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Cost-Effective Clean Energy-Based Technologies, Small Molecules, Polymers, Nanomaterials; Quality Management

ID: 736602 Georgia, USA

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- R&D/Quality/Manufacturing Scientist/Manager with over 20 years of cumulative development/manufacturing/product launch/process scale-up/project management experience involving advanced materials/devices/technologies at chemical/optoelectronic R&D and Manufacturing facilities.
- Passionate in coordinating continuous improvement efforts with cross-functional teams at all levels of the organization to identify/research/evaluate new materials/devices/processes/technologies and leadership development initiatives from ideation to manufacturing and commercialization.
- Proficient in presenting/implementing/representing organizational quality policies to internal teams/external agencies and facilitating continuous product/process improvement through optimal change management.

Career Highlights:
- Oversaw the IDSorb/IDSpectra Technology development program from Proof of concept to Product launch at Employer. The novel instrument provides a rapid and accurate determination of flash adsorption capacities for air-entraining agents to ensure suitable air entrainment of concrete mixtures avoiding deterioration of roads, bridges, and buildings due to freeze-thaw issues in extreme weather.
- Engaged in all stages of product design, development, launch, and commercialization of RadiantFlex technology at Employer. The flexible luminescent sheets manufactured using efficient nanophotonic light extraction technology facilitate cost-effective down-conversion for LED-based solid-state lighting devices with excellent control over color rendering.
- Initiated, spearheaded, and implemented Quality Management System at PhosphorTech’s new manufacturing facility procuring ISO 9001:2015 certification.
- Co-author of a worldwide patent for synthesizing/manufacturing heavy-metal free quantum dots commonly used in QLED display devices.
- Played a vital role in Asian Paints Resin Production Management and plant expansion project that facilitated doubling of monthly resins production (from 300 to 600 metric tonnes) at Resin House.

Areas of Expertise: Clean Energy, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Industrial high volume manufacturing management, Process/Product Development, Scale-up, IP, Chemical R&D, Chemical Engineering, Printed Electronics, Coatings, Polymers, Solar, LEDs

- Semiconductor nanocrystals (Quantum dots, nanorods, Tetrapods, perovskites):
Expertise-Heavy metal-free and heavy metal-based nanocrystals, core-shell materials, shaped nanostructures, doped nanostructures (Air-free synthesis); Industrial Applications- LED displays, Solid-state lighting, Solar cells, Medical imaging devices, Biomarkers.
- Nanoparticles:
Expertise- Metals, alloys, core-shell, oxides, rare earth materials; Industrial Applications- Printed electronics, RFIDs, photocatalytic light-harvesting, transparent conductors
- Polymers:
Expertise- Alkyds, polyamines, polyesters, acrylates, epoxy resins; Industrial Applications- Thin film coatings, paints, Optoelectronic adhesives
- Phosphors:
Expertise- Solid-state doping reactions; Industrial Applications- Solid-state lighting, displays
Organic materials: Expertise- mall molecules, oligomers, metal-catalyzed cyclization reactions; Industrial Applications- OLED materials, 2D structures, catalysis

- Nanomaterials, nanocomposites:
Expertise- Conductive inks, LED formulations, nanocomposite formulations, thin-film coating formulations for inkjet/aerosol jet printing; Industrial Applications- Printed electronics, solar cells, Colour conversion sheets, Imaging screens
Luminescent materials: Expertise- Colour conversion sheets, LEDs-QLEDs, OLEDs and PCLEDs, solar cells; Industrial Applications- Colour conversion sheets, solid-state lighting devices, displays, imaging screens
- Polymers:
Expertise- Resins, Nanocomposite formulations; Industrial Applications- Paints, coatings, thin flexible films, polymer nanocomposites for 3D printing, inkjet printing

Scientific Analytical Techniques
Spectroscopy Materials Characterization: Expertise- UV-Visible, FTIR, NMR, SEM, TEM, XRD, GCMS, HPLC, Chromatography, and XRD; Industrial Applications- Solid-state lighting, display, coatings

Device Design and Development
LEDs, Instrumentation/process design and software development: Expertise- Nanostructures-based LEDs, Spectrophotometric analytical devices, 3D printing of polymer nanocomposites, VB Coding, AI, Machine learning; Industrial Applications- Automotive LED fixtures, Analytical device for industrial concrete admixtures

