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Banking Industry Standards; Business, IP & Patent Valuation; Economic Damages; Real Estate

ID: 725979 Georgia, USA

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He has forty years' experience in corporate finance and management consulting to businesses of all sizes and types. As a successful manager, he has had many opportunities to re-engineer business units under his management. He has extensive experience in business development activities of his various banking and finance employers and as a nine-year member of the Houston Texas Chamber of Commerce's Business Development Committee. As a longtime corporate and real estate bank lender, he developed a strong sense for business intelligence while analyzing financing and corporate restructuring proposals.

He has forty years' experience in banking including over two years as a banking regulator. He has been called on by hundreds of law firms for over 435 expert witness engagements in banking and related fields. Over 250 reports and affidavits. 107 testimonies at deposition and in all levels of courts. During his years in banking, Expert has encountered many types of bank fraud. He has been engaged as an expert witness consultant many times for bank fraud cases.

He has been responsible for the origination of thousands of auto loans.

He has extensive experience as a banker and lender and banking regulator as well as training in ethics. He has been called on many times as an expert witness consultant for financial, banking, and business ethics issues.

As a longtime banking and financial institution manager, he has had many opportunities to initiate and participate in business system design work to create or improve business performance.

As an experienced corporate and real estate lender, he has a great deal of experience in valuing businesses, tangible assets, intangible assets, intellectual property assets, patents, and economic damages. He has been called on by many attorneys and the IRS many times to value businesses and various assets. He completed the Harvard Business School's program in Business Valuation in 2005.

As an experienced business valuation professional and a holder of a Certificate in Business Valuation from the Harvard Business School, he is quite familiar with business valuation standards including the USPAP and nationwide industry standards.

He has many years of commercial real estate financing experience as well as hands-on commercial real estate management experience managing all types of properties that were in foreclosure.

He has a great deal of experience at competitive analysis having worked as a corporate and real estate lender for many prestigious financial institutions. And as a consultant, he has completed many competitive analysis engagements in product marketing and business valuation assignments. Expert learned early on useful techniques for acquiring useful information and determining how that information impacts a competitive situation. As a result of this experience, he is often called upon for competitive intelligence engagements.

As a high-level corporate officer and board member, he has participated in corporate strategic planning decisions for forty years.

He has served as a board of directors’ member, and has been engaged by the government banking regulators as well as by groups of directors as their expert witness consultant for directors and officers liability insurance issues and litigation.

As a lender and banker, he has reviewed thousands of economic analysis estimates prepared by other professionals; and as a consultant, he has prepared many economic analysis estimates for clients.

As a banker and lender, he has reviewed over 25,000 economic appraisals. And as a consultant, he has performed many economic appraisals for clients.

Having been directly responsible for the origination of over 36,000 loans, he has had immense exposure to and involvement in escrow fund issues.

As a banker and consultant, he has had a great deal of experience in false billing matters.

He has forty years' experience with financial institutions including over two years as a governmental financial institution regulator. Also, he has been called upon several times as an expert consultant for the governmental financial institution regulators.

As an experienced banker, he has a strong experience base to call on when determining whether a certain practice constitutes financial malpractice. He is often called on as an expert witness to give these opinions.

As an experienced banker and real estate lender and mortgage banker, he has a strong experience base to call on when making highest and best use determinations. He is often called on as a consultant to provide these highest and best use opinions to clients.

He has forty years' experience in using the income capitalization approach to commercial real estate situations as well as to business valuations and other valuation situations.

As a banker and lender, he has a great deal of experience in insurance matters relative to collateral, including matters of insurable value.

He was called on as an expert consultant by the International Accounting Standards Board Foundation in London to perform a valuation in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, he has been called on by clients in other countries to perform business valuations.

As a banker and trust department administrator, he has been involved in the investment of billions in bank and trust funds.

As a banker and trust department administrator, he has been involved in determining investment value in hundreds of situations. Plus, he has strong business valuation skills.

