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We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

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Expert Details

Food Safety, Accident Prevention, Allergies, and Foodborne Illness

ID: 733730 California, USA

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Expert is the leading expert in the food safety industry in the United States. He provides expert consulting and training to the food trade. His client list includes many of the nation’s top hospitality establishments including restaurants, hospitals, hotels, casinos, schools, supermarkets and food manufacturers, to name a few.

A popular media guest, this expert has appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, INSIDE EDITION, AND Dateline MSNBC. He delivers the most up to date information about the secrets that lurk in restaurants, grocery stores, and right in your kitchen.

Expert shares his food safety expertise as an expert witness and as a consult to businesses and lawyers dealing with lawsuits for food safety related cases. Having done numerous consulting projects, this expert has a vast knowledge base of the food industry and what ails it. As a certified trainer, he is sought after for workshops that help keep the public stay up to speed in a fast moving industry. His seminars are the most comprehensive programs available in areas of food safety training, HACCP and jurisdictional compliance with competency based education.

Expert continuously develops the following into his own business as well as his consulting projects:
• master food safety practices with HACCP programs and training
• engage in receiving and storing food safely
• prepare and serve safe food
• prevent accidents in the workplace
• clean and sanitize the kitchen properly
• implement effective pest management practices
• increase profitability through efficient practices that make your restaurant run smoothly
• develop a crisis response program

Expert is highly experienced in food safety and accident prevention. He has extensive training working for both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving food-related illness, disability and even death. He has over 35 years' experience in the hospitality and food industry. He is capable of offering unbiased consultation, opinions, reports and testimony. His food safety and accident cases have addressed:
- E.coli 0157, Norovirus, Listeria, Campylobacter
- Bums, FOH and BOH
- Standards of Care
- Health Department Inspection Analysis
- Sushi
- Equipment-related issues
- Foreign Objects
- Foodborne Illness
- Salmonella/Reiter's Disease
- Production and Processing Accidents
- Slips, Trips and Falls
- Food Allergies
- Policy and Procedures issues
- Good Manufacturing Practices
- Intentional/Accidental Contamination
- Training
- Pest Control issues


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1975 Degree: Masters Subject: Restaurant and Institutional Management Institution: New York University
Year: 1972 Degree: Bachelors of Science Subject: Food Science and Management with Honors Institution: Pratt Institute
Year: 2018 Degree: N/A Subject: Servsafe Allergens Institution: N/A
Year: 2016 Degree: N/A Subject: AllerTrain Master Trainer Class by MenuTrinfo Institution: N/A
Year: 2013 Degree: N/A Subject: Managing Food Allergens & Gluten in a Commercial Setting Institution: N/A
Year: 2012 Degree: N/A Subject: Risk-Based Inspection Methods at Retail- FDA Institution: N/A
Year: 2005 Degree: N/A Subject: Protecting the Food Supply from Intentional Adulteration Institution: USDA/FDA
Year: 2000 Degree: HACCP Manager Certification Subject: National Sanitation Foundation Institution: N/A
Year: 2000 Degree: Various Subject: Quality Mgmt. Systems, HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, Seafood HACCP Certification Institution: FIBR Training Institute
Year: 1999 Degree: N/A Subject: Food Safety through Quality Assurance Management Institution: Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management
Year: 1999 Degree: N/A Subject: HACCP- Based Safety- Quality Assured Food Systems Institution: Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Professional Organizations
International HACCP Alliance
American Dietetic Association ( Retired )
California National Environmental Health Association Instructor
Food Safety Advisory Council
Professional Appointments
Professional Organizations:
International HACCP Alliance (2004)
American Dietetic Association ( Retired )
California National Environmental Health Association Instructor
Food Safety Advisory Council
Medical / Professional
Professional Media Contacts:
Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory – Commentary on Food Safety Issues in the News
Al Jazeera America – Ecoli at Chipotle
ABC Channel 7 News – Foster Farms Salmonella Outbreak/Safety Tips
Fox News - Why a 15 million pounds meatball recall
ABC Good Morning America – Salmonella Cantaloupe Recall
Food Quality Magazine: Safety at Your Fingertips
NBC4 11pm News – Contaminated: Produce Market Investigation
Restaurant Business – The Smart Doggy Bag – Awarded 10th Best Idea
CNN – Paula Zahn - Agro – Contamination in the Fields
CNN – Paula Zahn – Spinach Ecoli Epidemic
NBC 6pm News – Hepatitis A Story
DATELINE MSNBC – How Safe is Your Grocery Store?
INSIDE EDITION – Sushi Investigation
( Expose Series “ Dirtiest Restaurants of LA “ resulted in the ABC Grading System )

Fields of Expertise

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