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Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Hazardous Materials Management, Emergency Response

ID: 723489 New Hampshire, USA

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He championed the implementation of a variety of strategies to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Strategies included establishment of on site workplace health and safety teams. These teams included both management and labor employees who worked together to identify safety and health issues and propose solutions. Another strategy included use of the web for implementation of compliance programs. The web was used for posting information, instructions, delivering training and the rollout of internally developed compliance applications, such as a Lockout/Tagout energy control procedure site, On-line MSDS's, job hazard assessment and personal protective equipment information. The reduction program also leveraged internal customer relationships to develop EH&S service delivery plans to each business unit. The service delivery plans outlined negotiated compliance initiatives that were agreed to by both EH&S and the business units and considered past compliance history and issues specific to their operations. The goal of this program is to continually incorporate safety and health compliance into the business unit day to day activities. From 2000 to 2005, the OSHA recordable illness/injury rate dropped from 2.2 per 100 workers to 0.6 per 100 workers. This reduction was accomplished while the EH&S organization was gradually reduced from 161 headcount to 39 headcount over these six years. Leveraging efficiencies by using the web facilitated cost reduction as well as accident reduction.

Possesses expertise in toxicology associated primarily with operations associated with the manufacturing electronic equipment including printed circuit boards, thin film & thick film integrated circuits, metal sputtering and layering, RTV coating operations, crystal growing, mass soldering operations, surface mount technology processing, wastewater treatment operations, punch press operations, laser drilling & trimming, Deionized water plant operations, boiler house operations, cooling tower maintenance, site construction & maintenance activities, coil winding operations and ferrite manufacturing. Of particular interest and concern during these operations were lead from soldering, surface mount and construction activities. Safe work practices were put in place for these workers, including blood lead screening and the completion and documentation of negative initial determinations (NID's) to show compliance with worker safety provisions under the OSHA lead standards. Worker safety measures were put in place for the manufacture of ferrite substrates for coil manufacturing. The measures included a respiratory protection program, the provisioning of a shower regimen and issuance of work clothes to minimize exposure to metal oxides and entrainment of contamination to areas outside the workplace. Put measures in place to minimize exposure of workers to glycol ether solvents associated with circuit board manufacturing operations. This included the use of local exhaust ventilation at all workstations and solvent waste containers, periodic biological monitoring and air sampling. The effort also included job task specific training for each worker to ensure that proper work practices were followed.

He possesses expertise on asbestos safety that includes performing hazard assessments and monitoring of asbestos-related work tasks associated with construction activity before and after state asbestos regulations were in place. He was a licensed asbestos inspector from 1987 through 1997 and has monitored asbestos work projects since 1980. These projects include remediation and/or repair of thermal system insulation, spray-on surfacing materials, vinyl asbestos tile and mastic, roffing materials and transite board and conduit. He has expertise in writing scopes of work for specific abatement activities and for writing scopes of work for asbestos vendor general agreements. He also has expertise in the surveillance of building materials and developed a survey strategy for buildings that was used to survey over 70 major telecommunications facilities over a three year period. He has also written work practices and created training for workers performing Class III and Class IV asbestos work and has outlined procedures to be followed by contractors performing that work on company premises.

Led a team to establish a recycling program for lead-acid (wet and sealed types) used throughout the telecommunications industry. This program included conducting a supplier evaluation and qualification process to ensure that only approved vendors would be used. The battery recycling program ensures that the batteries are recycled when they are not damaged, which reduced costs significantly. Supplier contracts ensured that proper credit was given for lead value of the batteries, further reducing the cost of battery management activities. The program also leveraged the use of a consortium of companies to obtain access to external audits of the transfer, disposal and storage facilities (smelters) where the materials were recycled. Use of this consortium saved thousands of dollars in expense when compared to paying for dedicated audits and gave us access to many more completed audit reports in a short time period.

Developed and implemented an exposure control plan to protect workers from bloodborne pathogens when performing tasks in the occupational health clinic and when responding to medical emergencies. Worked on a team to develop a response plan for a potential WMD (biological, chemical, radiological, nuclear, explosive) attack. This activity included an evaluation of all buildings to identify critical facilities whose locations pose a higher risk of an attack. Response plans were created for each targeted facility that included the identification of positive pressure assembly areas and the deployment of escape hoods to personnel at the facility. An on-line training program was used to train all the workers on the use of the escape hoods. Developed safety & health plans for use by a disaster recovery team for the response to a biological weapons attack on critical facilities.

