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Expert Details

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: Use of Force, Training, Law Enforcement Policies, Police Force, Police Shootings, and Excessive Force

ID: 736797 Wisconsin, USA

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Expert served 19 years in law enforcement, retiring as a Lieutenant to become a full-time college professor in criminal justice. His main areas of expertise are use of force incidents, training, and law enforcement policies. In addition, he has multiple references from attorneys and has consulted and testified in federal court on civil rights actions.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2017 Degree: MPA Subject: Public Administration Institution: American Military University
Year: 2010 Degree: Certificate Subject: Law Enforcement Executive Institution: Law Enforcement Executive Director School- Federal Bureau of Investigations
Year: 2002 Degree: BS Subject: Criminal Justice; Summa Cum Laude Institution: Mount Senario College
Year: 1993 Degree: Certification Subject: Basic training of state law enforcement Institution: Law Enforcement Academy- Madison College
Year: 1992 Degree: Associate Degree Subject: Police Studies Institution: Madison College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner Department: Expert Testimony/Consulting
Provides consulting, research, and training on law enforcement and security issues. Specifically provides expert testimony services on police and security practices that include the use of force, officer-involved shootings, handcuffing, tasers, weapons, K-9 deployments, traffic stops, police training, agency policy, physical security, and general practices.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Professor Department: Criminal Justice
Design and instruct degree-credit courses in the Criminal Justice Department. Served the college as a consultant and instructor in workplace violence and active shooter training for private businesses. Was the law enforcement and jail academy director for the college and also administered their specialized training for law enforcement, corrections, and security.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2014 Employer: BlueboardIT Title: Co-Owner Department: Consulting
The company provided a web-based platform to employers for employee-based training. Assisted the employers, including law enforcement agencies, with developing training platforms to be used internally.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1992 to 2010 Employer: City of Wisconsin Dells Title: Lieutenant Department: Police
Was appointed to K-9 handler, sergeant, and Lieutenant. Responsibilities included supervision, patrol, investigations, commanding the drug task force and honor guard, and supervising all agency training. Retired from policing to transition to a full-time teaching career.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2002 to 2010 Employer: Madison College Title: Instructor Department: Crimiinal Justice
Served as a part-time instructor in the law enforcement academy, teaching various topics to include being a Master Instructor in Defensive Tactics and Scenario-Based Training.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1991 to 1992 Employer: South Central Security Title: Uniformed Security Officer Department: Patrol
Worked part-time through college as a uniformed security officer for a small security company. The main area of patrol included a large waterpark resort on the night shift.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: to Present Agency: City of Wisconsin Dells Role: Mayor Description: Elected position.
Years: to Present Agency: Columbia County (WI) Role: County Board Supervisor Description: Elected position.
Years: to Present Agency: State of Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Role: Tactical Committee Advisory Member Description: Appointed posiiton.
Years: to Present Agency: State of Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Role: Ethics Committee Advisory Member Description: Appointed position.
Years: to Present Agency: Wisconsin State Legislature Role: 911 Telecommunications Special Legislative Committee Description: Legislative appointment.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Wisconsin Criminal Justice Coordinator Council
Member- American Federation of Teachers
Member-International Association of Chiefs of Police
American Association of Educators- Member
ASIS- Professional Security Association- Member
Forensics Expert Group-Registrant
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association-Member
International Association of Chiefs of Police- Associate/Trainer Membership
Thomson Reuters Professional Witness Registry
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training Officers Association- Member
Wisconsin Musky Alliance
Licenses / Certifications
Agency Policy Instructor- WI DOJ.
Civilian Conceal Carry Instructor- State of Wisconsin.
Community Resources Instructor- WI DOJ.
Constitutional Law Instructor- WI DOJ.
Crimes Instructor- WI DOJ.
Crisis Management Instructor- WI DOJ.
Domestic Instructor- WI DOJ.
Field Drug Identification and Testing Instructor- WI DOJ.
Firearms Certifier- Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.
Firearms Instructor- WI DOJ.
Interview and Interrogation Instructor- WI DOJ.
Juvenile Law Instructor- WI DOJ.
Master Instructor of Defensive Tactics- Wisconsin Department of Justice.
Master Instructor of Scenario-Based Training- Wisconsin DOJ.
Policing Strategies Instructor- WI DOJ.
Professional Orientation Instructor- WI DOJ.
Report Writing Instructor- WI DOJ.
Scene Management Instructor- WI DOJ.
Tactical Response Instructor- WI DOJ.
Taser Instructor- Taser International.
Traffic Crash Investigations Instructor- WI DOJ.
Traffic Laser Instructor- Kustom Radar.
Traffic Law Enforcement Instructor- WI DOJ.
Vehicle Contacts Instructor- WI DOJ.
Wisconsin Technical College Teaching Certification- WTCS.
Professional Appointments
Mayor- City of Wisconsin Dells
The Mayor is an elected position that statutorily directs all operations for the municipal government. As Mayor, Expert helped manage over 100 city employees and volunteers, set general policy and direction of the city, worked with other governments and private industries on varying issues, and corresponded with citizens and businesses daily. Procedurally, he chaired the common council, personnel committee, plan commission, and EMS commissions which requires a strong knowledge of rules and laws related to the public’s trust and local government transparency. Expert possessed oversight of the city budget and set general policies and direction throughout the year. His city’s overall budget is approximately $12 million annually, with bond and debt budgets of over $34 million.

