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Expert Details

Oil and Gas Maintenance and Offshore Drilling

ID: 739477 Canada

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Expert is a Maintenance Supervisor on a Drilling Rig where he is involved in the exploration of oil and gas. His team consists of 15 personnel and he is responsible for the maintenance of the heavy machinery on the vessel and ensuring they run smoothly and downtime is minimized.

He is responsible for the training, ordering of spares, supply chain and work order scheduling for the equipment. With over a decade of oil and gas exploration experience and working in over 10 countries across the Middle East and South East Asia, Expert has extensive expertise in Offshore Maintenance Activities. Below are some of the skills and experience that Expert can consult and advice on:

Offshore Drilling, Oil and Gas, Upstream Exploration, Jackup Rigs, Drilling Rigs, Automation, Exploration, Heavy Machinery, Drilling, NOV, Caterpillar, Motors, Engines, Valves, Top Drives, Drawworks, Shipyard, Contracts, Dry Docks, Repair, Refurbishment, Market Analysis, Engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Maintenance, EAM, CCMS, Enterprise Management Systems, Asset Management, Oil Rig Services, Drilling Rigs and Equipment, Oil and Gas Exploration Services, Ship and Boat Repairing, Maintenance Software, Maintenance Repair, (Break-Fix/Warranty) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Repair, Drilling Deepwater, Drilling Exploration, Drilling Offshore, Offshore Drilling, Industrial Maintenance, Facility Maintenance, Upstream Oil & Gas, National Oilwell, Varco Nov Gusto, Drilling Rig, Drilling Rig, offshore Jackup rigs, Offshore jackup drilling rigs and operations, Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), fire and gas monitoring, VSAT SATELLITE H2S protection, Vega Sensors tools, Machinery, Crane Safety, Safety systems, offshore resourcing, Offshore Logistics, Offshore Delivery, Supply Chain Management


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2011 Degree: BE Subject: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institution: Birla Institute Of Technology and Science
Year: 2015 Degree: MBA Subject: Oil and Gas Institution: Robert Gordon University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2022 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Rig Maintenance Supervisor RMS - NOV Amphion and Cyberbase Jackups Department:
Working on company's ever-growing fleet of high-spec offshore Jackups from Shipyard upgrade projects on the ADM 681 and ADM 682 (Keppel Fels B Class) to offshore operations on the ADM 511 ( Gusto CJ46 )
• Delivery of Shipyard projects on time and within budget involving major overhaul of all drilling equipment and CAT 4 inspections
• Liaising with vendors for delivery job scopes and upgrade timelines for equipment, along with problem-solving and commissioning requirements
• Develop rig critical spares lists, inspection schedules and maintenance planning guidelines for the crew
• Client Audits, 3rd Party inspections and Inventory management on the EAM system
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2022 to 2022 Employer: Northern Offshore Ltd Title: Fleet Maintenance Superintendent Department:
Northern Offshore Ltd logo
Fleet Maintenance Superintendent Fleet Maintenance Superintendent
Northern Offshore Ltd · Full-time Northern Offshore Ltd · Full-time
Mar 2022 - Oct 2022 · 8 mos Mar 2022 - Oct 2022 · 8 mos
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Responsible for Maintenance Activities of 4 High spec CJ46 and CJ50 Amphion drilling rigs in the Middle East.

• Visit Northern Offshore fleet of high spec Amphion Drilling rigs to monitor compliance with the maintenance management systems onshore/offshore and to encourage continuous improvement.
• Liaise with Class Authorities regarding MODU Survey requirements and develop internal audit and survey programs.
• Write and administer “Rig Alerts” to the fleet while keeping planned Planned Preventative Maintenance strategies current and up to date. Carry out Root Cause Analysis and implement changes to mitigate downtime and failures.
• Make recommendations and update electrical procedures to improve and ensure proper maintenance and repair/manufacturing procedures are in effect to ensure electrical maintenance is up to date and operating costs are reduced. Drive continuous improvement using Six Sigma and Kaizen techniques to deliver quality and operational efficiency.
• Work on projects associated with rig upgrades or compliance to Safety Notices. Review the legislation and contract management activities related to the project, commission the system and assist with a proposal package to the relevant certifying authority.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2020 to 2022 Employer: COSL - China Oilfield Services Limited Title: Electrical Maintenance Supervisor - NOV Amphion Jackup Department:
Zhao Shang Hai Long 6 - Amphion CJ46 Jackup Barge Drilling Rig

