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Forestry, Arboriculture, and Wildland Forest Fire Assessments

ID: 737588 Oregon, USA

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Arboriculture, experiences over 40 years, forestry field experiences over 45 years, wildland fire leadership roles over 25 seasons, working as a consultant in arboriculture, forester and wildland fire over 27 years. Have worked as an expert witness for over 27 years in arboriculture, forestry, tree forensics as to why a tree or tree part hurt or killed someone. Tree risk assessments, Visual Tree Risk Assessments Levels 1-3, Tree health assessments, arborist reports, plant appraisals, tree inventories and tree protection plans. Servicing the western United States.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1983 Degree: BS Subject: Forestry: Resource Recreation Management Institution: Oregon State University
Year: 1995 Degree: BS Subject: Science with Sociology Minor Institution: Portland State University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1986 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner Department: Arboriculture / Forestry / Wildland Forest Fire Assessments
As Employer and Forester, Expert conducts Wildland Forest Fire Assessments:

Tree health assessments, tree risk assessments Level 1-3, tree forensics of why a tree or tree part failed and hurt or killed someone, plant appraisals, expert witness testimony, tree inventories, tree protection plans, arborist reports, teaching about trees.

Expert has accrued over 45 years' field experiences in forestry, 25 seasons' wildland fire in leadership roles, and over 28 years of consulting and expert witness work.

His expert witness services address Arboriculture, Forestry, Wildland Forest Fire Assessments and Tree Falling. His firm services the western United States.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1978 to 1992 Agency: US Forest Service Role: Forestry Technician in Silviculture and Fire. Description: Trained in Silviculture, Forestry, Wildland Fire, Tree Risk Assessments and mitigations for roads and campgrounds since 1978, train in chainsaw and tool usage. Went on wildland fires in leadership roles throughout the western United States.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Boy Scouts of America- Forest Management Committee Cascade Pacific Council
Society of American Foresters member
Tree Care Industry Association member
American Society of Consulting Arborists, registered member
International Society of Arboriculture, Certified Arborist, member
Pacific Northwest Chapter International Society of Arboriculture member
Society of Commercial Arborists member
Society of Municipal Arborists member
Forest Grove, Oregon Chamber of Commerce member. AG/ Forestry Committee member
Community Corridor Commission, City of Forest Grove, Oregon
City of Forest Grove OR Community Forestry Commission
Licenses / Certifications
American Society of Consulting Arborists- Registered Employer
ISA Certified Arborist
ISA Tree Risk Assessor Qualified
USFS Tree Risk and Health Assessor since 1978
Professional Appointments
Cascade Pacific Council Boy Scouts Forest Management Committee
American Red Cross instructor in First Aid and CPR Safety Services
Community Forestry Committee, City of Forest Grove, Oregon, voted Vice-Chair

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Insurance and other legal consultation projects: Hundreds since 1996
Expert Witness: 47 cases since 2000
Training / Seminars
1992: Timber and Timberland Appraisal Course. World Forestry Center. Portland, Oregon.
1978-Present: USFS Tree Health and Hazard Tree Assessor Training Course plus continuing seminars.
2001: Tree Failure Training Conference USFS Western Hazard Tree Workshop Central Point, OR Recertify Tree Risk, Assessor, multiple years
2017, 2019: Oregon Department of Forestry Forest Pest Detector

