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Forestry, Soil, environmental (atmospheric) pollution

ID: 107884 Minnesota, USA

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Expert (pronounced greegle) considers himself to be a forest ecologist, with an emphasis on the effects of disturbances on forests. Many of the disturbances which effect forests are related to humans, such as air pollution (acid rain and ozone) and forest harvesting. Expert's research experience includes issues of forest vegetation, silviculture, and lumbering, especially forest use and environmental impact.

As an ecosystem ecologist, Expert has conducted extensive research on forest and grassland ecosystems and has advised the National Science Foundation and other governmental agencies on funding research dealing with terrestrial ecosystems. His academic background is heavily weighted toward forests. His B.S. and M.S. degrees are in Forestry and his professional specialization at the University of Minnesota is Forest Soils.

One area of Expert's expertise and experience is in peatlands, especially those of Minnesota. He taught an advanced undergraduate/graduate level class at the University of Minnesota that dealt exclusively with peatlands. Expert has conducted extensive studies of peatlands. He has studied both bogs and fens, the two major hydrologic groupings of peatlands, and he understands the role of peatlands in the hydrologic cycle. He can knowledgeably converse on the topic of peatland formation, both terrestrialization and paludification. He has evaluated peatlands, including extensive studies of their vegetation, water chemistry, hydrology, and the properties of the peat that is resident in those peatlands. Such evaluations relate to the suitability of peatlands for development.

Expert has been involved in conducting, reviewing, and evaluating research dealing with the effects of acid deposition, including acid rain, on natural aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The deposition of both natural and man-influenced chemicals from the atmosphere to terrestrial ecosystems is a continuing concern. Expert is conversant in much of the work related to deposition of acidic materials and heavy metals, including mercury, to terrestrial systems.

He has measured biomass of plant communities (natural vegetation) and is acquainted with global distribution of biomass in terrestrial ecosystems.

Expert's technical training and much of his work have focused on the relationship between vegetation and soil in forests. He has extensive experience in soil classification and mapping, and understands the relationships between soil map units and forest productivity, and the effects of forest harvest activities on soil properties.

As a component of his professional activities, Expert has personally characterized many soils and has advised fellow scientists, students, and other professionals in soil characterization.

Expert has conducted research on wetland structure and function, specifically peatlands.

Expert has conducted extensive research on terrestrial ecosystems, especially forested systems, but also has knowledge and experience in many other terrestrial systems. Such research includes many kinds of ecosystem measurement, and he understands the advantages and disadvantages of various measurement systems. As part of his study of ecosystems, he has conducted multivariate analysis of vegetation data in order to understand its variation in time and space. He has published extensively on vegetation ecology, especially with emphasis on the abiotic portions of the ecosystem.

Expert understands and is acquainted with concepts such as hydrography, base flow, storm flow, runoff, and variable source area. Wetland hydrology is a subcategory of watershed hydrology, is misunderstood by many. Expert understands the unique hydrology of wetlands and how their hydrologic behavior is included within the more general category of watershed hydrology.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1968 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Soil Science Institution: University of Minnesota
Year: 1965 Degree: M.S. Subject: Forestry Institution: University of Minnesota
Year: 1963 Degree: B.S. Subject: Forestry Institution: University of Minnesota
Year: 1961 Degree: As.S. Subject: Pre-Forestry Institution: Virginia Junior College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1970 to 2000 Employer: University of Minnesota Title: Emeritus Professor Department: Soil Science and Forestry
Expert's responsibilities included research and teaching dealing with the role of soils in forest ecosystems, estimating forest productivity, and effects of forest harvesting on forest systems.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of AAAS, the American Society of Agronomy, the Ecological Society of America, the Classification Society, and the Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists.
Professional Appointments
He has been a Technical Advisor for the Electric Power Research Institute on research projects related to acidic deposition.He has served as a Reviewer and as a Workshop Participant for the EPA.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has spoken at several workshops and conferences, and has authored or co-authored numerous technical publications in his field of expertise.

Fields of Expertise

forestry, forest vegetation, silviculture, forest-use environmental impact, lumber manufacturing, deforestation, ecosystem, forest, land use environmental impact, peatland, peat research, peatland development, peatland evaluation, peatland hydrology, acid deposition, acid rain, biomass, vegetation, soil science, soil chemistry, soil, soil characterization, wetland ecology, ecosystem measurement, terrestrial ecosystem, vegetation analysis, vegetation ecology, watershed hydrology, wetland hydrology, soil contaminant, site definition, total organic carbon, soil compaction, plant (botanical), soil physics, humic acid, alkaline soil, soil amendment, wood forestry, contaminated soil, soil property, frozen soil, herbivore, soil testing, soil sampling, pulpwood fiber production, peatland reclamation, forest product, soil mineralogy, ground slope, wetland classification, water pollution assessment, water pollution process, soil contamination, air pollution process, environmental testing, mapping, cation, harvesting, soil quality, environment, lake, eutrophication, environmental impact assessment, soil remediation, reforestation, environmental impact, forest pathology, land, wetland, environmental effect, wood, tree, timber wood, surface water, soil quality monitoring, soil agriculture, sawmill, peatland management, peat utilization, ozone environmental effect, mercury, hydrology, geographic information system, flora, environmental impact statement, environmental chemistry, ecosystem assessment, ecology, ecological risk assessment, chemical soil leaching, botany, soil bioavailability, atmospheric science, afforestation, acid soil, acid rain modeling

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