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Online International Marketing, E-Commerce, Russia, China, Fur Industry, Pelts, Apparel Farming Wild

ID: 722170 Washington, USA

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Expert (prefers "Expert"), a delegate to the Yeltsin-Clinton Summit and participant in the New York Stock Exchange board-room meetings with CEOs of America's leading industries and Russia's Prime Minister, began teaching market economics at the Moscow Business School and Leningrad management School in 1989. Later, Expert taught at the Russian Academy of Science. He is President of the international investment banking firm, Employer, which was the first American corporation licensed by the USSR government to operate in the USSR. Expert has 30 years of international marketing experience of which the last ten years has been in researching the Internet to identify the tools for reaching and developing international markets. His research has been upon HTML metatag development for keywords, titles, and descriptions, so that they produce maximum website customer visits. His focus has been on developing strategies for generating revenues online to and through websites, recruiting importers, distributors and wholesalers worldwide for industrial product and OEM manufacturers marketing B2B.

He has extensive experience developing online worldwide contact with potential customers, most significantly, without the use of spam (unsolicited e-mail). The expert's Web pages appear on more than 50 Russian Web servers. Several hundred economists, educators and Fortune 500 company executives subscribe to his private advisory list-server.

Expert has 10 years experience in the use of Internet software, including graphics software, scanning hardware, HTML, FTP, Telnet, Internet Explorer, Netscape (Mozilla), pine, Word, Windows 95 and 98, Russian scanning software, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), Photo Shop, Pine® (Program for Internet News and Email), Pico (Pine’s message composer), X Windows, PDF, and others. He has developed expertise in Web design software, such as Front Page, and in identifying revenue-generating use of indexes, listservers, newsgroups, trade groups, robots, spiders, Web crawlers, and search engines.

Expert has seven years experience marketing products and services internationally for manufacturers and service providers. His research into what works and what doesn't work in online marketing has enabled him to accurately predict marketing results for dot-com companies several months ahead of collapse. He accurately assessed the value or lack of value of online banners, search engine rankings, affiliates, partners, and other marketing fads ahead of the competition.

Expert originated the concept of "reverse-telemarketing" by marketing websites in a manner that generated five
million website visits annually from potential customers as a substitute for invasive cold-calling.

Expert is the published author of 149 articles reaching industry leaders in magazines and newspapers and has generated a steady stream of interview requests from reporters that enabled him to communicated the company's sales message to the public.

As President of Employer, Expert has had three decades of experience in corporate finance, international trade, and venture capital, both in the United States and in Third World and developing countries. The company has experience exporting consumer goods from Hong Kong and the Soviet Union to the U.S. Expert has deep experience with Russian economics and international relations. In his many travels through the 89 administrative regions of Russia, he provided advice to Mayor Blinov of Vladivostok and his successor Mayor Efremov, and participated in investments in the forest industry in Sakhalin, the fishing industry in Nakhodka, and in various other industries throughout Russia, such as aluminum production, automobile imports, copper export, electronics products, textile manufacturing, precious metals, food processing and more.


Expert designs online advertising and does recruiting of importers, wholesalers, and distributors for corporations. He also designs Web pages and promotes revenues to and through websites for various industries.He developed sales of aluminum for Russian smelters through U.S. markets such as ALCOA, Johnson Matthey plc, and Honeywell.In 1992, Expert' affiliate, United States Fur Exchange, became the first Western company to export Russian sable pelts from Russia to the United States. Expert created a foreign exchange market in Russian ruble and the development of cross-border trading without physical cross-border deliveries.Employer provided investment banking advice to Alexander Ermishen, the general director of the YAK Aircraft factory in Saratov and to the Ministry of Food of Armenia. And, in 1993 and 1994, Expert' firm began providing distance education in business management and public policy over the Internet to government officials and directors of commercial enterprises in Russia.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1986 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Economics Institution: St. Sampson University, Oxford England
Year: 1957 Degree: B.S. Subject: Marketing Institution: Rutgers University
Year: 1954 Degree: B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) Subject: Business Management Institution: University of Miami

