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Expert Details

Metal Finishing, Parts Cleaning, Electroplating, Electroforming

ID: 722726 Minnesota, USA

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Expert has production experience with cyanide copper, pyrophosphate, and acid copper plating baths. He has worked in a laboratory environment with both the fluoroborate and alkaline non-cyanide baths. He has used these baths for PWB plating, wafer plating, electroforming, plating on zinc diecast and aluminum, as well as standard steel substrates. He is familiar with typical troubleshooting techniques for these baths. He has worked with suppliers to install them in various facilities as well as providing training to the operators.

Expert has written a two-day training course on nickel electroforming. He has worked with the nickel sulfamate low stress bath as well as the low chloride Watts bath. He has experience in electroforming CD stampers, stencils, bellows, injection molding dies, and various other parts. He has set up electroforming baths for customers in the US, Canada, Japan and China. He has experience monitoring the electroforming baths both analytically and measuring the mechanical properties of the deposit. He has worked with electroforming parts from gold baths and copper baths as well as some nickel/cobalt alloys. He has worked with precision machining firms to produce mandrels of aluminum,copper, brass and nickel for production processes.

Expert has worked with the cyanide gold and sulfite gold plating baths. He is familiar with the equipment, processes, and procedures that must be controlled to provide a successful product such as barrel type and speed. Expert notes that anode size and location, filtration, and agitation rectification, such as pulse or direct all affect the plating distribution. The solution factors that affect the plating are metal concentration, pH, temperature, impurities, conductivity and additives. Gold is by far the most important plating used in the electronics industry and the amount of gold used on a project should be the minimum necessary to meet all the specification. Monitoring of the process for accountability, utilization and process control must also include preventing gold loss for any reason. Expert can assist with all of these matters.

Expert was the senior engineer in charge of the surface finish laboratory and the analytical laboratory for Honeywell, Inc. He provided analytical support and chemical testing for the production plating facility baths and cleaners as well as consulted with production engineering, research, and design on surface finishing processes. He worked with cyanide copper and acid copper plating, nickel and gold plating (both electrodeposited and electroless), tin and tin-lead alloy plating on many substrates, zinc plating (cyanide, alkaline, acid). Conversion coatings such as anodizing, chromating, metal coloring and oxide coatings. He has a good knowledge of the principles, strengths, and shortcomings of quality assurance and process control necessary for the production of acceptable parts.

Since 1965 Expert has been involved in most phases of metal finishing. Besides electroplating, he has worked with various conversion coatings such as anodizing, black oxides formation, and chromates. He has set up plating laboratories and small production shops and been involved in equipment design for large production facilities. In 1984 he became the plating troubleshooter working with many divisions of Honeywell. In 1985 he began teaching the introductory and advanced training courses in electroplating for the American Electroplating and Surface Finishing Society.

Expert has worked with the Watts and sulfamate nickel baths in production. He also works with the Wood’s nickel and Barrett sulfamate nickel strike baths. He has set up an electroforming production facility and consulted for various companies in many phases of electroforming. He has written training manuals and taught courses in electroforming for many companies. He has worked with nickel baths in reel-to-reel and rack and barrel applications. Expert has established analytical control of the baths, mechanical and physical testing of the nickel deposits.

Although there are eight metals in the precious metal group, Expert’s practical plating experience is with palladium, silver, platinum, and gold. He has also worked with both the electroless and electrodeposition formulations of various precious metal alloy baths. He is familiar with the analytical control of the bath makeup as well as physical testing of the deposits. His work is with precious metal plating for electronic applications and the disciplines of wirebonding and solderability. He is familiar with the many desired features of deposits used in electronics for the selection of one coating over another. The purpose and use of the finish are important factors in specifying a deposit besides just providing corrosion protection and conductivity. Expert can assist with all of these facets.

As a consultant Expert works with many companies in surface cleaning and preparation for plating, painting, conversion coating, and adhesive bonding. Expert notes that the primary requirement for bonding to a substrate is a clean surface. He has worked with various methods of cleaning, both chemical and mechanical. He has worked with plasma cleaning for contaminate removal in preparation for wirebonding and die chip attachment. He as also provided assistance in cleaning contaminated plated surfaces for soldering.