As a banker and governmental banking regulator, he has had many occasions to determine a liquidation value for various business assets, real estate assets, and companies.

He has been involved in the origination of over 36,000 loans of all types. He is often called on as an expert witness involving all types of issues pertaining to loans.

Based upon his extensive experience in banking and finance, he is often called upon for due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

He has been involved in mortgage lending and mortgage banking for all of his career, and is often called on as an expert witness in litigation matters. He has been called on by 8 of the country's top 10 mortgage bankers.

As an experienced mortgage lender, he has a great deal of exposure to and experience with mortgage insurance.

He has been involved in mortgage loans for all of his forty year career, and he is often called on as an expert witness in mortgage loan matters. He is published in mortgage lending.

Based upon his background as a banker and lender and valuation professional, he is capable of establishing a value for any new business technology. He is a holder of a filed patent application.

He is published in real estate finance and often called on as an expert witness in this subject area. He has forty years' experience in this field.

He has many years of successful experience in retail banking, and is often called on as an expert in this field. His experience includes financial institutions of all types and sizes.

As an experienced banker and lender and business valuation consultant, he is thoroughly familiar with the sales comparison approach, when to use it, and its limitations.

Based upon his extensive background in banking and valuation, he is capable of determining technoeconomic valuations for any situation.

As an experienced banker and mortgage lender, he has extensive experience with title insurance issues and has been called upon as an expert witness consultant on the issue.

Engaged 7 times by the IRS to evaluate intangible assets and bank stocks.Engaged by a European corporation to determine the marketability of a specific product in 44 countries.Business valuations of various businesses.Estimates of economic damages in many situations. Expert witness opinions on banking industry standards, good faith, fair dealing, commercial reasonableness, holder in due course, business and financial ethics, and other issues.

20+ years experience in management at banks, savings & loans, credit companies, mortgage banking companies, and a governmental financial institution regulatory agency. Positions held include board of directors member, executive vice president, senior vice president, manager of lending, manager of mortgage banking, regulatory supervisory agent tantamount to ceo). Committee memberships included loan committee, executive committee, audit committee, and pension plan trustee. Served as a corporate officer of various financial institution subsidiaries.

Management responsibilities included as many as 300 people in 22 locations nationwide in ten states and $2.2 billion (in 2018 USD) in gross assets. Directly responsible for originating over 36,000 loans of all types totaling over $5 billion, reviewing over 25,000 real estate appraisals, and reviewing well over 100,000 financial statements and credit reports.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1968 Degree: B.A. and post-graduate work Subject: Political Science, Economics, Finance Institution: University of Alabama
Year: 1973 Degree: Post-graduate courses Subject: Finance, real estate valuation and law Institution: University of Houston
Year: 1996 Degree: Masters degree-level courses Subject: Ethics and general enrichment Institution: Spring Hill College
Year: 1984 Degree: Executive education courses Subject: Commercial real estate finance, securities, loan syndication, construction lending Institution: Southern Methodist University
Year: 2005 Degree: Certificate in Business Valuation Subject: Business Valuation and Corporate Finance Institution: Harvard Business School

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1986 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant and Expert Witness Department:
He is still self-employed as a consultant and expert witness.
● Consulting engagements covering a broad range of activities such as governmental financial institution regulatory oversight, interim management, workout and restructuring of troubled loans and foreclosed properties (residential and over 100 commercial properties), business & asset valuation, intangible asset valuation and issues, bank income tax issues, core deposit appraisals, merger & acquisition assistance, due diligence, business plans, management advice, policy and procedure manual matters, international engagements for clients in 38 countries involving work in 67 countries, writing & editing business books, feasibility studies, marketing studies, research, commercial real estate studies & advice, training & educational activities, and investment advice to investment managers, private equity funds, and hedge funds.
● Expert witness engagements nationwide for 75 of the country’s top 400 law firms and hundreds of others representing plaintiffs and defendants nationwide and covering all areas of banking, mortgage banking, business valuation, intellectual property valuation, securities, investments, economics, economic damages, trusts & estates, real estate, credit cards, facta cases, check and credit card fraud, identity theft, funds transfers, international matters, leasing, bankruptcy preference, management, credit, finance, & general business. over 676 cases. 170 testimonies (133 depositions, 37 courtroom or arbitration).
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 1986 Employer: Lending & Mortgage Banking Title: Executive Vice President and Director Department:
No. 2 executive officer. Manager of all lending and mortgage banking.