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1959 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President (since 1978) Department:
Expert is CEO, senior consultant, and advisor on international trade and corporate finance, with an emphasis on e-commerce and online advertising and marketing, search engine optimization, algorithms, clicks, PayPal, eBay, at investment and merchant banker Employer. The firm was established in 1934 by his father. He has Presidential summit level experience in Russia and China.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1994 to 1998 Agency: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Role: Tutor to Executives in Former Soviet Union, Vladimir Ermischen, Director Yak Aircraft Saratov (MIG) Description: Expert taught capitalism and marketing to CEOs of major industries in the former Soviet Union. He advised on monetary and fiscal policy.
Years: 1982 to 1984 Agency: Minority Business Development Agency Role: Raise Venture Capital for Minority-Owned Businesses and Direct Marketing Activities Description: He prepared feasibility and marketing studies and raised millions of dollars in capital for minority-owned businesses.
Years: 1980 to 1981 Agency: Community Services Administration Role: Manager of Fisheries Description: He managed 1,200 vessels engaged in salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest and sale of their catch to Mitsubishi, Japan.
Years: 1978 to 1980 Agency: Bureau Of Indian Affairs Role: Business Manager, Yakima Indian Nation Description: Expert was CEO of 1.3 million acres, generating $20 million in annual revenue for a population of 17,000 Native Americans. Industries involved in the work included the largest Cessna dealership in the world, road construction, home construction, furniture manufacturing, wholesale tobacco sales, newspaper, and large-scale farming.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1989 to Present Country / Region: Russia, The Baltics, Eastern Europe Summary: Expert began advising CEOs of Russia's 100 largest industries in 1989, and continues to this date his close relationships with various ministries
regarding privatization of government-owned industry in Russia.
Years: 1977 to 1978 Country / Region: Saudi Arabia Summary: He was an advisor to the Saudi King regarding certain investments of the family in the United States.
Years: 1967 to 1968 Country / Region: Italy Summary: Expert was an advisor to Riva Boats, Italy, in the sale of their company to Whittaker Corporation, California.
Years: 1960 to 1965 Country / Region: Hong Kong Summary: He was an advisor to R.J. Reynolds Company regarding import from Hong Kong and selection of suppliers.
Years: 1959 to 1960 Country / Region: Haiti Summary: Expert was an advisor to Greater Miami Bank and client relationships in Haiti. He personally traveled to Haiti to advise.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of CIVITAS, an international consortium for civic education which aims to strengthen effective education for informed and responsible citizenship in new and established democracies around the world.
Licenses / Certifications
In 1989, Palms & Co. became the first 100% U.S.-owned firm (and Expert the first American citizen) to be licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Soviet Union to conduct capitalist business in the communist Soviet Union, including such projects as converting the Mig aircraft factory in Saratov, Russia to "for-profit" production and accounting methods in preparation of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Russian Federation and 14 other independent countries
Professional Appointments
Expert has been a financial advisor to seven U.S. government agencies and the Presidents of four countries. His appointments include serving as: a President Carter Appointee for the United States Office of Economic Development; a U.S. Small Business Administration appointee as advisor on Minority Business Financing and Vietnamese Refugee Resettlement Division of Corporate Finance; a Minority Business Development Agency appointee (as a Venture Capital Advisor); a U.S. Department of Interior appointee; and a Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko appointee.
Awards / Recognition
Expert was a participating delegate to Clinton-Yeltsin Summit meetings in Vancouver, Canada. He has received awards from Microsoft, IBM, AT&T and the London’s Financial Times. He was the recipient of awards from Ernst & Young as originator of the largest amount of venture capital in United States. Additionally, Expert is listed in Who's Who in Finance & Industry and has received recognition from the American Biographical Institute. Expert has also received a number of accolades pertaining to his website. The Web design awards he has received come from the French and Russian Internet Systems, Time Warner, Pathfinder, Europe Online, NYNEX and London's Financial Times. His site, "Palms Portal to Russia," was designated one of the top ten financial sites in the world in the late 90s, and received an award from the French Internet as the best website about Russia.
Publications and Patents Summary
He is co-author of a book that has been purchased by The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development. Expert is also a syndicated columnist, his articles appearing in 50 newspapers, representing a circulation of nearly 8 million. He also has 147 essays published in various magazines, and is the author of 1314 website URLs.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has expert witness experience in trial court regarding business valuation.
He was an expert witness to U.S. senators on Russian politics, military, monetary policy, fiscal policy, corruption, money laundering, and human rights.
Training / Seminars
Expert was a Market Economics instructor at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Vladivostok. Additionally, he has developed numerous seminars and distance learning programs for business executives in marketing. He has developed training seminars in Web design, online marketing, advertising online, generating revenue to websites engaged in business-to-business e-commerce and online marketing for U.S. government agencies on an international basis.
Vendor Selection
He has extensive experience on a global basis in identifying the highest quality, most efficient, and low-cost producers of metals, minerals, fertilizers, grains, dairy products, coffee, tea, rice, sugar, agricultural, construction and mining equipment and machinery, metal products, ships, fur garments OEM equipment, components and suppliers
of processed foods. He has major experience in Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, China, Korea, and Taiwan.
Marketing Experience
Expert has 40 years experience bringing products to market. His most recent eight years have been spent in development, B2B websites, advertising and marketing technology that generate revenue to and through websites. He has extensive knowledge of low-cost methods of producing good websites and how to use search engines, indexes, trade boards, LISTSERV lists, newsgroups, links and others to generate revenue and sales.
Other Relevant Experience
He has experience in mergers, acquisitions, securities, money management, advertising, industrial engineering, franchising, international marketing and Web design.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Dutch Expert is a native-born Dutchman and possesses proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking the Dutch language.
French He speaks French at a general social conversation level. He can also read and write the language.
German Expert speaks German at a general social conversation level. He also reads and writes German.
Russian He has preliminary knowledge in speaking, reading, and writing Russian, which has grown rusty and requires 12 months to refresh.

Fields of Expertise

business strategy, World Wide Web application, franchising, clothing industry, ecommerce, Internet, Internet commerce, Internet advertising, Internet marketing, marketing communications, export regulation, exported product, international sourcing, exporting, trade agreement, online international marketing, fur industry, fur, capital investment advisor, money laundering, foreign currency exchange, investment banking, human rights, affiliate marketing, coffee industry, international development, business analysis, business valuation, e-business strategic planning, business development, e-tailing, business ethics, ecommerce, small business, entrepreneurship, business strategy, business operations, Internet service provider, Internet marketing, Internet advertising, Web design, search engine, European sourcing, promotion, Chinese marketing, Japanese marketing, market assessment, marketing communications, advertising, Internet commerce, browser, international contract negotiation, online publishing, World Wide Web application, international investment, business management, hypertext markup language, business intelligence, marketing software, business incubator, foreign language, consumer product marketing, international trade, product sourcing, export regulation, cosmetic exported product, exporting, economics, business re-engineering, product, business system design, exported product, imported product, Internet, international sourcing, international manufacturing, service marketing, marketing, hypertext, export packaging requirement, business process re-engineering

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