Developed an on-line job hazard assessment program that outlined the potential hazards, required training and prescribed work practices and personal protective equipment for each job task. This information was available for viewing or printing by all employees. Conducted hundreds of air sampling regimens for workplace chemical materials such as chlorinated and aliphatic solvents, cyanide, aromatic solvents, acid mists, asbestos, lead dust & fume, metal fumes during welding, brazing & cutting operations, ammonia compounds, metal oxide dusts, isocyanates, and nuisance and respirable dusts. Evaluated and/or recommended engineering controls such as local exhaust ventilation, enclosures or specific work practices to reduce exposure. Provided industrial hygiene support for a $25 million project to find substitutes for all shlorinated solvents used in electronic equipment manufacturing operations. The project began in 1989 and substitute materials and processes were in place and implemented by March 1995 for all operations that used chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, freons, methyl chloroform & methylene chloride). This effort not only reduced employee exposure, but significantly reduced costs associated with unnecesary cleaning operations, the purchase of raw chemical materials, the energy costs for operation of unnecesary equipment and the management and disposal of hazardous wastes. This project also facilitated the removal of underground and above ground solvent tanks and the cost and risk associated with the management of these facilities.

Developed and implemented a comprehensive chemical safety training regimen that included a general hazard communication training class, supplemented by specific training for corrosives, solvents, flammables, epoxies & resins, and oxidizers. All employees were trained in hazard communication. In addition, specific training on the types of chemicals was required for various types of job tasks. This training was rolled out to a workforce of over 13,000 employees. The training covered the potential hazards of the chemical materials, as well as safe work practices, required personal protective equipment and emergency first aid procedures.

Recruited and trained a volunteer emergency response team that responded to all chemical spills, fires and medical emergencies. This team was created in 1980 and was in place for more than 16 years. Team members were certified to OSHA HAZWOPER hazardous materials technician level, and were also trained to the level of structural fire brigade. The trained volunteer team was part of the overall building emergency action plan that included a hazardous waste contingency plan, and an SPCC plan. All of these items were integrated into a comprehensive response plan for the facility. Served as a safety officer, trainer and overall coordinator for this volunteer response team.

Developed and implemented a comprehensive chemical safety training regimen that included a general hazard communication training class, supplemented by specific training for corrosives, solvents, flammables, epoxies & resins, and oxidizers. All employees were trained in hazard communication. In addition, specific training on the types of chemicals was required for various types of job tasks. This training was rolled out to a workforce of over 13,000 employees. The training covered the potential hazards of the chemical materials, as well as safe work practices, required personal protective equipment and emergency first aid procedures.

Led a project to centralize all hazardous waste management activities, including arranging for waste profiles, obtaining EPA ID numbers, manifest and bill of lading completion, and compliance report filings. This project included supplier review and approval for hazardous waste management vendors and battery logistic vendors. Only approved vendors are used for the management of hazardous wastes and batteries. All waste management and recycling activities are paid for from a central fund, which faciitates better compliance because sites do not hesitate to call for assistance with waste disposal because of cost. This process also facilitates better compliance because all waste management activities are handled by professionals who understand the complex requirements of hazardous waste management.

Developed a confined space written program and training program for a large manufacturing facility. Trained over 100 employees and an equal number of contractors on the confined space requirements. Performed confined space surveys for multiple facilities. Established work practices for working in permit-required confined spaces and for reclassification of permit-required confined spaces. Trained a confined space rescue team on how to build hoisting systems for a variety of confined space rescue scenarios.

Led a team of technical professionals to develop and implement an EH&S assessment "toolkit". This toolkit included completion of a pre-assessment questionnaire by the site manager, which generated a specific question set or "protocol" for that facility. The protocol is used to perform a site visit to help the EH&S assessor identify compliance gaps. Each protocol question is associated with a detailed description of the requirement included in an assessment "guidebook". The toolkit also includes checklists needed for reviewing tank and generator installations. All of these materials are available on-line and all assessment findings are entered into the on-line system, assigned a responsible party and tracked to closure. The EH&S assessment process also includes an escalation process to facilitate findings whose correction is past due or when there are other roadblocks preventing correction or closure.

