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We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

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Expert Details

Information Systems Specialist (Computer-Related and Otherwise)

ID: 722618 Kentucky, USA

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Expert P. Expert (prefers “Expert”) has experience in building three major data centers including the installation of crisis avoidance technology such as uninterruptable power systems, fire detection/suppression, etc. He is also experienced in business contingency planning, disaster, and operational backup including planning and executing the needed testing of the plans for both central and remote sites.

In one case, Expert managed the command center for two data centers processing mission critical applications using four IBM/IBM plug compatible mainframe computers, staffed by 75 people including seven managers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In another example, he led and counseled the computer operations automation project through a staff reduction of 30% (approximately 30 people). He performed an organizational turnaround, technically and culturally, in order to process a day's business on time and insure on-line systems availability. In another example, Expert employed Total Quality (TQ) measurements to pinpoint problems with the infrastructure, operation, and application set working across organizations and business partners. In another case, he created, presented, and sold to the organization principles upon which an architecture for future corporate computing is now being implemented. And as a final example, he persuaded P&G IS upper management teams to benchmark operations at other companies (Amdahl, MCI, AT&T, ISSC, and Progressive Insurance).

Expert was the project manager for a $750,000 software development project that will result in a system that supports all commercial aspects of a retail operation for 400 stores across the U.S. He was responsible for requirement definition and gathering, communication between the customer and developers, and business process flow. He was involved in building a software development business process for the software development company. All time lines, system flow diagrams, and module specifications have been completed, and the project has been turned over to the developers. Expert was also the project manager for the successful move of six major mainframe data center operations (two in November 1993) with no interruption to the companies' businesses and providing "as good or better" service than before the move.

Expert managed and personally participated in the Total Quality training of over 400 people in central IS (both exempt and non-exempt), as well as internal and external suppliers.

Expert led and counseled a computer operations automation project through a staff reduction of 30% (approximately 30 people). The automation project was severely resisted by the systems programming staff, as it would reduce operations dependence on their expertise. Expert convinced management that it was the right thing to do and used operations personnel to staff and execute the project.

Expert was the division troubleshooter at Procter & Gamble in both tactical and strategic situations. In a tactical sense he took over the management of several crisis situations and guided very diverse groups of technical and business people through the problem. In a strategic sense Expert set direction for a new computing architecture that was a complete departure from the way things had been done. This involved building separate environments for day to day production processing, testing of applications and control software, decision support, etc.

Expert thinks of disaster recovery as a subset of business contingency planning. In the area of disaster recovery he has developed new scenarios for offsite data storage, defined the difference between disaster backup and operational backup needs, and planned and helped execute offsite backup tests.

Expert has changed the method of delivery of information to business units when needed rather than on the IT schedule. He has facilitated discussions between business units and IT, which have changed the service level for both sides of the business. On most occasions this was done without adding capacity or building new application systems.

Expert's work is intended to define the separate needs of business people, information technology people, and information systems people.

Expert has completed several short-term project management and process improvement assignments including: workflow analysis for a Cincinnati home improvement company; managing a very complex estate project in conjunction with a law office, data analysis for a metals fabricating company; and, Total Quality training for the Hamilton County (Ohio) department of MR/DD.He was the Senior Consultant for a Year 2000 readiness assessment for OmniCare, a major provider of pharmacy services to nursing homes, extended care facilities, home care services, and the like. His responsibilities included but were not limited to determining business functions dependent upon various technologies. He was mainly responsible for dealing with the larger business entities and subsidiaries as well as finding previously unidentified areas of exposure. He was appointed as the leader of the group that was responsible for testing several applications across multiple platforms (AS/400, RS6000, PC based, etc.). He became responsible for maintaining project status reports, open issues, and issues resolutions reports for the client and the project team. Expert was a contract member of the senior management team providing records management and I.S. contingency planning (disaster and operational backup) services for Procter & Gamble and other enterprises. His responsibilities included but were not limited to: providing information on contingency planning to potential clients; obtaining ISO 9000 certification for the operation; and, building operational processes.He was an I.S. Infrastructure Manager, responsible for the hardware, software, and personnel needed to run the internal business of a $500MM/year business. His responsibilities included but were not limited to: forming a “Business Leadership Team” to prioritize projects across the enterprise; hire additional staff; and research and recommend new hardware and software capable of moving the enterprise to a $1BB a year business.
He hired three programmers, and was in contact with HP, IBM, and DEC to research new hardware; and he started dialogs with SAP, BAAN, and PeopleSoft for a new application engine. Expert instituted the use of a business/MIS calendar of events to minimize the impact of change affecting the business. He built and institutionalized a generic project plan for bringing on newly acquired companies. He used this plan for the last acquisition, and it was the smoothest and easiest transition to date. Expert led the installation and institutionalization of Change Management and Contingency Planning for four data centers located in Kentucky, Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts. He developed the project plan for installation of the disciplines, and developed the measures and metrics needed to determine the success of the endeavor. He also developed the risk analysis of changes, complexity matrices, responsibility charts, and other tools as needed.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2010 Degree: BA Subject: Organizational Leadership Institution: Northern Kentucky University
Year: 1961 Degree: None Subject: Accounting/English Institution: Villia Madonna

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department:
Expert does I.S. TQM consulting.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1957 to 1994 Employer: Procter & Gamble Title: Information Systems Specialist Department: MIS
He worked as an Operations Manager,
Project Manager, troubleshooter, and in acquistion management.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the Project Management Institute.
Licenses / Certifications
ITQ-1 Certified Facilitator
Publications and Patents Summary
He has written several articles for various publications on the topic of information systems.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Expert has spoken at the Association For Computer Operations Management (AFCOM) conferences several times. He presented a full day workshop on Total Quality at the AFCOM conference in New Orleans. He has also presented similar material at the Help Desk Institute Support and Services Conference and Expo, as well as at other venues.
Vendor Selection
Expert has experience sourcing or locating mainframe computing hardware and software from companies such as IBM, AMDAHL, and Hitachi. He has sourced data base management systems from IMS, DB2, IDMS, Sybase, Paradox, and others. He has vendor selection experience with mid range computing companies such as IBM, and HP, and personal computing names such as IBM, Apple, and various clones and packages. He is also experienced with networks and other supporting hardware and software.

Fields of Expertise

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