Board of directors member, home savings (now citigroup), houston, tx. number two executive. also involved in investments, deposit activities, and credit cards. officer of several subsidiary companies. member of loan committee, executive committee, audit committee, et al. restructured the management responsibilities of several departments, increasing production, efficiency, and staff utilization. completed a $123 million (2018 usd) collateralized mortgage obligation loan securitization transaction through salomon bros. improved profits and reduced delinquencies.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1984 to 1985 Employer: First Federal Savings Title: Senior Vice President Department:
No. 2 executive officer. Manager of all lending and mortgage banking.

Also involved in investments, deposit activities, and credit cards. increased lending activities 40% in one year while reducing delinquencies and without adding to headcount.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1983 to 1984 Employer: Ford Motor Credit Corp. Title: Southwest Regional Manager Department:
Manager of all commercial real estate lending in the southwestern United States.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1977 to 1983 Employer: Commercial Credit Company (Now Citigroup) Title: Regional Manager Department:
Manager of commercial and residential real estate financing for the southwest, and formally trained & involved in all financial products offered by the $17.6 billion (2018 usd) company. chosen to open the company’s first commercial real estate lending field office. top business producer every year. Received the company’s largest bonus ever awarded - twice.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1974 to 1977 Employer: Southwest Banchares (Later Bank One, Now JPMorgan Chase Bank) Title: Manager of Commercial Real Estate Lending and Mortgage Banking Department:
Manager of origination and servicing of commercial and residential real estate loans and involved in other corporate financing, credit cards, and operations for a large multi-bank holding company.

Also involved in the origination and administration of construction loans, deposit & investment activities for lending clients including wealthy foreign nationals, corporate & personal lending, and credit card operations. Created and managed a commercial mortgage banking entity for a multi-bank holding company.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1973 to 1974 Employer: Citicorp Real Estate Title: Assistant Regional Manager and Assistant Treasurer Department:
Lending, mortgage banking, wealth management, and corporate finance activities and other miscellaneous duties for Citibank and Citicorp.