Put management systems in place for compliance programs for air permitting compliance; EPCRA inventory management and reporting; petroleum tank installation, operations and maintenance; and hazardous materials, hazardous waste and universal waste management. The management systems include the use of web-based applications for tracking and reporting the inventory of hazardous materials on site to complete EPCRA filings, tracking of permits, registrations and financial assurance. A waste tracking system was also developed to track hazardous waste disposal activity and support annual regulatory waste filings.

Trained as a competent person in fall protection and has conducted fall hazard assessment inspections at dozens of buildings including network buildings, administrative buildings, manufacturing buildings, warehouses, sterile rooftops and non-standard structures like multi-story underground buildings, monopole towers, guyed towers, free standing towers, water towers and billboards. Recommended fall protection solutions for areas where hazards were identified. Also is an authorized instructor to perform tower fall protection and rescue training. Solutions included identifying engineering controls and/or administrative controls to eliminate the fall hazard, identification of adequate fall anchorage points and recommendation of personal fall arrest systems when controls are not possible. Developed and delivered training for fall awareness, prevention and protection.

Served as Laser Safety Officer for a large manufacturing facility. Responsibilities included development of safe work practices for laser workers working on Class III and Class IV embedded laser systems used for laser trimming and drilling. Laser safety training and was also developed and delivered to process engineers, supervisors and workers. Work practices were also developed for laser maintenance tasks where interlock overrides were needed for laser tuning and alignment. Work practices includes the installation of non-reflective surfaces (curtains) that could be used to isolate the work area and require the use of appropriate safety goggles for those inside the isolated laser area.

He performs job hazard analyses to identify potential hazards, recommend engineering controls and work practices and prescribe personal protective equipment.He is a competent person in fall protection who conducts fall hazard assessments and makes recommendations for hazard elimination or the use of personal fall arrest systems.He has over 25 years experience in hazmat response operations that includes the development and delivery of training. He is an experienced Safety Officer and has supported many hazmat responses, including those for AT&T's manufacturing operations and AT&T's Network Disaster Recovery organization. He also developed occupational health practices to be followed to support business continuity needs for response to a pandemic emergency. He is an authorized trainer for OSHA 10 & 30 hour construction and OSHA 7600 Disaster Worker Trainer classes.He is experienced in radiation safety worker protection practices including those for RF/Microwave workers, ionizing radiation operations, processing lasers and optical fiber communications systems (OFCS) laser systems He is an expert in hazardous materials and waste activities including hazardous materials transportation, hazardous waste and universal waste management. He established a centralized waste management process to support all of AT&T domestic operations.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1985 Degree: MS Subject: Environmental Studies Institution: UMass Lowell
Year: 1975 Degree: BA Subject: Zoology Institution: University of NH

