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Expert Details

Oil Terminal Operations Troubleshooting, Contract Negotiation, Mechanical Issues, Oil Inventory Loss

ID: 723795 New Jersey, USA

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He is a hands-on manager in chemical and fuel oil terminals. He has rebuilt and maintained terminals, done inventory control, handled union negotiations, safety procedures, pollution control and prevention. He has been a peer manager, construction manager, and purchasing agent. He is knowledgeable about manpower requirements at a minimum to insure profit margins, spill cleanups, tank cleaning and maintenance, and co-generation in terminals at peak periods. He has hands on knowledge of most mechanical trades and service departments.

He was hired to manage and maintain large fuel oil storage terminals in New York City. One terminal was under dec consent order for pollution problems due to tank leakage and spills of petroleum products in river. He cleaned up terminals, applied for and had the consent order removed after extensive remediation. He hired new personnel, contractors. He wrote all federal, state, and local permit applications required for major petroleum facility license. Both terminals are the largest and most profitable independent suppliers of fuel oil, and diesel products in New York City including bio fuel and ultra-low sulfur diesel next generation fuel oil.

He has over 35 years of experience in environmental cleanup, oil and chemical tank cleaning above and below ground, oil spill clean up on land and water, site remediation from past contamination, and oil recovery via wells, separators, vac trucks, frac tanks. He has hands-on knowledge of boats, booms, oil spill equipment vac trucks, etc. He has created many successful ideas to recover contaminants from prior spills and contamination. He is familiar with oil recovery booms, spill material, sorbants and purchasing of same.

He has hands on experience with facility procedures for closure, demolition removal of materials from facility, environmental assessment, demolition and removal of all materials or containments, permits for closure, and manpower assessments prior to and up to closure.

He will evaluate facility for possible sale or to upgrade facility for future sale. He will also evaluate facility for operations and future sales and profit or loss. He can evaluate equipment and future and present needs to operate facility in a safe and cost efficient manner.

He has managed all facets of oil and chemical and oil facilities for 40 years. Most of his experience was hands-on working knowledge of all mechanical trades, union negotiations, supervision of both hourly and salary personnel, safety, heating, contractors, budgets, major improvements and projects, inventory control, purchasing, pollution prevention, permits, etc.

He has controlled all inventory for fuel oil and motor fuels stored in and shipped out of terminals with state of the art inventory control on tanks, truck racks, etc. He controlled terminal handled ships, barges, and trucks in volumes that exceeded 300,000,000 gallons per year. He also handled asphalt products and chemicals.

He has hands on knowledge of all mechanical trades, and mechanical contractors. He wrote preventative maintenance procedures that resulted in very little down time if any over past 40 years. He has maintained oil water separators under SPCC plans with no violations observed after testing on monthly basis at the discharge point to waterways.

He can help with most management problems. He is able negotiate labor contracts that are not detrimental to management. He can train most line supervisors and recommend procedures to upper management on problem areas and areas in need of improvement to improve profit margins.

He can discuss management’s decisions on a hands-on basis and help make informed decisions that may result in savings, better working environments, safer work places, pollution and violation free work places, and better relations between unions and management by making better decisions on a variety of issues and or grievances that may be outstanding. He can act as an arbitrator to most labor disputes that involve a signed union contract.

He has always motivated workers under him by being a hands-on manager and making himself familiar with the work place, contracts, union and hourly personnel and all facets of the operations good and bad with a focus on improvement of areas lagging behind.

He has hands on knowledge of all oil contamination processes and the abilities to solve this sort of problem with minimal environmental concerns and monetary loss.

He has procedure and hands-on knowledge of oil removal processes and remediation. He can supervise all projects and handle all regulatory agencies or recommend proper consultants to do job.

He is familiar with oil sorbents. They are materials for removing oil from water, basements, and contaminated sites. There are many types to be used depending on problem and he is familiar with most.

He is familiar with oil spills containment. You may use dikes, flotation booms, absorbent, pads, booms, speedy dry, sand, dispersants, vac trucks, front-end loaders, pumps, oil water separators, etc. to contain the spillage.

He can recommend oil spill equipment to be kept on site to minimize any potential small or medium spills. Equipment such as boats, booms, sorbant materials, sand, speedy dry sorbants, skimmer, shovels, boots, brooms, safety gear depending on what the operations call for.

