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Expert Details

Computer Science, PC & MAC, Tech Support, CASE Tool, S/A&D, SQL, CICS, DBMS, RPG Systems

ID: 723228 Texas, USA

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Assuming Access Software is the Microsoft Office DBMS: He was the telecommute contract DBA the expert’s principal duties and responsibilities included, choosing and defining the Primary and Foreign Keys based on their relationship to the other data, adhering to the data base rules of normalization and adhering to Business Standards, Web Page Development. Analyze data needs. Develop logical and physical data model and database objects in accordance with data architecture standards, database rules of normalization. Provided testing and performance tuning support. Deployed and supported database components in production. Act as a liaison between application developers and the database team members. Also, he designed and maintained databases as a volunteer for his apartment complex and remotely for Online Volunteers, (UNV).

PC: He has designed GUIs for Windows based applications that he coded in VB. Plus he also designed Data Entry Screens for a number of different Database Management Systems dating back to his databases on the DOS OS. After graduation from The University of Texas at Arlington he has really used the knowledge gained in his senior Level database management course while developing databases and to a lesser degree developing Application program interfaces. Primarily, the application program interfaces skills in Windows were learned/applied in his Systems Design/Analysis course. While programming in RPG on the AS/400, he designed "screens" that allowed for interactive programming at run-time.

The expert’s programming career began in MS.DOS, GWbasic, and then Qbasic. He's familiar with DOS based applications and programming languages. He is experienced and loves working in DOS, proficient with visual basic in Windows also. He used in Systems Analysis/design in his Senior Level course project S/A&D. COBOL programming is ideal for batch processing and he has a thorough understanding of this language and it's shortcomings for interactive programming. The expert knows the many syntax errors to avoid.

He used rational rose in developing different modules or cases to be executed based on the different options incountered or entered when designing computer systems. It would generate the code but, he knows that it has to be tested and retested to determine if the code was error free. He knows the order of operations that the CPU performs by, which is the same in Algebra & Calculus. The platform or Operating System, as well as the programming language, use different rules of order. The program cycle is important. Binary is the only thing a computer understands. ASCII, EBSIC, & HEX are the next on the way to upper level, as English like programming languages. The computer does not read commands until complied or translated to machine language.

This is what the expert does and loves to do. Computer processing is the computer doing repetitive tasks thus giving humans time for less menial tasks like decision-making. The expert’s experience in programming is creating the instructions for the computer to follow. The most important computer commands are conditional (IF THEN, ELSE, WHILE, DO WHILE, DO UNTIL). He has experience using each command while coding a system. These keywords differ in each language. In order to prevent "spaghetti code" & make structured programs he always uses conditional branches (& NEVER, "GO TO") or unconditional branches in programming systems. He has experience on the AS/400 & PC. He has much experience in programming which produces "Computer Software" when the deliverable meets the client's expectations. He has coded & maintained RPG systems at "Oasis Software".

He earned a Bachelor’s of Information Technology/MIS/BUSINESS from The University of Texas, Arlington because UTA doesn't offer a Computer Science Degree plan. His degree includes Business courses like Accounting an Finance. Countless Managerial courses are in his degree also. A series of programs sub-programs that drive a computer. He has much experience developing systems @ UTA. His on-the-job experience has been & is Online as a Remote programmer/Developer also programming in RPG developing & maintaining AS/400 systems. As a Database Developer, he defined the relational database keys, which are the relationships of fields to be stored in a database as primary & foreign keys in the tables and allows for query & report speed while adhering to the database normalization rules. His last position as a database developer was a telecommute contract, where he pleased the software buyer. This was an Access database.

He is a Database Developer with over 6 years remote contract experience. He has analyzed data needs, Develop logical and physical data model and database objects in accordance with data architecture standards, database rules of normalization, Provide testing and performance tuning support. Deploy and support database components in production. Act as a liaison between application developers and the database team members.

SQL Structured Query Language is what the expert uses in developing any database adhering to the rules of normalization. He has experience with many database languages DBMS, most recently MS.ACCESS. He has developed databases for ease of searching (querying) based on logical and physical requirements.