State of Wisconsin Special Legislative Committee on 911
Appointed to serve by State Representative Ballweg and Senator Jauch. As a committee member, Expert provided direction and development to help draft new legislation on the operations and training of local 911 systems. He was requested to serve the Legislature in this capacity due to his strong knowledge of emergency services and his leadership role as a former county board member and present mayor of one of the top tourist destinations in the Midwest.

Columbia County Board of Supervisors
Helped determine policy issues, the general direction of county government, personnel issues, and management of a $72 million annual budget. Upon initial election, Expert was assigned to the Solid Waste and Management Information Services Committees. In his second and third terms, his peers elected him to chair the Management Information Services Committee. He worked directly with the department’s staff, helped guide special projects, and influenced policy and operations of the MIS department. Expert also served as a member of the Human Resources Committee in his second and third terms. The HR Committee was responsible for all wages, benefits, grievances, contracts, and policies for all county employees. Expert was involved in contract negotiations and arbitrations, researched benefit and safety policies, & completed wage analysis for union and non-union employees throughout his service.

Wisconsin Dells Visitors & Convention Bureau Board of Directors
Expert was elected to fill a vacant seat on the WDVCB Board. His duties on the BOD include helping set marketing strategies and operational guidelines for the primary tourism engine of our community. They manage close to a $10 million marketing and operational budget, analyze visitor data and electronic marketing feedback, and provide direction to staff and committees on promotions, festivals, contracts, and planning. The economic impact of our local tourist industry is estimated at over $1 billion annually.

Wisconsin Department of Justice Committee on Active Shooters
Was appointed due to his experience and knowledge of active shooter events, presentations on school and organization safety, and his ongoing instruction to law enforcement officers on proper tactics in response to serious threats and active shooters.

Wisconsin Department of Justice Ethics Committee
Developed statewide curriculum and training on police ethics for the Wisconsin Department of Justice Training and Standards Bureau. Expert was the only non-administrative appointee at the time and the youngest appointee to the committee. Resigned from the appointment to be appointed to Tactical Advisory Committee.

Wisconsin Department of Justice Tactical Committee
Develop curriculum and training for police agencies and academies in Wisconsin for all use of force and tactical issues. In addition, provide training and consultation on the use of force, training, and tactical guidelines to agencies and academies throughout the state.

Columbia County Humane Society Board of Directors
Expert was elected to the board by standing board members and nominated/elected president for three years. As a member of the Board, he chaired monthly meetings, helped organize funding and events, and managed personnel and budgets for this non-profit organization.
Publications and Patents Summary
Publications in magazines: 4
Other publications: 1
Keynote Speaker: 21 occurrences

