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We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

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Expert Details

Electrical/Mechanical Apparatus, DC, AC, Motors, Obsolete, Antique, Habitual Failures or Performance

ID: 724876 Missouri, USA

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Expert, has thirty plus years of experience with Electrical Motors, AC MOTORS [Alternating Current], from fractional Electric motors to Horsepower in the Thousands.

He has the knowledge to not only repair, he has developed and was the Instructor for many classes to specific industries and the specific types of motors related to those industries.

For example HVAC Industries, Elevator Industries, as the motors used in HVAC are in most installations completely different than those used in the Elevator Industry.

Expert is accomplished as not only an alternating current motor mechanic, repair Technician, Diagnostician, and windings, but in the re-design of particular motors for specific applications or the re-design of motors that previously were habitual maintenance issues, by lack of torque, speed, horsepower, or other parameters that prevented the normal and adequate operation of the driven equipment.

Expert designed motors for the Government that were plagued with failure issues for decades.

As the hundreds of units which were the main driver of di-pole rotating antennas, Expert used the existing single phase, synchronous, permanent split capacitor motor frame, converted it to three phase induction, added a proprietary single to three phase converter in the assembly, with a variable frequency drive that held the antenna at it it's required synchronous speed. The new design eliminated the heat and habitual failures that were a constant, expensive issue in keeping the system in operation.

Sizing and selection of alternating current motors is a complex issue of mounting considerations, including shaft sizes, application, voltage and ambient conditions, enclosures and other parameters too numerous to mention.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1980 Degree: Vibration Analyst I and II Subject: Vibration and Balance of Rotating Equipment Institution: Maintenance Engineers Association
Year: 1989 Degree: Electrical Motor Design, Redesign and Repair Subject: Electrical Motors and Controls Institution: Electrical Apparatus Service Association
Year: 1986 Degree: Electrical and Electronic Applications Subject: Electronics, Digital Logic, Electrical Control Institution: Herndon Technical Education
Year: 1990 Degree: Computer Operation and Repair Subject: Computers Institution: Penn Valley College
Year: 1992 Degree: Business Operation and Communications Subject: Business and Customer Relations Institution: Herndon Vocational and Technical Institute

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2003 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President EMR Inc, President Mear Services Department: Undisclosed
He is responsible for the start up, day to day operations, P&L, Purchasing, AP, AR, HR, Employee Relations, Management of both Union and Non Union Facilities
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1974 to 2003 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Vice President Department: Undisclosed
He was Manager of all Headquarters Shop Operations, Management of Department Heads and 8 Branch Managers and Locations

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2003 to Present Agency: DOC Role: Contract Administration and Sales Description:
Years: 2003 to Present Agency: NAVY Role: Contract Acquisition and Management Description:
Years: 2003 to Present Agency: National Reconditioning Center Role: Contract Acquisition and Management Description:
Years: 2003 to Present Agency: Air Force Role: Contract negotiations and Management Description:

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He was and is involved in resolving pretrial suits, Expert testimoney in Product injury cases, [non employer products] He has been obtained to testify in person, by phone and offer opinion on the possibilies of actual causes of plantiffs, by phone, mail or in person defending the product or giving information on the probability of actual claim validity
Training / Seminars
Trained and provided onsite assistance to the Elevator Industry, Sheet metal, Boiler and Crane/Heavy lifting industries. Customer Relations Seminars Identifying top Critical business Relations strategies and implementation
Vendor Selection
Negotiates with small to large vendors on pricing, delivery, discounts, consignment, contractual strategies, price comparison, importance of vendor relations
Marketing Experience
He is involved as President of two C-Corporations, deciding on employee status, outsourcing, Contractors, Corporate Employees, negotiation with Union Contacts, compensation, Incentive plans, insurance, from hands on to top management
Other Relevant Experience
He is experienced for over thirty years in all employee relations, decisions on Contracting individual employees, outsourcing, medical, work place environment, conflict management. He is well respected by many business associations, from vendors to payment strategies, banking and finance, day to day operation, all policies, tremendous people skills and insight, importance of vendors as bankers, value pricing, profit and capital management. He has many personal and professional references.

Fields of Expertise

alternating-current motor, direct-current motor, electric motor prototyping, electrical machinery redesign, entrepreneurship, small business, startup, three-phase induction machine repair, electromechanics, antique, business process management, business, electrical overstress, business ethics, cross-functional team, design of experiments, self-directed work team, limit switch, electrical wire, three-phase induction motor repair, three-phase induction generator repair, three-phase induction machine manufacturing, three-phase induction motor application, three-phase induction machine application, three-phase induction generator application, relay contact, switch contact, toggle switch, industrial sensor, miniature alternating-current motor, work team, organizational development, high-voltage wire, velocity sensor, power tool, electromagnetic rotor, electrical machinery maintenance, electric current measurement, electric conductor failure, direct-current motor heat loss, thermal sensor, employee empowerment, magnetic circuit, alternating current, direct current, machine capability study, direct-current motor application, daily work quality improvement, interaction, contract, direct-current motor development, controller, personal protection equipment, series motor, redesign process, electric motor control, alternating-current to direct-current converter, alternating-current to alternating-current conversion, direct-current to alternating-current conversion, alternating-current frequency divider, alternating-current motor drive, hazardous chemical, marketing, single-phase rectifier, contact rectifier, electronic rectifying element, engineering, rotary transformer, electric switch, operating system, full-wave rectifier, failure analysis, electrostatic discharge, electromechanical control, electrical connector, electric circuit, durability, circuit breaker

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