Industrial Grants Procurement
Small Business Innovative Research Grants: Expertise- Proposal writing, Technical research report writing, Research project management; Industrial Applications- SBIR product/process development, scale-up, and commercialization

Project Management
Research & Development, Scale-up: Expertise- Principal Investigation, Project Management Planning, and Implementation, Technical Work Plan and Execution, Technology Transfer, DOE (Minitab), Presentations, MS Office, Chemdraw; Industrial Applications- Procurement of multimillion-dollar industrial grants, Product/Process Commercialization

Quality Management
QMS development and implementation towards successful ISO certification, QMS Auditing: Expertise- QMS Leading/training, Implementation, Auditing, internal auditing, KPIs, CARs, APQP, Management Reports, Internal Audit Reports, Continuous Improvement; Industrial Applications- ISO/lean management certified industrial facilities

Manufacturing Management
High volume (As high as 50 tonnes per week) manufacturing management (cGMP) of chemicals, nanomaterials, polymers, and LED components: Expertise- Industrial scale-up of synthesizing nanomaterials and polymers, Manufacturing Process Development & Implementation, Automation (PLC), Process Troubleshooting, Root cause analysis, High Volume Manufacture of Resins through Polymerization, Planning, Training, Supervising, and Managing Shop-floor activities, Cost Control, Risk Management, and Preventive Maintenance; Industrial Applications- Scale-up/High volume production management of polymers, coating materials, phosphors, nanomaterials and LED components involving interdisciplinary teams dealing with automated commercial-scale reactors, blenders, furnaces, filter machines cooling tanks, etc.

Teaching Experience:
- Taught lab sessions and review classes for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses
- Collaborated on curriculum and exam development
- Graded all written work, including final exams


Materials: Luminescent quantum dots, nanorods, tetrapods, doped/core-shell nanoparticles (metals, metal oxides), phosphors (ceramics, silicates, aluminates), polymeric resins (alkyds, polyesters, acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes), formulations (conductive inks, 3d printed nanocomposites), solar/photocatalytic nanostructures

Products: Color conversion sheets (RadiantFlex), decorative/industrial paints/coatings, LED luminaires/components for automotive/industrial solid-state lighting, flexible QLED/OLED display components, conductive inks, spectroscopic instruments for analysis of building materials (IDSorb/IDSpectra), RFIDs, x-ray imaging screens

Methods: Shape-controlled synthesis/scale-up of nanomaterials, wet chemical methods, solid-state doping/alloying inorganic reactions, sol-gel methods, polymerization, separation techniques (centrifugation, precipitation, filtration, TLC, HPLC, Gas/liquid Chromatography), adsorption, fluorescence, concentration, thin-film depositions, dip coating, spin coating, electrolytic depositions, printing (inkjet, aerosol jet, 3d), roll to roll process, DOE, validation.

Instrumentation: Spectroscopic methods (UV-visible, FTIR, NMR, GCMS), Particle size analyzers, TEM, SEM, EDS, X-ray fluorescence/diffraction, viscometers, PLC equipped manufacturing systems (capacities up to 10 metric tonnes) including furnaces, reactors, blenders, filter machines, heat exchange systems, and vacuum pumps.

Management: ISO certified QMS implementation/training/leadership, Performance metric system development, and data analysis (SOPs, KPIs, NCRs, CARs. CAPA, SPC, PPAP, APQP, FMEA, Gauge R&R), Management Reviews, Internal/External auditing, Policy/Change communication/implementation, risk management, continuous improvement, Supplier performance/Customer relation management); lean management (six sigma), High volume continuous/batch manufacturing (Production/Operation management, Shopfloor Personnel cGMP mentoring/training/supervision, Preventive Maintenance, Process optimization, Cycle time reduction); Research/Project Management (Proposals, cost analysis/reduction, Plans, Presentation, Technology Demonstration/Transfer).