Media Appearances: 31
- Blue Lives Network- Podcast interview on police de-escalation policies.
- Capital Newspapers- Interviewed on drones in public safety.
- Capital Newspapers- Interviewed on police recruitment.
- Capital Newspapers- Interviewed on social pressures against law enforcement.
- My Statesman Newspaper (Austin, TX)- Interviewed on de-escalation policies.
- Police One. Com- Interviewed on use of force de-escalation policies.
- The Clarion Newspaper (Madison, WI)- Interviewed on police and community trust.
- The Clarion Newspaper (Madison, WI)- Interviewed on Tasers on college campuses.
- International Business News- Interview on Taser deployments and use of force.
- WISC TV- Madison- On-air interview on police Tasers and police training.
- Wisconsin Public Radio- Guest on traffic safety.
- WISCTV- Madison- Morning shows guest to discuss police response to active shooters.
- WISCTV- Madison- On-air interview on officer-involved shootings.
- WISCTV- Madison- On-air interview on police de-escalation policies.
- WISCTV- Madison- On-air interview on police vs. security officer training.
- WISCTV- Madison- On-air interview on threats of violence against populated areas.
- WISCTV- Madison- Special segment on police communications with people of special needs.
- WISCTV- Madison-Interviewed on Castle Doctrine.
- WISCTV- On-air interview on the decline of police applicants.
- WISCTV- On-air interview on fugitive manhunt procedures.
- WISCTV- On-air interview on mass casualty shootings.
- WISCTV- On-air interview on police “de-militarization” concepts.
- WISCTV- On-air interview on the credibility of school threats.
- WISCTV-Madison- On-air interview on police force reviews and consultants.
- WISC-Madison- On-air interview on taser and firearm training.
- WKOW TV- Madison- On-air interview on self-defense.
- WKOWTV- On-air interview on Wisconsin changes to police shooting investigations.
- WKOWTV-Madison- On-air interview on deadly force options for police.
- WMTV-Madison- On-air interview on home safety practices.
- WMTV-Madison- On-air interview on personal safety.
- WMTV-Madison- On-air interview on taser and firearms training

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Cases to date: 15

Municipal Court: Expert has testified at the municipal court level in Wisconsin for forfeiture violations and local ordinances.

Circuit Court: Expert has testified for criminal and civil issues relative to my experience and duties as a law enforcement officer for 18 years. He has also prepared for cases as an expert witness for police force issues at the circuit court level but the cases were pleaded out before trial.

Federal Court: He has been admitted and testified as an expert witness to the United States Federal Court System as an expert witness on law enforcement use of force, tactics, and training. Expert has testimony experience in civil rights violation cases for both the defense and plaintiff’s attorneys and prides himself on his history of being a respected and balanced expert witness.
Training / Seminars
Active Shooter Dynamics- U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.
Advanced Drug Investigator- Wisconsin DOJ.
ALICE- Basic Response to Active Shooter
Basic Workplace Security Awareness- FEMA
Cyber Security Training- Madison College
De-escalation Techniques- Target Solutions
Definition of Deadly Force-WI DOJ
Diversity and Bias- Madison College
Domestic Abuse Response and Investigations- WI DOJ.
Drug Endangered Children In a Rural Environment- WI DOJ
Drug Interdiction Specialist- NHTSA.
Drug Unit Supervisor- Wisconsin Dept. of Justice
FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development- Federal Bureau of Investigations.
FEMA- ICS 100, 700
FEMA- Workplace Security Certificate
FEMA- Security Surveillance
Field Evidence Technician- Wisconsin DOJ.
Field Training Program Coordinator- MATC- Madison.
Honor Guard Commander School- Wisconsin State Patrol.
Hostage Negotiator- FBI.
Identifying Deceptive Behavior-Washington D.C. Metro Police/ NCTC.
In-Custody Death Investigation- In-Custody Death Institute.
Incident Command- FEMA.
Instructional Design and Innovation- Madison College
K-9 Criminal Apprehension Training- Sundogs K-9 Training Center.
K-9 Drug Detection- Sundogs K-9 Training Center.
K-9 Search and Evidence Collection- Sundogs K-9 Training Center.
K-9 Unit Administrator- Eden and Nay, International K-9 Conference.
Law Enforcement Officer Killed and Assaulted Training- FBI.
Multi-hazard Planning for Childcare- FEMA
Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations- Broward County Sheriff’s Office/ FVTC.
Online Course Reviewer- Online Learning Center
Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents in Schools- FEMA
Quality Matters- Course Reviewer- Quality Matters
Response to Active Shooter- MATC.
Search Warrant Execution- NYPD/ NE Counter-Drug Training Center (NCTC).
Sexual Assault Investigations- Herzig College.
Supervision of Police Personnel- Wisconsin Dept. of Justice
Surveillance Photography- NCTC.
Use of Force Reports and Testimony- Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

Fields of Expertise

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