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Organic, Polymer and Surface Chemistry, Bioapplications and Separation Technologies

ID: 723545 California, USA

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Expert designed and synthesized multifunctional surface chemistries for modification of glass, porous silica gels, carbon and various polymeric substrates in form of the membranes, micro particles, porous monolithic blocks, and capillaries. The following methods have been used for surface functionalzation: grafting, coating, living polymerization, treatment with specially designed silane and organometallic reagents. Expert also designed and produced multifunctional surface architectures in sequential routs, which are similar to the synthesis of dendrimers.
Many of the developed products were patented, and are used in various fields of analytical chemistry and separation science such as IC, HPLC, HIC and affinity chromatography; water treatment, isoelectric focusing of proteins, immobilization of peptides, proteins and antibodies. Multiple prototypes of these novel materials were commercialized by Dionex Co. and Cell Biosciences Co.
Expert’s recent work is associated with the development of novel biocompatible surfaces and the surfaces that are capable of capturing biomolecules.

Expert has been designing and synthesizing various multi functional monomers containing vinyl, allylic, styrenic, acrylic, 1,4-diene, maleic anhydride and other polymerizable groups. He is an expert in transferring the developed synthetic processes to manufacturing, and designing new surfaces using radical, cationic, anionic and metal ion induced polymerization processes. Expert also designed the monomers containing acryl amide, silane, metal ion chelating, ion-exchange and chiral groups; and also epoxide, carbohydrate, benzophenone and other reactive moieties for their further incorporation into brush and bulk co-polymers using various polymerization techniques. Some of these novel monomers have been patented and used in commercial products introduced by Dionex Co. and Cell Biosciences Co.

Expert has been developing various multi functional copolymers that were grafted onto or from the surfaces of different substrates such as glass, carbon, silica gel, polyurethane and styrenic foams, styrenic and acrylic polymers, capillaries and microparticles of various pore sizes and pore volumes. Graft copolymers comprised the ion-exchange sites, various reactive functionalities, perfluorinated blocks, carbohydrate and polyethoxyethylene fragments; and also functional groups for further cross-linking and protein immobilization. Expert has an unique expertise in custom design of grafted surfaces with precise balance of hydrophobic and hydrophilic functionalities that are compatible with blood samples, and conditions for various bio applications. The developed products were produced using radical thermal, UV and metal ion initiation in solution, and also surface attached initiators. Expert applied techniques such as living polymerization, molecular imprinting, and reversed emulsion polymerization, and also multi layer coating for covalent and adsorptive surface modification.

Expert has developed various biocompatible polymers for the purpose of protein separation, capture and analysis. Expert’s recent work involves designing the glass surfaces modified with biocompatible polymers for the analysis of proteins by combination of isoelectric focusing, photo capture of proteins, and their identification/quantification by antibodies. He designed and produced several polymer formulations comprising hydrophilic polymers grafted with photo reactive moieties and functional groups for either covalent or adsorptive surface modification. The designed products have been patented, and are at the initial stage of commercialization. The end user is expected to study blood samples or any other biological fluids for the presence of biomolecules of interest. The developed functional polymers are used in the automatic system that revolutionizes the analysis of proteins and their phosphorylated forms, and adds new value to the Western blot method.

Expert is an expert in technology transfer and in all stages of product design, feasibility, development, patenting, manufacturing and outsourcing. The commercial products that Expert developed, were carried through the entire introduction cycle including a pilot scale production, QC and market positioning against the competitors products. The commercialized products include several families of polymeric and silica gel stationary phases for various types of chromatographic separation and solid phase extraction, various types of functional polymers and gels for coatings and surface modification, several families of novel silane reagents bearing additional reactive moieties, functionalized capillaries for analytical applications, biocompatible surfaces, functionalized polymeric membranes and particles for water treatment, multi functional monomers, polymerizable metal ion complexing agents, and also various peptide molecules used as standards for isoelectric focusing of proteins.

Expert has designed various peptide molecules and managed a group of synthetic organic chemists to produce those molecules using ABI peptide synthesizer. All peptides were designed for the purpose of their using as standards in isoelectric focusing of proteins and antibodies. In addition to specific sequences of aminoacids providing a peptide molecule with a particular pI value, other functionalities were introduced via multi step processes. These functionalities carry fluorescent labels and photoactive moieties for peptide immobilization.

Expert has been involved in designing various separation media, biocompatible materials, and surfaces for selective binding/extraction of bio molecules, small molecules of pharmaceuticals, ions and chiral substrates. Many of these developed products were patented and commercialized for their use in HPLC, IC, HIC, affinity, chiral chromatography, membrane separation, water treatment, and also in isoelectric focusing of proteins and antibodies. Expert has deep knowledge of separation science and surface interactions with analytes during their separation, selective extraction, detection or sensing. He has developed a unique expertise in precise balancing the ratio of hydrophobic, hydrophilic and ion-exchange characteristics of functionalized surfaces, and tailoring the surface properties to a particular application. In his designs, Expert combines a sophistication of latest scientific research with low cost and manufacturability of the potential commercial products.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1988 Degree: Post Doc Subject: Polymer/surface chemistry, separation technologies Institution: California Institute of Technology
Year: 1994 Degree: Post Doc Subject: Organic Chemistry Institution: Brigham Young University
Year: 1991 Degree: PhD Subject: Organic Chemistry Institution: Bogatsky Physico Chemical Institute

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2006 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Undisclosed Department: Chemistry Department
He leads the efforts on the development of novel glass surfaces for protein analysis, and synthesis of modified peptide sequences.