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2015 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner Department:
Expert Witness and industrial hygiene and occupational health consulting work
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2015 Employer: Title: Director, Technical Support Department: Environment, Health & Safety
Lead a team of 15 technical experts who developed global EH&S programs for more than 80 compliance topics.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2000 to 2005 Employer: AT&T SERVICES INC Title: Group Manager - Technical Support Department: Environment, Health & Safety
He was the manager for the technical support group that develops and implements worldwide EH&S compliance programs. He also developed EH&S procedures for response to a pandemic health emergency. He served as the Safety Officer for the AT&T Network Disaster Recovery team whose responsibilities included training and equipping the team to HazMat technician level, conducting training drills, and providing safety support for quarterly deployment exercises and actual disaster responses.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2000 Employer: AT&T NETWORK SERVICES DIVISION Title: Technology Consultant Department: Environment, Health & Safety
Responsible as the lead technical consultant for all EH&S compliance activities. Responsibilities included identification of compliance needs and leading the development of EH&S compliance intiatives for the company. Led the development of EH&S compliance assessment protocols used for conducting up to 160 site assessments annually
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1980 to 1995 Employer: WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY / AT&T TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Title: Senior Member of Technical Staff Department: Environment, Health & Safety
Responsible for the development and implementation of industrial hygiene programs and services at a 1.2 million square foot electronics manufacturing facility & satellite plants that employed as many as 13,000 workers. Manufacturing processes included printed circuit board and integrated circuit production, sanitary & industrial wastewater treatment, crystal growing, ferrite manufacture, and electronic equipment assembly. He aso served as the site radiation and laser safety officer. He organized, trained and managed a volunteer emergency response team that had as many as 45 members trained to a HazMat technician level and were also trained as a strucutral fire brigade. He received an Engineering Excellence award from AT&T in 1990 for this effort.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1999 to 2002 Country / Region: Toronto, CA Summary: He provided EH&S compliance consultation and support for AT&T Canda operations.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
1. American Board of Industrial Hygiene
2. American Industrial Hygiene Association, including New England and Down East local Chapters
3. Institute of Hazardous Materials Managers
4. Laser Institute of America
5. National Safety Council
6. Board of Environmental Auditors
7. Mass Safety Council
8. Southern NH Safety & Health Council
Licenses / Certifications
Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH);
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM);
Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA);
Professional Appointments
Industrial Scientific Corporation Customer Advisory Council
Awards / Recognition
AT&T Engineering Excellence Award;
EPA Region 1 commendation for at home radon testing program
Medical / Professional
Performed expert witness work since 2009 for both defendant and plaintiff sides
Publications and Patents Summary
He has six published papers and co-authored a chapter on Heat Stress for the Handbook of Occupational Health & Safety.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He is experienced in approximately a dozen depositions and has testified in MA state courts on three occasions. A deposition history for the past 5 years will be provided upon request.
Training / Seminars
He led the development of all environmental compliance, occupational health & safety training for AT&T Corp since 1995. He also developed all occupational health training for AT&T Merrimack Valley Works. He is an authorized OSHA 500 Construction Safety trainer and an authorized OSHA 7600 Disaster Site Worker trainer. He has been developing and delivering HazMat response training since 1980.
Vendor Selection
10 years experience in conducting formal request for proposals for a variety of vendor services including asbestos, lead & mold remediation; hazardous & universal waste management; battery logistics management; remediation activity; storage tank operations and maintenance; environmental engineering; occupational health engineering; fuel supplier services; and solid waste management services. These efforts included the creation of a scope of work, review & evaluation of supplier responses, and negotiation of contract language.

Fields of Expertise

A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program, industrial accident, lock out tag procedure, applied toxicology, heavy metal toxicity, industrial chemical toxicology, industrial hygiene engineering, industrial toxicology, occupational disease, asbestos safety, battery recycling, battery solid-waste management, biohazard, biological safety, hazardous nuclear material, chemical health hazard management, chemical safety management, fume control, hazard communication, Hazard Communication Standard, hazardous chemical, hazardous material, industrial hygiene, industrial safety, industrial solvent toxicity, occupational health, occupational safety, Occupational Safety and Health Act, toxic chemical, hazard classification, chemical safety training, chemical spill material, industrial absorbent, oil spill material, oil-spill control, chemical waste disposal, hazardous-waste management, industrial waste management, chemical waste management, confined space safety, environmental site auditing, environmental management, environmental protection, fall protection, laser beam, building ventilation, personal hygiene, occupational exposure, accident reduction, occupational toxicology, mold toxicology, building fire, mold identification, industrial training, occupational injury, blood borne disease, accident causation, industrial air quality, exposure limit, Environmental Management System, ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard, Department of Transportation HM-181 standard, industrial chemistry, industrial exhaust system, multiple chemical sensitivity, radioactive contamination treatment, radioactive contamination, hazardous chemical transportation, heat stress index, fluorochemical, dust filter, laboratory hood, environmental safety, mesothelioma, electric battery material, oil spill response, head injury, chemical process waste, cumulative trauma disorder, laboratory safety, nonhazardous waste, self-insurance auditing, industrial chemical toxicity, contractor safety management, construction safety management, OSHA 29CFR 1910.1030, industrial cleaning, off-the-job safety, excavation safety, industrial ventilation, systems safety engineering, industrial ventilation system design, machine safety, OSHA 29CFR 1910.95, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, human-factors product safety, personal protection equipment, human-health risk assessment, hazardous-waste disposal, used-oil management, medical waste disposal, materials safety data sheet, laser etching, hazardous waste packaging process, laboratory, Environmental Protection Agency, household product, industrial waste treatment, industrial waste, toxic waste, nonhazardous solid waste, hazardous waste transport, hazardous waste, electric battery, microorganism, safety engineering, ozone, mercury, industrial solvent, industrial chemical, industrial air conditioning, household hazardous waste, hazardous waste removal operation, health assessment exposure modeling, dust filtration, dust control, chemical safety clothing, chemical safety, accident investigation

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