Training Courses Attended Beginning 1996

Date Sponsor Topic

1996 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Various Topics
1997 ISA Annual Conference Tree hazards, pruning
1997 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Tree biology, updates
1998 PNW-ISA Tree growth and response
1998 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Risk management, tree care
1999 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Hazard tree evaluations, updates
1999 PNW-ISA Hazardous Tree Evaluations
1999 ASCA Annual Conference Arboricultural Consulting
2000 ASCA Consulting Academy Report writing/Ethics/ Code of Evidence/ Business Practices
2000 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Various topics
2001 PNW-ISA Tree Failure Reporting/ Evaluator Skills
2001 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Tree mechanics and Evaluations/ Street tree topics/ Ethics
2001 ASCA Annual Conference Arboricultural Consulting
2002 ISA Annual Conference Various Topics
2003 PNW- ISA Annual Training Conference Various Topics
2003 Tree Failure Annual Conference Tree Failure Topics
2003 PNW-ISA designing the future urban forest
2003 Oregon Community Trees Conference Various topics for urban trees
2004 Oregon Community Trees Conference Tree Hazard Risk Management
2004 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Various Topics
2005 Oregon Community Trees Conference Tree Hazard Risk Management
2005 Tree Failure Annual Conference Tree Failure Topics and Presentation
2005 ASCA Annual Conference Expert Witness / Consulting Topics
2006 PNW- ISA Annual Training Conference Tree failure and Hazard risk assessments
2006 PNW-ISA Tree Risk Assessment in Urban Areas
Certified as Tree Risk Assessor
2006 ASCA Annual Conference Expert Witness/ Consulting Topics
2006 Oregon Community Tree Conference Land use applications and sustainability.
2007 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Wind dynamics, landslide concerns, tree preservation topics, municipal tree issues and urban forestry
2008 Oregon Community Tree Conference Sustainability and tree/ carbon issues.
2008 ASCA Annual Conference Expert Witness/ Tree Risk Assessment Topics/ Consulting Topics
2010 6th Western Hazard Tree Workshop Hazard tree evaluation and root disease identification for USFS road and campgrounds and resorts. Management and best practices also relating to rural and urban settings were covered on field trips. USFS recertify hazard tree workshop.
2010 PNW ISA Re-Certify as Tree Risk Assessor
2011 ASCA Annual Conference Expert Witness/ Tree dynamics in wind/
Soils/ Root diseases/ Consulting topics
2012 Oregon State University State of Oregon, State of the Forests Conference
2012 ISA Annual Conference Portland, OR ITCC tree climbing judge/ various topics
2013 7th Western Hazard Tree Workshop New ISA Tree Risk Assessment forms, USFS Region 5 Hazard tree forms, root diseases, damage by de-icing salts along highways, field trips to look at hazard tree situations outside of Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ area.
2013 Oregon Urban and Community Forestry Conference Urban Forestry Strategies: Linking People and Landscapes
2014 Western Forestry Institute State of the State of Oregon and Washington Forests
2014 PNW-ISA Annual Training Conference Tree climbing judge/ Advanced Tree Appraisal/ Various Topics tomography, cabling, splicing, plus more.
2014 ASCA Annual Conference plus pre-conference Writing Structural Pruning Specifications, Dynamics Structural Analysis of Trees Subject to Wind Loading and the Biomechanical Implications, Mock Deposition, The Life of a Legal Case, other topics.
2015 Western International Forestry Disease Work Conference Tree diseases, tree root and rot issues,
Mistletoe, Swiss needle cast, impacts of root diseases, tree health and hazard assessments, graduate study findings, field trips.
2015 ASCA Annual Conference plus per-conference Arboricultural Consulting Topics
Tree pathology, tree responses to wounds, business management topics, consulting topics.
2016 8th Western Hazard Tree Workshop Documenting evidence, mistletoe, hazard tree forms,
Field trips to look at hazard tree situations.
Bend, OR for conference and field trip, Suttle Lake.
Presented case study on visual tree assessment.
2016 ASCA Annual Conference Boston, MA Arboriculture topics, field notes care and tools, mock
Arbitration, soils, street tree case studies, networking
2017 Oregon Forest Pest Detector Class Oregon Department of Forestry class about pest
Detection, identification and reporting of invasive
Species insects and plants.
2017 ASCA Annual Conference Stevenson, WA Arboriculture topics: Tree appraisal techniques, branch attachments and structures, case studies, report writing, tree mapping tools and networking.
2017 Tree Risk Assessor Qualified Class Complete 2.5 days class in tree risk assessments, take practical and written exams.
2018 Society of American Foresters Annual Conference Urban forestry topics, present poster appraisal. Portland, OR
2018 ASCA Annual Conference San Diego, CA Arboriculture Topics: Soils and trees, wildlife use
Of trees, case studies, mock trial, hazard trees
Reporting, tree appraisal condition, networking.
2019 Oregon Forest Detector Class Invasive species insect detection class.
2019 ASCA Annual Conference New Orleans, LA Preconference workshop on tree mechanics,
Conference on tree dynamics, tree assessments,
Case studies, deposition preparations. Presented
Case Study Lindquist et al. v City Oregon City.
2021 ASCA Annual Conference Incline Village, NV Preconference workshop on Level 3 testing tools.
Conference on tree roots dynamics, tree dynamics,
Case studies, networking, tree planting.

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