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Expert Details

Combustion, Air Pollution, Waste Destruction, Energy, Diagnostics

ID: 107890 Maryland, USA

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A significant portion of Expert's career has been involved in solving pollution problems for a wide range of combustion systems, including furnace flames, gas turbine combustion, and internal combustion engines. His work has led to significant reduction in pollution via combustion modifications. He also has extensive experience in swirl flows.

Expert has over 20 years of experience in the mathematical modeling of practical systems, including flows with chemical reactions. These studies have provided cost-effective means to design and develop combustors.

Waste generation is a growing problem in the world. Expert has been actively involved in the development of advanced concepts for thermally destructing solid and liquid wastes produced by a wide range of sources (both domestic and industrial) with minimal environmental impact.

Expert's findings have shown the significant effects of combustion chamber geometry and input operational conditions on combustion and emissions. His studies have led to minimizing or terminating pollution system control device use with the combustor, and the system can meet all the environmental pollution regulations. Additionally, Expert has over 25 years of experience in gas turbine combustion, performance, energy efficiency, and pollution.

Expert's experience in different particle sizing techniques and optical diagnostics techniques has led to the understanding of critical factors affecting measurement in different systems and under diverse conditions. He has also studied the application of different diagnostic techniques for the measurement of flow rate, temperature, concentration species, size, and velocity.

Expert has significant work experience with both the fundamental and applied nature, and understands the problem of fouling and the deposition of heat exchangers. Factors governing the deposition of particles and soot in heat exchangers have been identified. His studies assist in alleviating or minimizing the fouling of heat exchanger systems.

Combusion of future fuels, which are generally of low grade, provide unique challenges to combustion engineers from the points of view of emissions, stability limits, heat transfer, and thermal loading. A significant portion of Expert's career has been spent on the combustion of alternative and hazardous waste fuels.

Expert's considerable experience in fires assists in the establishment of the causes of fires. Particle and droplet combustion is used in most practical energy conversion systems. His extensive expertise in this area also assists in better mixing of fuel and air.



Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1986 Degree: DSc Subject: Chemical Engineering/Fuel Technology and Combustion Institution: Sheffield University, U.K.
Year: 1973 Degree: PhD Subject: Chemical Engineering/Fuel Technology and Combustion Institution: Sheffield University, U.K.
Year: 1970 Degree: MSc Subject: Gas Dynamics Institution: Southampton University, England
Year: 1966 Degree: BSc Subject: Science Institution: Panjab University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1983 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Professor Department: Mechanical Engineering
He teaches and does research in combustion and air pollution.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1977 to 1982 Employer: MIT Title: Research Staff Department: Chemical Engineering and Energy Lab
He did research in combustion and optical diagnostics.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1976 to 1976 Employer: Nippon Furnace Co., Japan Title: Consultant Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1973 to 1976 Employer: Sheffield University Title: Senior Research Associate, Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology Department: Engineering and Fuel Technology
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1967 to 1971 Employer: International Combustion Ltd. Title: Research Engineer Department:
Available upon request.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
He is a member of the Combustion Institute, SAE, and ASME.
Professional Appointments
Expert is a Fellow of the Institute of Energy, U.K. and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He is Associate Editor of AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power and Editor of Environmental and Energy Engineering Series
Awards / Recognition
He received a higher doctorate (D.Sc) from the University of Sheffield. He also received the Energy Systems Award from AIAA and is the recipient of best paper awards from AIAA and ASME.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has published 2 books, edited 9 books and co-authored over 250 publications.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has expert witness experience in the areas of fire safety, environment and health hazards, and pollution and energy concerns.
Vendor Selection
Expert has experience locating vendors of instrumentation for laboratories, diagnostics and combustion.

Fields of Expertise

combustion system, combustion system pollution control, combustion engineering, flow field modeling, flow field diagnostics, waste thermal destruction, internal combustion, spark-ignition engine, internal combustion engine combustion chamber, soot, particle combustion, optical diagnostics, heat exchanger fouling, alternative-fuel combustion, hazardous waste fuel combustion, hazardous waste fuel, spray combustion, waste destruction, fuel oil combustion, fuel spray, solid waste thermal destruction, internal combustion engine pollution control, pump, nitrogen oxide compound environmental effect, natural gas engine, natural convection heat exchanger, heat transfer fluid, stationary source sulfur dioxide control, energy-efficient turbine, waste-incineration energy recovery, sulfur oxide compound environmental effect, pulp-and-paper environmental control, outer-space heat exchanger, internal combustion engine, air pollution control, velocity measurement, strain measurement, positive-displacement non-rotary pump, liquid state mechanics, energy system, sulfur, combustion chamber, wind tunnel, waste recycling, waste management, turbulent flow, thermodynamic cycle, technical writing, synfuel, spraying, sensor, rotary pump, rocket propulsion, refined fuel, pumping application, propane engine, pressure measurement, piezoelectric transducer, cathode-ray oscilloscope, motion measurement, methane fuel, liquid-liquid heat exchanger, liquid flow through a nozzle, laser Doppler velocimetry, jet propulsion, hazardous waste management incineration, hydrogen fuel, heat exchanger, heat exchanger selection, heat convection, gear pump, gasoline, gas-gas heat exchanger, gas turbine engine, gas flow through a nozzle, gas engine, fuel additive, fossil fuel, forced-convection heat exchanger, flue gas treatment, flammable material handling, flame chemistry, ethanol fuel, electronics cooling, diesel fuel, cyclone separator, crude oil, combustion engine, combustion control, coal gasification, coal (fuel), Brayton cycle, boiler furnace, biomass fuel, atomizing, alcohol engine, aerodynamics

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