He can review all operations and maintenance that should be conducted daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. He can recommend maintenance needed, recognize potential problems with both operations and maintenance to insure equipment is being maintained properly, and is in good working order to avoid costly down time.

He can do contract reviews, manpower requirements, supervisor and hourly employees should be under constant review to insure plant is adequately staffed or reviewed to see if it may be overstaffed, and for safety and security. Productivity should be reviewed at frequent intervals and the physical plant should be reviewed for new equipment for increased production and less manpower requirements.

He has worked as Plant manager, VP service dept, in charge of supervisors, employees, union contract and negotiations, safety, grievances, manpower needs, and facilities to improve production and bottom line of company.

He can help determine causes of corrosion, have non-destructive testing done, and recommend repairs to prevent or minimize future corrosion. He has a working knowledge of most trades.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1958 Degree: none Subject: Management Institution: Bayonne Techincal High School

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2006 Employer: Stuyvesant Fuel Terminal CO LLC Title: Manager Department: management
Manager all operations, capital projects and budgets, environmental, mechanical and maintenance, inventory control.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to 1995 Employer: Kar Engineering Title: Operations mechanical consultant Department: Engineering
Project manager for Texaco Oil, Rockway, NY. Oversee construction projects, train new Manager of terminal address environmental issues.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 1994 Employer: Castle Oil Corporation Title: Manager Department: Management
Manage all terminal functions, environmental, budgets, operations, union Employees & Supervisors
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1973 to 1985 Employer: IMTT Bayonne Title: Manager Department: Mechanical/Operations
Manager of mechanical department all trades then terminal manager
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1964 to 1973 Employer: NL Industries Title: Project Manager Department: Mechanical
Heavy construction supervisor welders. fitters, millrights,electricans, managed environmental projects.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
OPA 90 US coast guard, dept homeland security, Union negotations any, pollution control and prevention, ILTA seminars loss control, Permits, pollution control, inventory control oil, equipment suppliers, purchasing
Vendor Selection
Worked to locate and purchase all equipment for 25 years, am familiar with with all sorts of vendors contractors, etc.
Marketing Experience
Leasing Tank storage space in terminals, selling wholesale and retail oil heating products.
Other Relevant Experience
Familiar with most all mechanical trades both hands on and management, oil industry loss control expert. Troubleshoot mechanical failures and cause of failure, environmental assessment and pollution causes and remedy to correct. Site clean up and repair, loss control, fuel oil

Fields of Expertise

business management, class of plant quality, environmental cleanup, facility closure, work team, facility evaluation, facility management, inventory, maintenance management, management, management decision-making, motivation, oil environmental contamination process, oil removal, oil sorbent, oil spill containment equipment, oil spill material, operability and maintenance review, physical-plant management, plant management, plant operations management, spill containment system design, tank bottom corrosion, oil terminal operations, oil separator, collective bargaining, negotiating, barge, tank storage, oil explosion, boat explosion, business analysis, oil management, construction claim, business ethics, trade show, trade agreement, in-service inspection, design to capacity, new technology (percentage), site definition, post project appraisal, project execution planning, front end loading, self-directed work team, team building, project review, incentive compensation plan, construction industry, project assessment, technical management, chemical plant operation, organizational development, organizational behavior, human efficiency, facility relocation, industrial absorbent, construction safety equipment, chemical plant environmental cleanup, oil spill response, oil spill prevention, facility planning, chemical plant start-up, chemical plant management, chemical plant maintenance, standard operating procedure, environmental cleanup technology, chemical management, pilot plant operations management, construction safety management, regulatory compliance auditing, project cost engineering, operational auditing, chemical plant troubleshooting, construction schedule, construction contract, containment structure, construction accident, construction inspection, chemical plant explosion, production process, spill prevention system design, oil-spill control, service, hazardous-waste encapsulation, hazardous waste emergency response operation, hazardous waste emergency response material, hazardous waste emergency response equipment, construction cost estimation, construction project management, operations research, program evaluation-and-review technique, waste assessment, building construction, strategic planning, containment island, construction, facility, containment equipment, risk management, quality management, project scheduling, project management, planning, petroleum production, operations management, management information system, decision support system, containment, construction safety, construction planning

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