He is responsible for the development of new surface chemistries for modification of the capillary walls via construction of nano and micro size architectures within the micro channels.

Supervises the development of new fluorescent and chemiluminescent labels for protein/antibody detection, and the development of new bio conjugates - reagents for protein assays.

He is responsible for outsourcing, transferring the developed technologies to manufacturing, writing patents and scientific articles.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1998 to 2006 Employer: Dionex Co Title: Undisclosed Department: R&D
He managed the R&D and production activities on the development of novel synthetic processes and QC methods for manufacturing the small molecules of surface modifying agents, and functional monomers.

Supervised the pilot scale synthesis and transferring the developed processes to contract manufacturing labs.

Designed the formulations and surface chemistries for new separation media. 14 developed products have been commercialized in various fields of analytical chemistry, such as separation of proteins, DNA, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and environmental samples.

Developed a multi- tep synthesis of heterocyclic polymerizable receptors for anion and cation recognition. Transferred the developed processes to manufacturing.

Collaborated with marketing department on various product introduction issues including budgeting, writing documentation and promotion literature.

Research and development work materialized in filing 7 patent applications ( 4 patents granted, 3 are pending ).

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1996 to 1998 Employer: California Institute of Technology Title: Undisclosed Department: Chemical Engineering
He designed and synthesized the functional polymers for sensors, chromatography, and solid phase extraction. Conducted reactions on the surfaces of solid supports.

Synthesized polymerizable chelating agents for the incorporation of metal ions into the polymeric networks.

Designed and synthesized the molecularly imprinted polymers for chiral recognition of amino alcohols.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to 1996 Employer: IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc Title: Undisclosed Department: R&D
He carried out the synthesis of heterocyclic and macroheterocyclic receptors for molecular and ion recognition.

Developed new selective materials - functionalized adsorbents and membranes for ion and ligand exchange separation processes.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1993 to 1994 Employer: Brigham Young University Title: Undisclosed Department: Chemistry
He carried out the multi-step synthesis of new oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur containing heteroaromatic synthons. Designed and synthesized the new classes of supramolecular metal ion selective ligands.

Synthesized the alkoxysilane derivatives of chiral macrocycles - selective receptors for chiral ammonium salts. Functionalized the silica gel surfaces with molecules of specific receptors. Developed the stationary phases for chiral chromatography.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1986 to 1993 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Research Scientist Department: Undisclosed
He was responsible for the development of new general methodology for the synthesis of phenol and amide containing azamacroheterocycles using Mannich aminomethylation reaction.

Carried out various types of electrophilic addition to unsaturated systems, electrophilic substitution, amino and amidomethylation of aromatic compounds.

Carried out stereospecific reduction of ketones, reactions with organometallic reagents and UV initiation.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 23 publications, chapters in 2 books on the synthesis of macrocyclic receptors. 8 filed patent applications, 4 granted patent applications.

Additional Experience

Vendor Selection
He has comprehensive knowledge and experience for selecting the vendors for specific tasks. He established the contacts with multiple custom synthesis and QC labs in the US and Canada. His sources also include a number of well established organic synthesis organization in the republics of former Soviet Union, which provided outstanding services at very competitive prices.
Marketing Experience
He was directly involved in developing the marketing strategies for positioning the Dionex products. 14 lines of products have been introduced to the market under his supervision, and based on the research projects that he initiated within the company.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Rusian He is fluent in Rusian language since he is a native speaker.
Ukranian He understands and can communicate in Ukranian language

Fields of Expertise

surface modification, monomer synthesis, graft copolymerization, biocompatible polymer, technology transfer, peptide synthesis, separation technology, chiral synthesis, deprotection, protected amino acid, N-methylation, high-performance liquid chromatography detector, polymeric adsorbent, fine-particle technology, solution polymerization reactor, amino acid ester, chain transfer, alkyl halide, cationic detergent, nucleophile, dispersion polymerization, particle-size reduction, biophilic coating, amino sugar, anion-exchange resin, composition analysis, lactone, reactive metal, biocompatible coating material, diene polymer, metal separation, residual monomer, methyltrichlorosilane, isoleucine, oligomerization, racemic mixture resolution, stereoisomer, adsorption technology, protein purification method, epoxide group, polyacrylonitrile, catalyst mechanism, carbon dioxide chemical reaction, chemical separation, expandable polystyrene bead, forest products industry wastewater treatment, benzophenone, integrated product development, polyurethane chemistry, biotin-avidin technology, device product development, material product development, thin-film technology, hydrogen chloride, separation equipment, liquid-liquid extraction, hydrophobic polyacid, new product development management, organophosphorus chemistry, coating material, legal patenting, innovation, acryl group, acrylonitrile, absorption application, gene, technology, molecule, polypeptide, organic high polymer, cyclodextrin, chemical compound, enzyme, vinyl polymerization, ultrafiltration, surface chemistry, protein lyophilization, polymer modification chemistry, polyethylene, physical separation, phenylalanine, peptide purification, lysine, ionomer, ion-exchange material, glycoprotein, gel, emulsion polymerization, electrophoresis, copolymerization, bulk polymerization, ascorbic acid, applied organic chemistry, addition polymerization, acrylic acid

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