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Adhesion Bonding, Plastic Surface Treatments, Plastics Decorating, Finishing, Coating, Laser Marking

ID: 108283 Texas, USA

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Expert has extensive experience diagnosing adhesion problems and implementing cost effective solutions for bonding/ joining like and dissimilar materials. He received a US patent for a bonding process which yields superior adhesion strength forces for commercial and military products. His adhesion knowledge encompasses a broad spectrum including electronic components, computer equipment, and automotive applications. He has worked with a variety of plastic substrates such as thermoplastics and thermosets (acetals, polyphenylene sulfide, polyesters, liquid crystal polymers). Knowledgeable in adhesion theory, adhesion application usage, and adhesive materials, Expert was a featured speaker on adhesion processes at the NEPCON West, Society of Plastic Engineers, and IICIT (connectors) symposiums. He authored technical papers on this topic.

Recognized worldwide for his expertise in plastic surface treatment processes, Expert routinely works with corona discharge, plasma, chemical, flame, and mechanical treatment methods. He received a US patent for a surface preparation method for pretreating plastic components. He currently develops and implements various types of surface treatment processes for clients around the world.

Expert is intimately familiar with corona discharge technology, theory, equipment, and applications. He used this technology in the assembly of electronic connectors used in the smart missiles/bombs during Operation Desert Storm. His work has emphasized controllable, repeatable corona processes. He routinely develops and implements corona discharge processes for companies worldwide. He has written technical papers in this area and has received a US patent for a corona discharge process which solves bonding problems.

Expert has extensive working knowledge of adhesive bonding of electronic components to various substrates such as thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and metals. He is actively involved in a broad range of applications including electronic connectors, switches, semiconductors, backshells, and other related devices. He received a US patent for a 3-dimensional surface treatment adhesive bonding process that was later used to manufacture electronic connectors.

A significant portion of Expert's career involved his position as the Director of Engineering and Quality Departments for an international electronic connector company. His responsibilities included product design, introduction of new products, manufacturing engineering, and supplier certification programs. He developed and implemented new technologies for advanced manufacturing assembly processes.

Expert has consulted with companies worldwide regarding ink adhesion processes including both military and commercial clients. He has invented a state-of-the-art process which resulted in superior ink adhesion and print quality. He has invented an ink decorating process to be used on 3.5-inch micro floppy disk shutters. With excellent knowledge of ink adhesion on difficult to bond polymers such as acetals, polyesters, polyphenylene sulfide, liquid crystal polymer, and other thermoplastic and thermoset polymers, Expert routinely recommends types of inks and suppliers to his clients.

Expert has extensive experience in adhesive bonding of metals to plastic substrates such as thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers. He received a US patent for a metal-to-plastic adhesive bonding process. This technology was used to bond BeCu metal contacts to polyphenylene sulfide insulators for electronic connectors which yields superior adhesive bond strength and is qualified for commercial and military/NASA applications. He has applied this process to electronic connectors, switches, semiconductors, backshells, and other related devices.

Expert routinely diagnoses and solves paint decorating problems. He is well acquainted with paint decorating computers, sporting goods, and other commercial plastic and metal products. He is experienced with many substrates including ABS, polycarbonate, and liquid crystal polymers. He works closely with injection molders and end users and often recommends paint suppliers and finishing companies.

Expert has years of practical and theoretical experience with ultrasonic welding processes and equipment. He has worked with 20-kHz and 40-kHz amorphous and semi-crystalline resins and is knowledgeable of the variables that influence weldability. He has set-up welding processes (including fixtures) for many commercial and military/NASA applications. He has been deeply involved with welding high performance engineering plastics such as polyphenylene sulfide, PEEK, and other similar polymers. He can diagnose welding problems and recommend equipment and has intimate knowledge of various joint designs and injection molding processes.

Expert routinely implements finishing processes and solves related decorating and finishing problems. Emphasis on establishing controllable and repeatable processes for commercial and military applications. His finishing process experience includes spray painting, ink printing, hot stamping, screen printing, ink jet, laser marking, plastic labels, electroless plating/shielding, precious metal plating, and hot-tin/solder dip. He has developed state-of-the-art techniques for superior part finishing.

Expert has developed and implemented advanced techniques for bonding, joining, welding, and staking similar and dissimilar plastics. His broad range of knowledge in this area includes electronic components, computer equipment, and automotive applications. He has worked with acetals, polyesters, polyphenylene sulfide, liquid crystal polymers, and other high performance engineering thermoplastics.

