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ISO 14001 EMS Implementation, Auditing, and Tailored Training; Integration with GRI Reporting

ID: 723717 Massachusetts, USA

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As a former member of TC 207 and former accredited EMS auditor, as well as an instructor of several accredited ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course providers, he was involved with ISO 14001 since the early 1990's - by way of the EMAS standard that one EU client needed to conform to.

In addition, he successfully assisted and worked with at least 6 clients that sought and obtained ISO 14001: 1996 and 2004 certification. This assistance was a combination of implementation, EMS awareness training, internal EMS audit training, and internal auditing, as required and requested by the client.

He also offered his own copyrighted ISO 14001 implementation awareness and Internal EMS Auditing courses (available for tailored re-use) for training organizations and professional network groups throughout the US.

For specific clients, he also provided highly-effective and tailored advanced internal auditor training utilizing specific and proprietary training tools for which he hold copyrights to.

Should this be an area of concern for a client, he feels he can work with you to meet your needs.

As a former EPA inspector, he has intimate familiarity with what materials are hazardous under 40 CFR and related state hazardous waste regulations. Also, hazardous waste management is part of a comprehensive ISO 14001 EMS, and if this is an area of concern to clients, he can provide assistance as needed.

As previously stated, as a former member of TC 207 and having exclusively worked in the ISO arena since 1995, he has in-depth knowledge of the ISO standards development process, from his participation in the US TAG to TC 207.

The quality standards of ISO 9000 relate to a management system to maintain product and service quality at the highest level. Oftentimes, shortfalls in existing systems may create situations that require corrections. Understanding the shortfall as well as offering a viable solution can be of value to the client.

In certain situations with his manufacturing clients during internal audits, recommendations made as a result of the audit findings could manifest themselves as opportunities that could be utilized as either cost savings or strategic planning opportunities for submission to upper management. In each of these situations, the client was very pleased with these identified opportunities to save monies, or reduce re-work of materials, or reducing raw materials and energy sources.

As a former RCRA inspector, he has intimate knowledge of what EPA classifies as toxic waste. From a foreward looking standpoint, his being familiar with the EU Directives of RoHS in electronic manufacturing and WEEE in e-waste, is also a good complement to these skills.

In specific situations, he was asked by clients to assist them in conducting 2nd party audits of their suppliers to validate the supply chain from both a quality and environmental standpoint. This was valuable experience for any client seeking to validate their suppliers to any requirement for doing business with the client, whether regulatory environmental, quality, EU Directives, or other regulatory requirements, such as FDA, aerospace, etc. Key is to understand the fundamentals of auditing, and once one has that, any supplier of any manufacturing or service company can be effectively audited to help the client identify and eradicate potential business risks and issues.

Participated in and wrote about a small pharmacy chain's Rx-takeback program of unwanted meds in his client's newsletter. Participation included providing guidance to the pharmacists relative to regulatory issues and troubleshooting logistical issues with the management of the medications at the collection point. This assignment included gaining intimate familiarity with the various federal, state and local regulators with primacy over medications and the proper methods to collect and dispose of these substances for ultimate incineration.

As part of his work as a columnist for a business publication, he has done extensive research on the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and what some companies are doing to be true CSR citizens while they green the bottom line.

As a columnist for a national business publication, he has done extensive research in existing and emerging markets focusing on areas dealing with: alternative energy sources of power; energy-efficiency in IT servers; innovative green products; emerging markets for architects/engineers/environmental consultants; HR considerations dealing with finding and retaining great employees.

As a columnist for a national business publication, he has compiled extensive data dealing with day-to-day business operations of industrial companies, such as how to look for and eliminate risk; root-cause analyses to determine worker competency or throughput issues; areas where savings can be realized on the plant floor.

Provided in-depth expertise to several organizations seeking to certify to ISO 14001. Much of this work has been documented in a number of articles he authored for several publications, including his current assignment as a contributor to an environmental publication. Most recently, he has provided guidance to one local pharmacy in the implementation of their prescription. medication take-back program Provided in-depth expertise to assist one client revising its internal system and procedures to adhere to ISO 14001:2004. For several clients, developed and provided tailored in-depth advanced internal auditor training, and training in the implementation of an EMS for their specific needs.As part of his charge as a columnist for a national business publication, he conducted considerable research to bring various news items and in-depth personal interviews together to write about timely business issues. These included: a 4-part discussion about the benefits of an ISO 14001 system; a 4-part story and analysis about an oil company's issues; a 3-part summary of a panel discussion he convened to deal with top issues affecting organizations today, from recruiting and maintaining staff, to CSR and business ethics issues, to issues related to reducing a company's GHG footprint.For another client, he has been working with other contractors and facility staff to develop and implement ISO-based work instructions, and to provide train-the-trainer training to client.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1975 Degree: BSCE Subject: Civil Engineering Institution: Northeastern University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1993 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner/Founder Department:
Owner of consulting practice providing assistance to organizations seeking to improve their bottom line while decreasing their environmental footprint via a structured ISO 14001 management system linked to a sustainability and energy management/efficiency focus. His focus includes the supplemental offering of specialized and tailored training in ISO 14001 from a business focus, internal audit training for ISO 14001 system (EMS) and offering internal and second-party audits for the client. Also a freelance writer and columnist for a national business publication focusing on related environmental issues, such as alternative energy opportunities, CSR, business ethics, and innovative opportunities in the marketplace.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1990 to 1993 Employer: Arthur D. Little Title: Senior Consultant Department: Environmental Strategies
Responsible for business development (b.d.) in the environmental compliance market and charged with assisting regulated organizations achieve full regulatory compliance
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1983 to 1990 Employer: US EPA Title: Senior RCRA enforcement officer Department: RCRA enforcement division
Responsible for inspecting EPA regulated companies and their status with RCRA

