Committee
- Voting member of the ANSI MH1 Committee
- Voting member of the ASTM D10 Committee
- Faculty co-advisor of Institute of Packaging Professionals
Awards / Recognition
- George Mara – Excellence in Writing and Research Award
- North Carolina State University Provost Fellowship
- Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Faculty of Wood Science, University of West Hungary
- Hungarian National Academic Scholarship Award
- National Scientific Student Research Competition, 3rd Place
- ERASMUS scholarship; Study Abroad Program
- Hungarian National Academic Scholarship Award
- National Scientific Student Research Competition, Special Award
- Scientific Student Research Competition, 1st Place
- Scientific Student Research Competition, Special Award
Publications and Patents Summary
- Research articles in peer-reviewed journals: 10
- Book chapter/edition publications: 1
- Other publications: 1
- Papers in refereed conference proceedings: 5
- Refereed conference presentations and proceedings: 21
- Seminars and workshops: 19

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert witness cases: 1
Other Relevant Experience
Classes taught:
• SBIO 4024 Packaging Design for Global Distribution
o Covers: shock, vibration, compression, cushioning design, cushion materials, global packaging requirements, atmospheric conditioning
o Years taught: 6
• SBIO 3224 Packaging Distribution Systems
o Cover: modes of transportation and materials handling, warehouse operations and optimization, CAPE system.
o Years taught: 5
• SBIO 4224 Pallet, Unit Load and Container Design
o Covers: pallet design, pallet materials, basic wood properties, unit load design, palletization, unit load interaction, and container loading
o Years taught: 3
• SBIO 2004 Computer Aided Design in Packaging
o Covers: basics of packaging design, ArtiosCAD, Studio Suite, Illustrator, Studio Store Visualizer, Unigraphics NX, CAPE
o Years taught: 5
• NR 2984 – Sustainable Packaging Design and Innovation I-II
o Covers: senior packaging improvement projects, report writing, professional presentations, project management, and continuous improvement practices.
o Years taught: 4
• SBIO 2984 Computer Aided Design in Natural Resources
o Covers: 2D play sketching and design using AutoCAD and 3D modeling with Solidoworks.
o Years taught: 2

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Hungarian Native
English Excellent

Fields of Expertise

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