Expert developed and qualified military/NASA approved laser compatible plastics and processes for marking electronic devices. Expert maintains that laser technology replaces conventional ink printing and offers significant advantages such as permanent high quality text, excellent print contrast, no curing, no metal engraving plates are require, and no hazardous solvent are used. He has written two technical paper on this subject.

Expert has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products assembled from PPS. His major emphasis has been working with PPS on secondary manufacturing processes including adhesive bonding, joining, ultrasonic welding, printing, laser marking, and other assembly processes. He developed and implemented the first Military/NASA-approved laser marking process on PPS which yields unprecedented print contrast and quality. He has assembled extensive environmental test data containing electrical and mechanical performance after secondary processing. He has applied his knowledge of PPS to electronic connector, automotive, medical, and computer applications. He has been a speaker at NEPCON West, the Society of Plastic Engineers, and the IICIT (connectors) symposiums concerning manufacturing components made from PPS. He has written five technical papers related to secondary manufacturing processes on PPS and other high performance engineering plastics.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1992 Degree: MS / MBA Subject: Marketing Institution: University of Texas, Dallas
Year: 1982 Degree: BS Subject: Industrial and Systems Engineering Institution: Ohio State University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1992 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Founder, President, Principal Consultant Department:

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the International Institute of Connector and Interconnection Technology (IICIT), the Society of Plastic Engineers, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Professional Appointments
Society of Plastics Engineering Board of Directions Member, Decorating and Finishing
Awards / Recognition
Expert received the Connector Supplier-of-the-Year Award from Texas Instruments. He also was awarded the Outstanding Supplier honors from Allied Signal, General Dynamics, GE Aerospace, Hughs Corporation, Loral Aeronutronic, Litton (Canada), and Motorola. Expert is listed in Who's Who of American Inventors.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has over 100 published articles in trade magazines on the subjects including plastics, plastics surface pretreatments, decorating & finishing, special-effect appearances, screen printing, digital printing, inkjet piezoelectric drop-on-demand, laser marking, product security, adhesives, UV technology, powder coating plastics. Expert has one patent for Corona Charging of Plastic and Apparatus Therefor; and one Patent Pending for Plastics Laser Marking.

Fields of Expertise

plastic adhesion, adhesion, adhesion technology, adhesion testing, adhesion science, plastic surface treatment, surface preparation, flame treating, painting pretreatment, plasma cleaning, plasma etching, plasma surface treatment, surface energy, surface energy measurement, surface engineering, surface modification, surface modification engineering, corona discharge surface treatment, surface treatment, corona, corona discharge, corona treatment, electric discharge, electronic component-to-substrate adhesive bonding, thermoplastic bonding, electronic interconnect system, ink adhesion, metal to plastic adhesion, plastic painting, painting, plastic product decoration, plastic ultrasonic welding, thermoplastics injection molding part finishing, plastics printing, thermoplastics injection molding secondary operation, laser marking, polyphenylene sulfide, laser equipment, adhesive manufacturing, polymer processing, polyethylene terephthalate film, welding equipment, rubber adhesion, industrial finishing, blast cleaning, ink-receptive coating, ink receptivity, painting facility, thermosetting substrate, foam bonding, ink waste, adhesion loss, precious-metal plating process, adhesive primer, metal product decoration, paint mixing, paint binder, neoprene adhesive, gas surface chemistry, polymer compatibility, metal adhesive label, paint failure, semiconductor strength, ozone generator, ink dispersion, surface physics, plastic solvent, surface property measurement, contact angle, adhesion promoter, medical adhesive tape, polymer adhesive, thermoplastics injection molding, surface texture, adhesive application, ink drying system, primer coating, metal adhesion, electronic interconnector, paint removal, hot dip material, adhesive failure analysis, surface finishing process, ultraviolet radiation energy, adhesive selection, plasma polymerization, ultrasonic weld, surface cleaning, surface science, plastic material, Delrin, surface, coating material, acetal copolymer, interconnector, physical bonding, spray painting, polymeric material, thermoplastic resin, surface tension, spray equipment, potting compound, plastic welding, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, metallizing, flame, engineering thermoplastic, electric corona, coating, automotive adhesive, adhesive wear, acetal resin

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