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Comparative Hematology

ID: 713258 California, USA

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Expert has three decades of experience in the recognition, diagnosis, development, and validation of animal models of human disease, specifically in the areas of hematology and immunology. She has designed experimental studies using animal models to simulate human disease processes for blood-materials interaction, and hematological and immunological research. She is knowledgeable about specific diagnostic methodologies for both research and clinical use to measure components of blood coagulation, platelet function, and fibrinolysis in animals as they relate to similar functions in humans.

Expert is experienced in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of hematological and immunological diseases of animals in relation to analogous disorders of humans. Specific emphasis has been on blood coagulation, platelet function, and fibrinolysis, but also extending to immunohematologic diseases and a wide spectrum of autoimmune diseases, especially those affecting endocrine organs like the thyroid and adrenal glands. Expert has extensive experience with developing and operating national and international genetic screening programs for inherited blood and immune disorders of purebred companion and farm animals. Specific background and interests include the genetic predisposition to autoimmune diseases and the environmental factors that predispose genetically susceptible animals and humans to develop failure of self-tolerance.

Expert has extensive experience with diagnostic clinical pathology in veterinary medicine. She serves as a national referral resource for specific medical and research questions related to comparative hematology and immunology, and diagnostic clinical veterinary medicine.

Expert has an interest in animal nutrition emphasizing natural and fresh diets in relation to management of allergic immune-mediated diseases. She has expertise in new approaches to immunotherapy of autoimmune diseases with special emphasis on disorders of the blood and immune system, and general expertise in veterinary internal medicine.

Expert has a research background in purifications and functional analysis of blood proteins in animals in comparison to those of humans. She has experience with blood substitutes and the development and testing of artificial blood cells for potential use in human and veterinary medicine. She has developed thromboresistent materials and researched the basic underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of blood-materials interaction.

Expert has research and clinical expertise in blood banking and transfusion medicine for both animals and humans. She has administrative and management experience in directing the Blood Resources Program for the New York State Department of Health, including concerns about safety of the blood supply with respect to transfusion-transmitted diseases. She has a parallel interest in veterinary transfusion medicine.

Expert developed and directs Employer, the first non-profit national blood bank program for animals. This fully licensed program provides blood component therapy and educational advice concerning blood banking and therapy for veterinary medicine.

Expert has over 25 years of research and teaching experience in the field of animal welfare. She has received numerous national advisory appointments and was President of the non-profit organization Scientists Center for Animal Welfare.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1964 Degree: D.V.M. Subject: Veterinary Medicine Institution: Ontario Veterinary College - University of Toronto

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1988 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1965 to 1988 Employer: York State Department of Health Title: Various Positions Department: Laboratory of Hematology, Wadsworth Center
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1964 to 1965 Employer: Ontario VeterinaryCollege, University of Toronto Title: Assistant Professor Department: Veterinary Pathology
Available upon request.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, American Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathologists, International Society of Thrombosis and Homeostasis, American Society of Hematology, American Association of Pathologists, and American Heart Association (Thrombosis Council).
Professional Appointments
Expert serves as a referee and Advisory Board member for numerous journals and is active on a variety of professional committees and councils. She is also the editor of Advances in Veterinary Science and Comparative Medicine, printed by the Academic Press, Inc. in San Diego, CA.
Awards / Recognition
Expert was named Woman Veterinarian of the Year by the Women's Veterinary Medical Association and was elected Distinguished Practitioner of the National Academy of Practice in Veterinary Medicine.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
French Expert reads French.

Fields of Expertise

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