Software: VB coding/software development for optoelectronic hardware, GUI for analytical instrumental applications, Cloud-based QMS system management, Office 365, Spectroscopic, patterning software, Chemdraw, AI Machine learning, Office 365, MiniTab.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2007 Degree: MS Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of Vermont
Year: 1996 Degree: M.Sc. Subject: Chemistry Institution: Madras Christian College
Year: 1994 Degree: B.Sc. Subject: Chemistry Institution: Madras Christian College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2011 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Senior Materials Scientist/Quality Manager Department: R&D, Quality, Manufacturing
Principal Investigator of Department of Transportation sponsored project involving development and commercialization of novel technology/instrument for analysis of surfactant adsorption capacity of concrete admixtures and building materials.
Wrote research proposals, technical reports with team and successfully procured/completed several U.S government agencies sponsored SBIR projects (Value of Grants: $4 million dollars over the past 7 years)
Initiated, developed, and implemented ISO QMS system and represented successfully as the management representative in ISO certification audits and successfully procured ISO certification.
Developed solid state lighting, display, bio-medical imaging and photo-catalytic devices using novel semi-conducting nanomaterials
Synthesized quantum dots, novel nanorods of varied compositions, incorporated these materials in polymers and demonstrated stable luminescence for lighting applications and increased x-ray scintillation for x-ray imaging applications
Developed and demonstrated novel nano-structured photo-catalytic material system capable of converting carbon dioxide to fuel gas in highest reported yields
Working on manufacturing cost control for nanomaterials and involved in building partnership with new industrial customers for application development with novel nanomaterials
Involved in process optimization, scale-up, product launch, quality control and commercialization of phosphors for novel flexible colour conversion sheets
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to 2011 Employer: UT Dots Inc. Title: Research Scientist Department: R&D, Manufacturing
Research and Development involving metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
Developed methodologies for synthesizing nickel, platinum, iron oxide, copper-nickel and iron-platinum nanoparticles and air-stable copper nanoparticles
Modified processes and equipment (flow, batch and chemical aerosol flow systems) to facilitate large scale production of quantum dots, gold, silver, copper, iron oxide, iron-platinum and nickel nanoparticles with tuneable properties
Developed soluble formulations involving metal nanoparticles, polymeric binders and single walled carbon nanotubes and tested thin film properties on various substrates such as polycarbonate, glass, PET, PMMA and paper.
Involved in developing printing methods involving ultrasonic atomization
Assisted in writing/submitting research proposals, technical reports for government funded projects
Manufacturing metal Nanoparticles
Manufactured silver and gold nanoparticles through reduction reactions(10 – 200 grams per week), formulated and shipped as conductive inks for applications in printable electronics
Involved in design and development of high-volume production and printing systems for nanomaterials and conductive inks
Involved in conference calls, company meetings with potential customers and in equipping/maintaining/improving new UT Dots lab to facilitate synthesis of nanomaterials
Wrote standard operating procedures for manufacturing metal nanoparticles and formulating conductive inks for various plastic substrates
Trained new team members with diverse professional experience in production activities
Analysed expenses involved in scaling up novel synthetic methodologies to commercial scales to ensure development of cost-effective methodologies for manufacturing nanomaterials
Successfully re-cycled precious metals back to precursors to cut down production costs
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2006 to 2008 Employer: QD Vision Inc. Title: Staff Chemist Department: R&D, Manufacturing
Production of quantum dots
Optimized synthetic process scale-up methods, wrote standard operating procedures and synthesized indium phosphide, cadmium selenide and cadmium sulfide nanocrystals (cores and core-shells) up to 8 grams per week
Planned and coordinated production development and production activities along with the team
Maintained production records and chemical inventory
Research and Development involving quantum dots for display devices
Developed novel synthetic methods for the synthesis of cadmium free semiconductor nanocrystals with excellent luminescent properties for the development of quantum dot light emitting diodes
Developed methods for purifying nanocrystals from the crude reaction mixture (including size - selective precipitation) in large scale reactions
Presented progress in research in group meetings and scientific advisory board meetings
Co-authored patent disclosure submissions
Interviewed prospective candidates for Q.D vision chemistry team
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1997 to 1999 Employer: Asian Paints India Limited Title: Supervisor-Chemist Department: Manufacturing
Supervisor-Chemist in the ISO 9001 certified Production Plant of Asian Paints India Ltd. (currently Asian-PPG), Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India (May, 1997 – August, 1999)
Manufactured alkyd resins (starting from polyols), polyesters, formaldehyde based amino resins, acrylic resins etc. through polymerization using reactors of capacities ranging between 1.5 and 10 tonnes
Optimized manufacturing process for newer formulations of resins in newly built automated reactors equipped with programmable logic control (PLC) systems
Implemented process modifications by trouble-shooting resin process control parameters using pilot-scale reactors and worked as a dedicated chemist for batch processing resins used in industrial coatings
Contributed towards successful implementation of ISO 9001 procedural standards in production management with continuous focus on process improvement, maximum productivity and cost minimization
Trained, supervised and managed production activities of production operators and contract employees
Took critical rapid independent process related decisions
Contributed actively to successfully reach monthly resin production targets up to 650 tonnes
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2002 to 2006 Employer: University of Maryland/University of Vermont Title: Research Assistant Department: Education
Synthesized, purified, and characterized various small molecules and polycyclic oligomers using common wet chemistry techniques.
Synthesized and characterized 6-(4'-nitrophenyl)benzo[a]fluorene-11-one, a novel compound.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2001 to 2006 Employer: University of Maryland/University of Vermont Title: Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant Department: Education
Academic Research Experience
Research Assistant for VT-EPSCoR sponsored project “Synthesis of Extended Conjugated Structures – Cascade Cyclization of oligo(o-phenylene ethynylenes)” with Dr. Thomas Hughes, Department of Chemistry, University of Vermont, Burlington (2007)
Synthesized 6-(4'-nitrophenyl)benzo[a]fluorene-11-one through a novel synthetic method and characterized the product
Synthesized models for novel extended conjugated compounds which can be potential organic semiconductors
Synthesized, purified and characterized various small molecules using common wet chemistry techniques
Studied the effect of amiodarone on the activity of the enzyme, alkaline phosphatase in the kidney of rats
Found that the decrease in activity of alkaline phosphatase in kidney was due to tissue damage and leakage of alkaline phosphatase from damaged tissue into serum
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1996 to 1996 Employer: University of Madras, Chennai Title: Intern Department: Research
Studied the effect of amiodarone, an anti-arrhythmic drug on the activity of the enzyme, alkaline phosphatase in the kidney of rats.
Found that the decrease in the activity of alkaline phosphatase in the kidney was due to tissue damage and leakage of alkaline phosphatase from damaged tissue into the serum.

