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5G Private Wireless Networks, Telecom Services, and Market Rates

ID: 739519 Georgia, USA

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Expert has managed the implementation of next-generation technology, system optimization, development of business cases, operational analysis/assessment, and technical feasibility studies for new ventures and existing operations, often involving a complete transformation and financial turnaround.

Recently he has worked with state and municipal governments as a network Subject Matter Expert (SME) to assess the viability of new telecommunications operator entrants, assessment of new cellular towers, propose alternatives to new cell towers, and access compliance with federal, state, and municipal regulatory requirements. He has also worked with law firms as an Expert Witness for plaintiffs and defendants, helping their clients obtain favorable judgments through litigation/arbitration. He has provided oral and written testimony and surrebuttal and often participated in depositions.

Expert obtained his BSEE from the University of Texas system specializing in optical wave theory and atmospheric physics related to Radio Frequency (RF) wave propagation and fiber optic transmission. After graduation, he worked with the U.S. military and various federal agencies on top-secret wireless Communications (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) programs.

Expert has helped to develop and implement tools and applications and improve algorithms used in later military and commercial fiber optics and cellular networks. As a result, he earned the title of Engineer/Scientist. He entered the commercial market in 1991, serving as acting CTO and advisor, managing the development, implementation, deployment, and operation of major cellular, IT, cable TV, fixed wireless, and fiber-based telecommunications networks in over 30 countries.

He has appeared in open forums before city councils and the Vermont Public Utility Commission on various telecom-related issues.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1976 Degree: BSEE Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Univerity of Texas at El Paso

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2019 to 2021 Employer: Expert's LLC Title: Expert Witness and Subject Matter Expert Department:
Working with government entities and private labs to define 5G private wireless networks and the associated use cases. Served as Expert Witness in a dispute involving telecom services delivered to various condominium properties or Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) and ownership of infrastructure.

Analyzes market rates for telecom services to develop fair use value of the network system providing Digital TV (DTV), phone, and internet services to various MDU's or condominium properties. Analyzes infrastructure quality and ownership involving the study of all associated service agreements, contracts such as Right of Entry agreements, and applicable municipal/state codes/regulations/ordinances, federal (FCC), and industry standards.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2019 to 2021 Employer: Expert's LLC Title: Expert Witness and Subject Matter Expert Department:
Expert Witness with Tuskegee University regarding damage claims filed by A2D, a small fiber-based carrier in Alabama and Georgia, against Tuskegee University.

Assessed the validity of A2D’s case and costs related to fiber network build, carrier services, and proposed IT network upgrade. Provided various reports including a market study, risk analysis exposing potential loss of services, and assessing damages, cost, and quality of the network and services.

Discovered various violations of industry standards in the proposed fiber plant design and IT infrastructure. Deposed by opposing counsel.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2021 Employer: Procom Consulting Title: Subject Matter Expert Department: Engineering
Since 2018 collaborating with the Florida Department of Management Services in verifying and validating their procurement documentation and process for a collection of telecommunication voice services. Includes Unified Communications, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, Contact Centers, and CENTREX services for both public and private sector clients including Florida state agencies, departments, colleges, universities, and municipalities.

In 2017, Expert served as network SME for the Vermont Department of Public Service regarding FairPoint Communications' request to modify its service quality reporting obligations. In 2016 he assisted the PUC in determining what effective penalties or incentives they could impose upon FairPoint to ensure FairPoint provides adequate 911 service to their customers in the state of Vermont.

From 2007 through 2018, Expert evaluated the potential effect on service levels, including 911 to the citizens and businesses of Vermont associated with the purchase of FairPoint New England properties by CDI and, prior to that, the purchase of Verizon New England properties by FairPoint.

Involved in evaluating the entire network infrastructure, operations, plans, and financial feasibility. Performed an in-depth study of the fiber-based core, IT system, switching centers, outside fiber plant, outside copper plant, and future plans to expand and improve the network.

Also evaluated operational, maintenance, support plans, and disaster recovery plan to determine the effect on network availability. Reviewed discovery documentation, provided written testimony, and answered rebuttals from various stakeholders. Eventually provided oral testimony in public hearings with the Vermont Public Utility Commission.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2013 to 2016 Employer: IBM (through CDI) Title: Project Manager/Subject Matter Expert Department: Program Management Office
Led a team of Project Managers at IBM in expanding and upgrading a 256-site IT WAN and LAN data, VoIP, wireless network, Data Center, and Call Center expansion throughout the eastern United States.

Managed the development of over 40 concurrent programs reducing the project implementation timeline and acquisition of carrier circuits (MPLS, OC3, DS3, and GigE) by over 30%. His team of PM's working together turned around one hundred projects from red (in trouble) to green status, meaning projects were back on schedule and costs were under control.