Worked as a dual responsibility Chief Electrician and Electronic Technician while supervising a team of 6 for the preventive maintenance and repair of DCS, PLC and NOV Drilling equipment. Not only brought down inventory value by 28% through implementing a min max spares system, but also developed over 100's work instructions that were safe and efficient.

• Prepared Equipment failure reports, Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessments, management of change reports and scheduling of work tasks on the AMOS/STAR maintenance management system.
• Responsible for the training of the next generation of leaders through continuous improvement and hands on maintenance training - LOTO energy isolation, PTW training, safety training, development of work instructions and teamwork feedback.
• In charge of COMPEX inspections, Drop surveys, Safety spot checks, Pre job meetings, DNV Class and MODUSPEC Inspections, Audit closeouts, rig upgrades and CAPEX budgeting.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to 2020 Employer: Velesto Energy Berhad Title: Electronic Technician - NOV Amphion and Cyberbase Jackup Department:
Naga 2 - Cyberbase CJ46 | Naga 8 - Amphion Keppel FELS B Class Jackup Barge Drilling Rig

Ensured all work on electrical and electronic installations is performed in accordance with valid safety regulations, technical regulations, and relevant procedures. Carried out troubleshooting and predictive maintenance on PLC's, DCS, VFD's, Automation Systems, Control Systems and Fire and Gas Sensors in addition to NOV Drilling Equipment in a HPHT Drilling environment.

• Certified for COMPEX EX01-04, Confined Space Entry, Hydrogen Sulphide awareness, Scaffolding Inspection, Working at heights Rescue level 3, Energy Isolation LOTO and Drop prevention, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.
• Conceptualized and implemented a smart inventory system for rig spares based on failure rates, criticality and procurement lead times that contributed to a 24% lower waiting on spares equipment downtime.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2011 to 2014 Employer: Aban Offshore Limited · Full-time Title: Electronic Technician - NOV Cyberbase Jackup Department:
Deep Driller 5 - Cyberbase Keppel FELS Super B Class Jackup Barge Drilling Rig

• Led the 5 Year Shipyard Project engineering involving disassembling and commissioning of the electrical and control system wiring for specialist NOV drilling equipment.
• Training for Siemens PLC S7-300, S7-400, DCS and HMI SCADA systems.
• Troubleshooting drilling equipment using Wiring schematics, AutoCAD drawings, electrical meters and communication tools in addition to HVAC air-conditioning and refrigeration maintenance.