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
Successfully procured the Department of Transport (DOT) funded Phase II Grant ($500,000) and led the work towards developing a novel portable prototype analytical instrument to measure adsorption capacity of building materials. Recently, this novel device technology has been given a technology readiness level rating of 5 and awarded Phase IIB Grant by DOT.
Successfully developed and fully implemented the Quality Management System and procured ISO certification for the growing Manufacturing facility.
Worked/led technical research/scale-up/commercialization activities on several successful SBIR Grants (Total value > $3 million) from Department of Energy for projects involving Plasmonics, nanocrystals and advanced luminescent materials in phosphor-converted solid-state lighting and solar fuels. The light extraction technology developed through these efforts has resulted in successful commercialization of novel colour conversion products (for LEDs).
Successfully completed SBIR Phase I and procured Phase II ($1,000,000) HHS research Grant. The work from these studies has resulted in understanding the underlying technology towards significantly improving the lifetime of nanomaterials-based LED device technology.
Awarded patent for the work at QD Vision involving heavy-metal free nanocrystals (Quantum Dots) for LED display applications. This work was part of a pioneering effort by a small start-up team at QD Vision towards demonstrating the importance of quantum dots technology (popularly now known as QLED Technology) in the TV/display industry.
Developed scalable synthetic and formulation methods involving nanoparticles (metals, metal oxides, alloys) for conductive inks at UT Dots. These efforts have resulted in UT Dots’ demonstration of nanometal based inks of high conductivity at low curing temperatures for applications in printed electronics.
Chosen as a dedicated chemist for optimizing process and manufacturing resins used in paints for customized industrial applications. These projects involved manufacturing process development and implementation for industrial polymers (with customized properties) involving newly designed/built PLC controlled reactor systems of capacities as high as 10 tonnes
Best First-Year Graduate Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award recipient for the academic year at University of Vermont
Research Assistantship Award recipient sponsored by VT- EPSCoR at University of Vermont
Indian President’s Award recipient for Boy Scouts
Publications and Patents Summary
Patents: 2
Publications/Presentations: 13

Fields of Expertise

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