Expert took over the implementation of a new and expanded Telepresence system. The implementation was behind, and requirements and operational changes needed to be fully addressed. In addition, no communications plan was being followed so stakeholders, including the client, software development subcontractor, and key product owners needed to be fully engaged.

Immediately developed a communications plan that engaged all stakeholders and got agreement on a value-based prioritized product backlog and implemented other project controls such as breaking the development down to Sprints, creating a Sprint backlog, and hosting a daily Sprint review.

Then collaborated with the client to establish an iterative implementation plan and associated operator training plan. As a result, the project recovered and was delivered on time and within the budget.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2012 to 2012 Employer: Byers Engineering Company Title: VP Wireless Services Department: Engineering
Opened new markets for Byers in fiber and wireless network technology. Helped develop the outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) market, Fiber To The Cell Site (FTTCS) in New York City, and Fiber To The Premise (FTTP) for Google Fiber.

Led the development of an implementation and cost plan adopted by Google Fiber for the Atlanta market. Developed Disaster Recovery Plans for various clients.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2002 to 2012 Employer: Capstone Systems Title: CTO/SME/Program Management/Consultant Department: Engineering
For TEConnectivity: Managed the wireless assessment for T-Mobile of the DAS system installed in the new international terminal at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. SME performing a wireless assessment of all major carriers for Longboat Key Florida including GSM, CDMA, EVDO, UMTS, and LTE (4G).

Effectively dealt with the public, appearing multiple times with the city council and before the Board of Commissioners. Performed drive test of the entire island and developed a final report addressing wireless coverage needs assessment and proposed solutions that would circumvent the need for large cell towers in the town of Longboat Key. Presented findings and proposed solutions before town officials, cellular operators, citizens, organizations with competing agendas, and their lawyers.

For SBA: Project managed the site acquisition, permitting, and construction process for over one hundred cell tower sites in northern remote Costa Rica.

For Insite Wireless: Assisted in designing both a wireless and fiber-based cellular backhaul network servicing sites throughout northern California and an in-building (DAS) wireless system for the new Cosmopolitan properties in Las Vegas.

For Oceanic Digital Communications (a Jamaica-based Cellular Operator): While serving as acting CTO, built consensus among stakeholders and created strategic alliances with foreign vendors while leading a significant expansion and applying leading-edge technology.

Led the optimization effort that significantly improved their network KPIs, including a 300% decrease in dropped calls and more than tripled network capacity. In addition, it saved them over $6M in planned CAPEX. Subsequently led their transformation program to 3G service, which introduced high-speed data and general advanced services. Responsible for all upgrades and data conversions for new Switching, ERP, Billing, and CRM systems. My efforts turned the company from stagnating growth at 40,000 to over 220,000 subscribers growing at 20% monthly.

For OnFiber: Managed the deployment of a hybrid wireless/fiber network to serve as backhaul for cellular operators in the Boston area.

For MIO (a wireless operator in Curacao): Managed the repair and optimization of their 3G cellular network which transformed network performance leading to a more than 200% increase in network capacity and more than 400% in dropped calls.

For Marcatel (a Mexico-based fiber transport provider): helped define their next-generation network by incorporating an IMS core that utilized a Next Generation-type architecture to provide FTTx triple play services, including IPTV, internet, and voice services.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2000 to 2001 Employer: EVOLUTION NETWORKS Title: VP of Engineering and Planning Department: Engineering
Led the development and planning of a domestic hybrid network using fiber optics and microwave for both long haul and metropolitan environments, including MAN and WAN circuits. Evaluated DWDM, next-generation SONET and ethernet-based (GigE) technology using MPLS and Differentiated Services (VoIP, QoS).

Designed architecture for a hybrid fiber optic and microwave backhaul network providing transport for cell site traffic. Developed design, implementation, operational and support plans. Involved in implementing both buried and aerial fiber plants and selecting fiber types based on single mode, multimode, and bandwidth dispersion (both modal and chromatic).
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to 2000 Employer: METROMEDIA INTERNATIONAL Title: Senior Dir Engineering & Vendor Mgmt. Department: Engineering
Provided technical, project management, and operational expertise to over forty joint ventures in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and the Republic of Georgia), China, and Indonesia that provided voice, data, and video services through cellular, Hybrid Fiber Cable (HFC) and Passive Optical Networks (PON).

Helped develop and improve international joint ventures in the telecommunications business with diverse cultures and had to analyze situations rapidly to make decisions and win confidence. Dealt effectively with multiple cultures and government bureaucracies. Brought order from chaos by enforcing new policies and procedures while controlling operational costs. Built loyal teams among startups by developing and incorporating new policies and procedures.