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1983 to 1990 Agency: US EPA Role: RCRA inspector Description: See previous work experience

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1992 to 1993 Country / Region: Italy Summary: Developed for one organization an internal auditor training program for compliance with the EMAS standards
Years: 1992 to 1993 Country / Region: Spain Summary: Worked with his company's Madrid office to help market their auditing services to a national petrochemical company

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Honorary member of the ASQ Energy and Environment Committee
Licenses / Certifications
Publications and Patents Summary
In the past 18 years, he has written extensively for a number of trade publications and books, including one in which he is the main author and Editor.
He is currently a freelance columnist for two international publications, in which he focuses on ISO management system issues, and related aspects of sustainability in the corporate setting.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Requested to be part of state regulator's legal action against a chemical manufacturer
Training / Seminars
He developed a number of professional-level courses dealing with environmental regulatory compliance enhancement, and a suite of ISO 14001-focused courses from EMS implementation through internal audit training, utilizing his own proprietary tools for low-cost value-addded services. These courses have been offered for private clients, professional training organizations and trade organizations.
Vendor Selection
For one client, they had requested his assistance in helping them locate qualified engineers for work opportunities. For another client, he was instrumental in lining up consulting offerors for a bundled services offering for a Fortune 50 client.
Marketing Experience
As a sole practitioner, part of his responsibility is to either locate new markets for his business's services, and/or line up allied service providers to offer the end user the best possible combination of services to suit their needs.

His latest practice area is in providing management and regulatory assistance to pharmacies seeking to initiate prescription medication take-back programs, an emerging sustainability and public health consideration.
Other Relevant Experience
As a columnist for a national business publication, he has written in-depth and perspective articles dealing with a number of emerging environmental issues, such as GHG emission issues and how to decrease them, CSR issues, and evaluating alternative energy technologies around the globe. He has also convened a number of panel discussion forums to discuss key topics facing regulated organizations today. He can put this research database at your fingertips to help you provide in-depth research reports, similar to reports that the database currently provides its clients. By coincidence, Expert had chosen two companies to highlight in their reports about green companies that he had already contacted for a series of in-depth interviews for his business column. Put his nose for news to work for you in your reports.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Italian Sufficeintly fluent to develop technical environmental management training in Italian
Spanish Conversational - useful during an ISO 14001 audit during the interview of a spanish-only speaking assembly worker
French Conversational

Fields of Expertise

ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard, accreditation, ISO 9000 series quality system standard, ISO 14001 Requirements with guidance for use, quality auditing, hazardous waste, hazardous-waste management, ISO standard, strategic planning, toxic waste, vendor quality auditing, drug regulation, environmental effect, Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency regulation, environmentally friendly product, flammable material, Good Manufacturing Practice, hazardous chemical, hazardous material handling, hazardous material package, hazardous material storage, hazardous material transportation, hazardous waste collection equipment, hazardous waste emergency response operation, hazardous waste incineration, hazardous waste management regulation, hazardous waste personal protection equipment, hazardous waste recycling, hazardous waste treatment facility, hazardous-waste disposal, hazardous-waste source reduction, household product, materials recycling, materials safety data sheet, municipal solid waste management, nonhazardous solid waste, nonhazardous solid waste management, nonhazardous solid waste source reduction, nonhazardous waste, occupational safety, Resource, Conservation, and Recovery Act regulation, waste management, corporate responsibility, market research, operations research, environmental enforcement, internal audit, American National Standards Institute, hazardous location, Hazard Communication Standard, quality evaluation, fuel cleanup, hazardous chemical processing, chemical safety training, chemical regulation, A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program, corporate strategic planning, European standard, chemical safety management, ecological environment protection, Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard, combined hazardous waste treatment, hazardous-waste characterization, contaminated soil treatment, used-oil management, waste management regulation, hazardous waste treatment, hazard communication, hazardous waste packaging process, hazardous waste land treatment, incinerator, hazardous waste transport, floc, environmental cleanup, incineration, hazardous material, standard, hazardous waste transportation equipment, hazardous waste incineration system, hazardous waste landfilling, international standard, indoor air pollution control, household hazardous waste, hazardous waste materials reuse, hazardous waste landfill, chemical safety

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