Intellex Acquires Expert by Big Village

We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will benefit our clients and experts.

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Expert Details

Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical, Forensic and Reliability Engineering.

ID: 711596 Minnesota, USA

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Expert evaluates indoor air quality and determines the corrective actions that are necessary to provide a healthy environment. He analyzes a building's boilers, chillers, HVAC system, lighting, occupancy, and envelope to determine methods to conserve energy while maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Expert has expertise in design new and correcting existing problems with HVAC systems. He combines his control and mechanical engineering skills to design HVAC systems that are cost-effective, energy efficient, and provide a high quality indoor environment. Expert combines his expertise in HVAC, control, fire management, energy conservation and indoor air quality to design integrated building automation systems that will control all building systems, thus avoiding duplication of control conflicts. He is familiar with both commercial and resident.

He analyzes buildings for compliance with fire and life safety codes. He designs integrated systems that utilize fire alarms, sprinklers, fan control, fire dampers, egress, and compartmentation to protect occupants while minimizing construction costs. Expert is an experienced circuit designer who has designed a broad range of analog amplifiers, integration, differentiation, transducer, and other instrumentation and control circuits.

He is an experienced digital circuit designer whose experience ranges from discrete component logic to microprocessors and ASICs. He designs servo systems ranging from simple DC feedback to 50 MHz phase lock loops. He designs switching power supplies that can control the output for voltage, current, or an algorithm.

Expert's firm was the first Minnesota firm that specialized in reliability engineering. The firm helps clients develop cost-effective reliability programs and provides a complete range of services including reliability assessment, MTBF prediction, FMEA, FTA, circuit analysis and computer simulation, and reliability relational database systems.

Expert programs in C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, and assembly languages. He received a CEC Award for developing software to model and optimize lighting and HVAC systems in buildings. He also develops algorithms for simulating dynamic systems. Expert has expertise in the failure analysis and reconstruction of electrocution, fire, explosion, stray voltage, automobile accidents, and industrial accidents.

Expert has been certified by both State and Federal Courts to testify as an expert in the interpretation and application of OSHA, Building, Fire and Industrial Safety Codes. He is knowledgeable and works with the OSHA, NEC, NESC, NFPA, UFC, UBC, ANSI, ASME, IEEE and the Building Codes on a regular basis. The Minnesota Board of Electricity recognizes Expert as being qualified to evaluate equipment safety and to certify that the equipment complies with UL 508, NFPA 70, NFPA 79 and that it is safe for installation. Expert has many years of experience designing Electronics and Control Systems for projects ranging from aerospace to buildings. He is also designs the Electrical & Mechanical Systems that are being controlled.

Expert is an experienced Electronic Circuit Designer and software developer. He makes technical evaluations of electronics and control systems based on his personal knowledge & experience, not just the sales literature! Alarm Systems, Fire & Security. Building Automation & Control Systems. CCTV, Cable & Satellite TV Distribution Networks. Communications Systems, Telephone, Nurse Call & Sound Systems. Digital (DDC), Analog & Pneumatic Controls. HVAC Controls & Energy Management Systems. Fire Alarm & Security Systems. Local Area Computer Networks (LAN)

Expert designs total electrical systems for buildings. He has received an Award from the Consulting Engineers Council for developing the math models and theory defining the nature of electrical hazards in Hospitals. He also developed methods to achieve a safe electrical environment for Patients. This same technology is also useful in suppressing conducted and radiated interference.

Expert has conducted seminars on the Life Safety Code, OSHA, Patient Safety and other related subjects for the Minnesota Hospital Association, Minnesota Safety Council and other interested agencies. Electrical Service Entrance. Electrical Power Distribution. Emergency Power & Co?Generation. Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Control. Fault Current Analysis and Coordination. Hazardous Locations Power Systems. Hospital Design of OR, ICU, CCU & Lab locations. Lighting Systems. Power Factor Correction

Expert designs HVAC systems that maintain a comfortable and healthy environment while minimizing energy consumption. He also has significant field experience developing acceptable methods for physically installing pipe work, ducts and mechanical equipment required to upgrade existing facilities.

Boiler, Chillers, Heat Pump Systems. Chilled Water, Hot Water & Steam Distribution Systems. Energy Management & Conservation Systems. Fire Suppression & Sprinkler System Design. Gas Distribution Systems, Medical & Industrial. Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems. HVAC Control Systems. Plumbing & Water Distribution Systems


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1962 Degree: BS Subject: Institution: Electrical Engineering - University of Miami (Florida)

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1969 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department: Undisclosed
Expert's company provides complete forensic and reliability engineering services including field investigation, failure analysis and FMEA. Expert is licensed and registered as both an electrical and mechanical engineer and has extensive experience resolving complex problems involving electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1963 to 1969 Employer: Senior Engineer, Honeywell Inc . Title: Department: Undisclosed
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1961 to 1963 Employer: Engineer, Boeing Aircraft Inc . Title: Department: Undisclosed
Available upon request.

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Expert is licensed to practice both electrical and mechanical engineering in Minnesota and has an inactive license in five other states. He is registered by NCEES examination in both disciplines therefore can be registered in most other states within a few weeks.
Awards / Recognition
HONORS: CEC Engineering Award for developing the theory that explains the nature of extraneous electrical signals and stray voltages in buildings. He has developed design techniques for controlling EMI, eliminating stray voltage and for protecting sensitive electronics and electrically susceptible patients in hospitals.

· CEC Engineering Award for developing the software and dynamic math model to analyze energy flow in a building while simulating weather, occupancy and thermal loads.

Fields of Expertise

building energy management, indoor air purification, indoor air quality, heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment, building automation, building automation system, commercial-building automation, intelligent building, fire risk analysis, analog circuit, analog circuit design, digital circuit, digital circuit design, servomechanism, combined analog/digital circuit, power-supply circuit, switched-mode power supply circuit, electronic device reliability, reliability engineering, algorithm, BASIC programming language, C programming language, C++ programming, Visual Basic programming, forensic engineering, expert witness, building code, fire safety code, Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation, OSHA electrical regulation, safety code, industrial safety, control systems science, electromechanics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, reliability engineering, stray, direct digital control, stray voltage, aircraft explosion, building fire, alarm system standard, building heating system, HVAC engineering, HVAC safety, automation technology, feedback loop, fire sprinkler system, chilling, electronic design automation, switch contact, sprinkler, life safety, transducer circuit, dynamic modeling, amplifier circuit, fire egress system, reliability, phase-locked loop, alarm system design, control-system modeling, electric power system modeling, energy-efficient heating ventilating and air conditioning control, analog-signal processing, circuit design, product liability, process automation, electronic circuit element, transducer, heating, systems engineering, switching circuit, risk assessment, National Fire Protection Association code, microprocessor circuit, fire alarm system, finite element analysis, failure modes and effects analysis, facility management, energy conservation, electronics modeling, control electronics science, amplifier, accident investigation

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