Mortgage banking and construction lending for Citibank, n.A. (NY), and deposit, investment, and trust activities for wealthy foreign clients. Helped establish a new office in Houston, including staffing and the formulation of operating policies & procedures. Primary territory covered seven states, and operated nationwide & internationally. One of citicorp’s youngest officers ever. Top business producer.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1972 to 1973 Employer: Gibraltar Savings (Now Bank of America) Title: Manager of Lending Department Department:
At age 26, managed the day-to-day lending operations of Texas’ largest s&l (55th largest in the u.S.). Handled construction & subdivision development loans, joint-ventures, commercial property lending, reo management, and high-volume builder accounts. Completed & implemented several bonus-winning workflow efficiency improvement projects for various departments
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1968 to 1972 Employer: First National Bank of Mobile (Later AMSouth, Now Regions Financial) Title: Mortgage and Real Estate Specialist Department:
Mortgage and real estate specialist in the wealth management area of the trust department. Trained and worked in all areas of the bank including checking & savings, credit, corporate lending, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing, personal lending, operations, check processing, audit, international, investments, trusts & estates, corporate pension plan management, portfolio management, registered stock transfer agent & registrar, corporate bond trustee & registrar, fiscal & paying agent, bank security, credit card ops, ach, and funds transfers.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1986 to 1988 Agency: Texas Savings and Loan Department Role: Regulator Supervisory Agent Description: Served as an Interim CEO Manager for two insolvent S&Ls each of which owned a mortgage banking company. Total assets = $1.8 billion in 2008 USD.
Years: to Present Agency: Various Role: Consultant Description: Extensive governmental work for: US Agency for International Development, US Air Force, FDIC, FSLIC, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, City of New Orleans, 13 cities in California and Colorado, New York Governor's Office, State of Texas, IRS (7 engagements), Federal Defenders Office (white collar criminal defense), Resolution Trust Corp. (twice), Farm Credit Bank, US Department of Education, USVI Senator Ronald Russell, USVI Senator Adlah Donastorg, Government of Tanzania, United Nations.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2004 to 2004 Country / Region: Ukraine and Russia Summary: Evaluated a proposed training program in IFRS for the International Accounting Standards Board Foundation, U.S. AID, World Bank/IMF, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the Ukrainian Accounting Reform Project. Visited Kiev and Moscow.
Years: 2001 to 2001 Country / Region: Tanzania Summary: Traveled to Arusha, Tanzania to conduct training programs for their equivalent of our IRS.
Years: to Present Country / Region: Various Summary: Business plan preparation, marketing studies, opinions and information on United States banking and financial issues, business valuations, IP valuations, funds transfers opinions, etc.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Bankers Association
American Institute of Banking, Chapter Officer and Bank Consul
U.S. League of Savings Institutions
Institute of Financial Education, Instructor
Mortgage Bankers Association
Texas Mortgage Bankers Association
American Council of State Savings Supervisors
American Bankruptcy Institute- Committees: Public Companies, real Estate International, U.C.C., Commercial Fraud Taskforce, Healthcare.
Board of Realtors
National Association of Home builders
International Council of Shopping Centers
Houston (TX) Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Committee, 9 years
Licenses / Certifications
Texas real estate broker's license held for 9 years.
Professional Appointments
School Board Trustee.
Bank Board of Directors Member.

Katy School District (Houston Suburb), Trustee, publicly elective position.
U.S. Army Reserve, Officer Training, Ft. Bragg, NC; Honorable Discharge
Nottingham Country Civic Club, Officer, 1,500 Family Neighborhood Association
Sunday School Teacher, Usher, Host.
Member of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA
Grady Health System- Uncompensated volunteer consultant to the metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce's Greater Grady Task Force studying the financially trouble Grady Hospital and Grady Health System for the purpose of making recommendations to improve the operations and finances of Georgia's largest hospital and healthcare system and Atlanta's only Level 1 Trauma Center.
Awards / Recognition
Who’s who in america, 52nd – 60th, 63rd- 70th (2016) eds.
Who’s who in the world, 12th - 16th 26th – 27th, 32nd - 33rd (2016) eds.
Who’s who in finance & industry, 26th – 29th and 33rd eds.
Who’s who in medicine & healthcare, 1st – 8th eds.
Who’s who in the south & southwest, 21st – 33rd, and 35th – 42nd (2016) eds.
Directory of distinguished Americans, 5th ed.
Who’s who registry of global business leaders, 1993 - 1994 ed.
Who’s who of emerging leaders of america, 3rd ed.
Who’s who registry of business leaders, 1994 ed.
Personalities of america, 5th ed.; personalities of the south, 14th ed.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has authored numerous books to assist individuals and businesses with financing, loans, career development, real estate, money laundering fraud.
He has been quoted in Treasury Magazine, the US News and World Report, Practicing Attorney’s Newsletter, American Banker Newspaper, Lawyers Weekly, Business Locator. TAB Letter, Technical Assistance Bureau, Journal of Property Management, What’s Working in Credit & Collection, Africa Today, ITV Television Network on the subjects of banking, taxation, economic growth and development, and capitalism in Tanzania, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Collections & Credit Risk, Baltimore Sun, Credit and Collections World magazine, Outside the Lines television show, Lending Intelligence Magazine NBC Evening News, interviewed regarding identity theft, Charlotte Observer newspaper, interviewed regarding bank branching and operations policies, Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, interviewed regarding business ethics and corporate governance issues involving the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Chief Executive Officer, Family Finances column that appears in The Boston Herald, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Palm Beach (FL) Daily News, and some Scripps Howard newspapers - interviewed regarding credit card debt matters,
The Denver Post, interviewed regarding banking economics and bank branching, Mortgage Lending Compliance