He uses E-mail daily as well as Adobe Acrobat Creator. Other than Software experience, he has generated Word documents & store them in different sub folders for his "Things to do" lists. RPG is the highest level language he knows. He loves programming. Programming in RPG is effortless compared to languages like COBOL, the expert knows both well.

He has experience coding loops in programs where an iteration is repeated until a condition is reached. In batch processing the condition could be a counter or accumulator. The AS/400 midrange computer is approximately equal to a mainframe. He has experience coding RPG systems on his PC and transporting to the AS/400 and compiling at “Oasis Software.” Also, he has a synchronous Internet connection needed for remote compile on the AS/400. He has much experience coding RPG programs offsite, including the AS/400 utilities and OS: CL DFU SDA DB2 SEU & full screen editors. He is also familiar with CICS on the VAX mainframe at University of Texas at Arlington.

He designs programs to call prewritten modules based on a condition, most common is a print or End of program module(object). The metric that the expert uses as much as possible when designing a database is the database normalization rules, and of course individual company standards.

A Technical Support Representative for Employer issues Email Solutions via Email for both MAC & PC machines.An Access Database Developer Analyzed data needs,
· Develop logical and physical data model and database objects in accordance with data architecture standards, DATABASE RULES OF NORMALIZATION
· Provide testing and performance tuning support.
· Deploy and support database components in production.
· Act as a liaison between application developers and the database team
My last job was for Sophek Tounn Desining/Mantaining the Database untill finished contract, but doing this for A GOVERNMENT AGENCY was in a Senior Level Team-Project at UTA as Database manager.

(Telecommute) Numerous Volunter positions doing the same.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2001 Degree: Bachelors of Science Subject: Information Technology/MIS Institution: The University of Texas- Arlington
Year: 1991 Degree: RPG/COBOL Programming Diploma Subject: Midrange Computer Prog. Institution: Bryan Institute of Technology

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Undisclosed Department: Technical Support
Researches and provides Solutions to Trouble Tickets received via Email.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1999 to 2000 Employer: Manpower professionals Title: Undisclosed Department: Alcon Labs
Managed Network between 6 AS/400s & 2 Mainframes (Locally) and between Alcon Labs throught America. Mounted Tapes & served as Help Desk.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1982 to 1986 Employer: Earlier Career Change Title: Undisclosed Department: Undisclosed
A Construction carpenter changed careers due to his disabilty.
Earned a Programming Diploma in 1991 & a BACHELORS OF SCIENCE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/MIS degree after changing Career goals.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2004 to 2005 Agency: AISD Role: Substitute Teacher Description: Feb 19, 2004 - Sep 02, 2005 Arlington Schools, AISD - Arlington, Texas
Substitute Teacher, On call
Maintaining class order and issuing assignments.

Fields of Expertise

Access software, database management, IMS/DB software, relational database, application program interface, BASIC programming language, functional programming language, software design, software engineering, batch programming language, CASE tool, software development tool, computational mathematics, computer language, computer processing, information system, computer programming, computer software, software modeling, data processing, technical support, computer science, computer system, data management, database design, database management system, database technology, Datamanager, database, object-oriented database, database metalanguage, Structured Query Language, database programming language, database searching, electronic document, electronic output, high-level programming language, iterative method, mainframe software, report-generation programming language, software maintenance, object-oriented design, object-oriented programming language, object-oriented development, software metrics, software product development assessment, Java, computer system disaster recovery planning, ALGOL programming language, computer reliability prediction, software registration process, hierarchical database, list box, computer system administration, computer benchmark, knowledge base, computational method, computation, computer file, software package, software product assessment, software process dynamics, scientific database development, Microsoft Visual Basic, artificial-intelligence programming language, object-oriented analysis, low-level programming language, computer interpreter, engineering database, computer, software re-engineering, software process management, software engineering baselining, procedural programming language, parallel processing, management information system, logic programming language, computer architecture

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