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We're thrilled to announce that Intellex has acquired Expert by Big Village, effective March 22, 2024. This strategic move enhances our capabilities and strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

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Expert Details

Hardware and System Design/Engineering

ID: 719872 New York, USA

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Mr. Christopher Expert has expertise in systems architecture and hardware design in advanced signal processing and multiprocessor systems, and has spent significant time in the analysis and synthesis of video and audio compression systems. He consults on hardware architectures for communication processors, tree machines for speech recognition and parallel processing applications, processor design, bus architectures, and ASIC applications. His experience includes design of a reconfigurable systolic/tree multiprocessor architecture, a 3 Gigaflop/sec VME-based multiprocessor design; architecture and design of a 20 GBit/sec central switch network for signal processing; and hardware designs of VSB/QAM/CPM high bandwidth communication links (both transmission and reception). His experience also includes custom CMOS ASIC design and a microprocessor-based peripheral power sequencing control systems. Expert is well-versed in the analysis of signal processing benchmarks and statistical communication channel performance, reduced instruction set computing (RISC), digital and acoustic signal processing, airborne hardware systems, Unix shell programming and O/S utilities, DOS, Basic, Fortran, and C.

A large portion of Expert's consulting involves the definition and synthesis of multi-processor architectures for general data and signal processing. His work has a particular emphasis on processor design and communications networking.

For the last four years, a significant portion of Expert's work centered around the design and testing of high-definition television (HDTV) and digital NTSC TV (DTV) systems. This focus is primarily upon hardware design and algorithm synthesis. He has also been involved with the synthesis of vector-quantized-based stereo audio encoders/decoders. Advanced wavelet-based audio and video compression work is currently in the design and analysis stages of development.

Expert has done both hardware and software design for a variety of acoustic signal processing tasks including a 64-sub-band high-fidelity adaptive acho canceller consisting of fixed-point and floating-point dsp's and shared memory. He has also written many "core" signal processing routines such as FIR, IIR, and adaptive LMS filters.

Expert has designed various uni- and multi-processor systems for general purpose scientific processing and signal processing. Particular attention was given to efficient communication networking and various architecture topologies such as multi-hop rings, 2-D mesh, and linear systolic arrays.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1977 Degree: M.S. Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Rensselear Polytechnic
Year: Degree: B.S. Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Rensselear Polytechnic

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1988 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Principal Consultant Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1979 to 1988 Employer: AT&T Bell Labs Title: Member Technical Staff Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1977 to 1979 Employer: IBM Title: Engineer Department:
Available upon request.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Spanish Expert has a limited knowledge of Spanish.

Fields of Expertise

advanced signal processing system architectural design, board level technology, parallel computer architecture, digital signal processing, audio signal decompression, digital video signal compression, video signal decompression, acoustic signal processing, digital signal processing, computer architecture, computer processor architecture, video signal decompression, video compression, acoustic filter, architectural design, audio analysis, inverse discrete cosine transform, PCI bus, personal computer architecture, Peripheral Component Interconnect, ion-beam etching, baud, data link, serial communications, bus architecture, hypercube, NTSC television signal, multibus, modulation, VMEbus, television audio signal, parallel scientific computation, performance, signal compression, signal decompression, decompression, electronics, multiprocessor system hardware designing, advanced signal processing system hardware design, multiprocessor system architecture designing, electronics design engineering, SIMD computer architecture, MIMD computer architecture, massively parallel architecture, communications technology, phase-locked loop, transistor-transistor logic circuit, computer language, benchmarking, batch programming language, BASIC programming language, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor device, hardware description language, computer hardware benchmarking, power-supply circuit, very large-scale integration, reduced-instruction-set computing, read-only memory, random-access memory, high-performance computing, application-specific integrated circuit, digital-to-analog conversion, data conversion, systolic architecture, computer system, interconnection tie, switch, nonlinear control, low-level programming language, high-level programming language, multiprocessing operating system, power, radio communication electrical equipment, error-correcting code, data, resistance-capacitance active filter, computer, IBM personal computer, computer hardware, testing, supercomputer, signal processing, parallel processing, oscillator, optical information processing, networking, modem, microprogramming, microprocessor, microprocessor circuit, microprocessor application, logic programming language, electronic logic circuit, Laplace transform, interconnection technology, network, Fourier transform, electronic filtering theory, emitter-coupled logic, electric filter, electric circuit, digital circuit, data compression, computer science, central processing unit, audio electronics science, analog circuit, amplifier

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