Expert developed a nickel/gold electroforming process for bellows for an implantable hearing aid.He designed and implemented an electroform mold operation for fiber optic cable connection. He designed the plating equipment and supervised its installation for an electroforming operation in China. Expert worked on process improvement for a solder plating operation for COB.He developed a silver metalization procedure for thick film circuits and non- conductive electrofoming mandrels. Expert improved the zinc and cadmium plating and conversion coating procedure to meet the corrosion resistance specification of the product.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1975 Degree: M.S. Subject: Physics Institution: St. Cloud State University
Year: 1970 Degree: B.S. Subject: Chemistry Institution: St. Cloud State University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1993 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner Department:
Expert is a consultant to the metal finish industry. In addition, he teaches plating classes for the American Electroplating and Surface Finishing Society. He has written papers and articles on metal finishing for electronics, and is an Adjunct Professor at the College of St. Thomas.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1980 to 1993 Employer: Honeywell, Inc. Title: Sr. Engineer Materials Department: MAVD
He was the lead engineer for the chemistry laboratory in the M&PE group. He was responsible for all forms of surface finishing.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1975 to 1980 Employer: Vision Ease Corp. Title: Chemical Process Engineer Department: Division of BMC Industries
Expert was hired to improve a cleaning, molding, and casting process for CR-39 ophthalmic lenses.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1965 to 1970 Employer: Honeywell, Inc. Title: Chemist Department: Military
He was responsible for the operation of the plating and analytical laboratory at the Hopkins facility.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: Canada Summary: Expert is working with a firm that rebuilds jet engines. His work includes troubleshooting of plating procedures and eliminating hydrogen embrittlement problems.
Years: 1992 to 1992 Country / Region: Australia Summary: He conducted a training course for acid copper plating in the PWB industry.
Years: 1993 to 1993 Country / Region: Singapore Summary: Expert conducted a seven-day training course for engineers from various companies in metal finishing.
Years: 2003 to 2005 Country / Region: Japan Summary: Documented cleaning and plating procedures for nickel,copper, gold and silver. Implemented material savings and reduced waste treatment costs. He helped with the expansion of the production line and employee involvement in solving production problems.
Years: 2003 to 2008 Country / Region: China Summary: He designed the automatic plateing/cleaning line and supervised the installation and start-up of the equipment. He wrote the training manual which was then translated into Chinese for the operators.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member and instructor of Metal Finishing of the AESF. He teaches classes in introductory and advanced techniques.
Licenses / Certifications
He is a CEF-II specialist in electronics.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has written articles for “Metal Finishing” magazine and “Plating and Surface Finishing” magazine. He wrote a chapter on metal finishing for the engineering process book published by McGraw-Hill.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Wrote a deposition and expert witness for a patent infringement case.
Training / Seminars
Expert developed a training course in metal finishing and electroforming. He is a guest speaker at St. Thomas University where he wrote the chapter on metal finishing for the graduate school process engineering classes.
Vendor Selection
He has worked with many companies to select suppliers based on cost, raw material availability, and product producability.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert has worked with the FDA in process and material acceptance for various devices.

Fields of Expertise

copper plating process, electroforming, gold electroplating process, plating process, metal finishing process, nickel plating process, precious-metal plating process, surface preparation, precious metal plating, rack plating, anodic coating process, black nickel, blast cleaning abrasive, brightener, aluminum corrosion resistance, deposition technology, chromium removal, copper-accelerated salt-spray test, metal protective coating material, plating testing, addition agent, through-hole plating process, chromium corrosion, plastic electroplating process, cadmium plating material substitute, lead electroplating process, electrochemical process material, aluminum electroplating, cadmium electroplating process, printed-wiring board plating process, copper pickling, metal pickling, copper degreasing, copper cleaning, nickel electroplating process, aluminum application, zero-discharge closed cycling wastewater treatment, electronic circuit element plating process, aluminum finishing, high-speed plating process, surface finishing process, strike plating process, pattern plating process, zinc plating process, silver plating process, platinum plating process, metal etching, chemical reaction, bright anodizing, anodizing, electroless nickel plating, silver, pretreatment, gold plating process, gold, electrolysis, electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, electric cell, dip soldering, coulometric analysis, copper, continuous anodizing, color anodizing, chromic acid anodizing, barrel plating, aluminum

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