Reorganized and revitalized existing ventures by inspiring the existing staff and instituting programs such as Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). Improved vendor performance and relationships by improving subcontracts, support plans, and supply agreements. Developed RFIs/RFPs/RFQs in support of new procurements. Developed financial and technical feasibility studies for potential Joint Ventures to determine their viability.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1990 to 1994 Agency: DOD Role: Senior Program Manager Description: Directed the software upgrade of a Command-and-Control system for an airborne Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) emitter identification and location system to operate in a UNIX environment structured around an FDDI ring. Improved the existing software development process, significantly reducing development time. Implemented a PC-based requirements tracking system that helped ensure compliance with all contractual commitments. Led the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) team assigned to improve product development, proposal, and marketing methods.
Years: 1988 to 1990 Agency: DOD Role: Manager System Engineering Description: Provided leadership to scientists, engineers, technicians, and subcontractors. Supervised the development of transportable Communications Intelligent (COMINT) wireless Radio Frequency (RF) communication, signal collection, and emitter location system that used an interferometric antenna array, ionospheric sounder, DSP techniques, and HF, VHF, and fiber optic communications. Led R&D programs that increased reliability and system performance using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment.

Implemented new spread spectrum signal techniques in RF circuits to increase system availability and make the system more stealthy. Took over an inoperable wireless SIGINT program for the US Army and reorganized and recruited top talent to supplement the existing staff. Repaired faulty system hardware and software design and improved the core algorithm, turning the program around. The system was eventually deployed in Operation Desert Storm.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1980 to 2012 Country / Region: Worked in 36 different countries throughout his career Summary: Expert has worked in 36 different countries throughout his career.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
(Undisclosed) 2022

Expert Witness: Digital Television (DTV), internet, and phone network revenue sharing analysis and ownership dispute

One of the owners of (Undisclosed) contracted Expert to help determine market rates for telecom services over a 20-year period to develop fair use value of the network system providing Digital-TV, phone, and internet services to various condominium properties. In addition, he performed an infrastructure quality and ownership assessment. These efforts involved a site survey and studying all associated service agreements and contracts such as Right of Entry agreements, applicable municipal/state codes/regulations/ordinances, federal (FCC) regulations, industry standards, and best practices. His input helped prevent a scheduled jury trial and force a favorable arbitration.

Expert Witness: Optical Network Design, IT, Operations (represented defendant)
Contacted Expert to represent them in a claim by a telecom Carrier stating that defendant had defaulted on a Carrier Agreement that included delivering 1 G Ethernet service and an upgrade to defendant’s IT network. Expert assessed the proposed fiber optic cable deployment, optical network design, IT technology upgrade, services, and operations. He developed a market study, estimated material and labor costs, and performed a requirements analysis, risk analysis, and network availability study. He also evaluated whether agreements, equipment, material, and telecom Carrier performance comported with industry standards and program management practices. He discovered various industry standards and best practices violations in deployment plans submitted by the Carrier that would place unreasonable risks to the (Undisclosed) IT network. As a result, he helped bring this claim to a favorable arbitration.

(Undisclosed) commission 2007-2018

Expert Witness: Telecom, Information Technology (IT), Wireless, and Optical Networks

Expert provided written and oral testimony in several cases spanning almost a decade. These cases involved the purchase of telecom properties by new market entrants, modification of service quality recording related to 911, cellular coverage, reliability of 911 networks/services, and help in determining penalties or other incentives to improve 911 service levels to the citizens of Vermont. He provided written discovery requests, reviewed resulting discovery, reviewed network design, accessed network reliability resulting in identifying risks, and proposed practices to avoid/mitigate risks in my written testimony. In addition, he occasionally provided oral testimony and answered questions from the (undisclosed), various network experts, and the attorneys representing the telecom Carriers.

City of (Undisclosed) 2011- 2012

Expert Witness: Wireless Services

Expert was engaged by the City of (Undisclosed), to assess wireless services and coverage from all the major carriers and propose alternatives that would eliminate the need for large towers. They performed a drive test measuring the signal level and quality for 3G and 4G services throughout the island and subsequent analysis of existing coverage and how it could be improved. Expert presented findings and recommendations at various informal city/county meetings and formal city council meetings, all open to the public. His conclusions were scrutinized by attorneys and other experts representing citizens and Carriers. His recommendations prevented building a 75-foot tower on the island proposed by the Carriers by proposing alternatives such as Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and small cells utilizing utility poles and rooftop sites to complete island coverage.

(Undisclosed) Subsidiary 1988 – 1990

Expert Witness: Government Communications Project Requirements Analysis and Contract Compliance
Undisclosed contracted Expert to represent them regarding an over $50,000,000 damage claim against Undisclosed's prime contractor on a communications project upgrade. The project involved the software development and advancement of a strategic ground and control system. He was deposed several times by opposition experts and attorneys. However, my testimony was instrumental in the client winning most of their claim in arbitration.
Vendor Selection
Expert has accrued over 30 years of vendor selection developing RFPs, RFQs, requirements tracking, and weighted vender selection process.

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