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Starting in 1989:
682+ Cases.
173 Total Testimonies.
134 Deposition Testimonies.
39 Court/Arbitration Testimonies.
115 Bank Clients.
15 of World’s Top 85 Banks as Clients.
65 Insurance Cos. as Clients.
Over 90 Trusts & Estates as Clients.
75 of Top 400 Law Firms.
Matters in 49 States (lack VT)
International: Clients in 38 Countries; Work in 67 Countries.
Texas S&L Assets = $2.2 Billion in 2018 USD.
Home Savings Ass'n CMO = $123 Million in 2018 USD.
Commercial Credit: = $17.6 Billion in 2018 USD.
Training / Seminars
Wrote and taught several real estate courses while in Texas. Taught management communications and various other business subjects at Phillips College.
Marketing Experience
Often called on by private equity funds, investment advisors, and hedge funds for finance industry opinions and advice.
Other Relevant Experience
Excellent written and oral communication skills. Published author.

Other professional activities:
Consultant on various economic, valuation, real estate, marketing, banking matters for clients in 49 states (lack Vermont), two u.S. Territories, and 38 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the middle east, and Africa covering work involving 67 countries.
Nationwide expert witness, for plaintiff and defense, listed in the american association for justice’s and the defense research institute's databases of expert witness consultants, plus state and local databases in at least 18 states and cities.
Engaged for over 669 expert witness cases for plaintiffs and defendants nationwide, testified 170 times and achieved numerous courthouse settlements.
Approved registered u.S. Government contractor.
Phillips college, former adjunct professor of business.
Institute of financial education, approved instructor for the educational arm of the u.S. League of savings institutions.
Gulf coast school of real estate, instructor and course writer.
Prentice hall publishing, Simon & Schuster, paramount communications, technical editor and consultant on banking and real estate subjects.
Holiday inn and rodeway inns, lender advisory panels.
Novick’s money market seminars, panelist.
National directory of corporate distress specialists, approved Mgt. Consultant.
Licensed sports agent, approved by the NCAA, major league baseball players association, and the al athlete agents regulatory commission.
American arbitration association, approved professional commercial arbitrator.
State of Texas real estate commission, approved instructor and course author.
Texas real estate broker’s license held for over ten years.

Fields of Expertise

business re-engineering, business development, business intelligence, business operations, business analysis, business management, banking, bank fraud, auto loan, business ethics, business system design, business valuation, Business Valuation Standards, commercial real estate, competitive analysis, corporate strategic planning, directors and officers liability insurance, economic analysis, economic appraisal, escrow, false billing, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, financial malpractice, highest and best use, income capitalization approach, insurable value, International Valuation Standards, investment, investment value, liquidation value, loan, mergers and acquisitions, mortgage, mortgage insurance, mortgage loan, new technology business value measurement, real estate, real estate development, residential property, retail banking, sales comparison approach, secured loan, technoeconomic evaluation, title insurance, financial modeling, ethics, change management, investment management, market value, cost approach, real estate appraisal, taking, real estate contract, indirect auto loan, direct auto loan, federal student loan, estate, credit card terminal, legal ethics, income tax, derivative (finance), futures (finance), bond, securities finance, hedge fund, expert witness, initial public offering, business, counterespionage, corporate espionage, merger, small business, entrepreneurship, business strategy, market assessment, finance, international investment, competitive intelligence, credit card, currency paper, facility appraisal, valuation, value pricing, economics, management, research and development, evaluation, residential housing, strategic planning, research, market research, marketing, decision-making, hospital

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