Additional Experience

Other Relevant Experience
Drawworks: NOV automated ADS-10T, 3,200 hp driven by 3 x DM27A HN A
1,150 hp AC induction motors; NOV water/air cooled multi-plate, fail safe disc
brake system
Top Drive: NOV TDS-8SA, driven by 1 x GE GEB-20 1,150 hp AC induction
motor with 62,500 ft-lbf continuous drilling torque @ 95 rpm, PH-100 pipe handler
Pipe Handling: NOV ST-120 Iron Roughneck; PS-30 Power Slips; BX
Hydraulic Elevator; NOV PRS-8i “Foxhole” Pipe Racking System with off-line
drill pipe/drill collar stand building system; NOV CWS-P Pipehandling Catwalk
Mud Pumps: 3 x NOV 14-P-220, 2,200 hp each; 7,500 psi WP each with
2 x Mattco A7520 7,500 psi WP pulsation dampeners each
Drawworks: NOV automated ADS-10Q, 5,600 hp driven by 4 x DM27A HN A
1,150 hp AC induction motors; NOV water/air cooled multi-plate, fail safe disc
brake system
Top Drive: NOV TDX-1000, driven by 2 x Balder 1,150 hp AC induction motor with
up to 91,000 ft-lbf continuous drilling torque, PH-203 pipe handler
Pipe Handling: NOV ST-160 Iron Roughneck; PS-30 Power Slips; BX Hydraulic
Elevator; NOV PRS-4i “Foxhole” Pipe Racking System with off-line drill pipe/drill
collar stand building system; NOV CWS-P20-45 Pipehandling Catwalk Shuttle
Mud Pumps: 3 x NOV 14-P-220, 2,200 hp each; 7,500 psi WP each with
2 x Mattco A7520 7,500 psi WP pulsation dampener
GustoMSC CJ46-X100D structure - Amphion Drilling Jackup
Draworks NOV ADS-10T
Top Drive NOV TDS 8SA
Pipe Racker NOV PRS8i
Pipe Handling NOV ST-120 Iron roughneck
Catwalk and Knuckle Boom crane
Mud Pumps NOV P220
Gusto MSC Siemens Jacking System with Fixation system, Favalle Favco cranes, Hernis CCTV system and Automated XY Cantilever Skidding System.
NAGA 8 Keppel FELS B Class Design
Construction Yard Keppel FELS Yard, Singapore
Jack Up Type Independent Leg Jack Up Drilling Rig

Main Engines 5 x Caterpillar 3516C-HD, 2,150 hp
Emergency Engine Caterpillar 3508B-DITA
Mud Pumps 3 x NOV 14-P-220 2,200 hp Triplex Type, 7,500 psi WP
Shale Shakers 5 x NOV Brandt VSM 300
Drawworks NOV ADS-10T, 3,000 HP
Top drive NOV TDS-8SA Rated Capacity : 680 MT
Pipe Handling Forum 16K- OAC
Iron Roughneck Primary : NOV AR-3200 Secondary : NOV ST-120
Rotary Table NOV RST 495, 491/2”
Driller’s Instrumentation NOV Amphion System
NAGA 2 GustoMSC CJ46 X100D
PT. DryDocks World Graha, Batam, Indonesia Independent Leg JackUp Drilling Rig
Drawworks NOV D3000AC
Top Drive NOV TDS-8SA
Bridge Racker BR6-SD NOV AR3200 1
Rotary Table D495-7K, 49 /2”
Mud Pumps 3 x NOV 14-P-220 2,200hp Triplex Type, 7,500 WP
Shale Shakers 5 x NOV VSM 300
Main Engines 5 x Caterpillar 3516B-HD, 2,150 hp
NOV Cyberbase System
Rig Type Self-Elevating, Cantilever, Independent Leg, Jack-Up Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, Skid-Off Capability FELS Super B Class

Drilling Equipment Draw works-4Nos National Oilwell Varco / Model-SSGD-4600-57-82-1015 - General Electric / GEB 22A2.AC; 4,600 (1,150 hp each) / 6,440 intermittent
Mud Pumps-3 National Oilwell Varco-14-P-220-GE AC Drilling Motor GEB 22A2 ;Mud pump pulsation dampener type-Hydril K20-7500

Prime Movers : 5-Wartsila / Model 6L26A2;Maximum continuous power hp : 2,515;rpm : 900; Each driving 5-AC gen Leroy Somer / LSA56VL8R/8P;kW : 2,000

Rotary Table - National Oilwell Varco / D-495 ; Dencon / HMB hinged pin drive master bushing assembly, 37 ½” – 49 ½”, ft-lbs : 38,200; hp : Hyd system -3000 psi

Top Drive - National Oilwell Varco / HPS-1000-2EAC-KT; 2,300 (2 motors each rated at 1,150hp)

Derrick National Oilwell Varco / Model SSBN-1060/36-36-170X Derrick
Hook Load-2000kips., Max No of 16lines; 70knots

BOP System Cameron / BOP & Diverter Control System
Annular Preventer 1- Cameron / DL;18¾ 10M API BX-164 ; psi:10,000

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