Windows Vista Setup




1.     First click the Start button on the bottom left of your screen.

2.     Next click on Control Panel on the Start Menu.

3.     Once it pulls up Control Panel click on Network and Internet.

4.     Now click on Internet Options.

5.     When it pulls up Internet Properties click on Connections at the top of the screen.

6.     Now click on Setup at the top right of the screen.

7.     Now you will see a screen asking you to click on which type of setup you want. You want to set up a dial up connection so choose Dial Up.

8.     Now it wants the phone number to dial this is where you need to know the dial up number for your area. Just phone Technical Support if you donít know the number for your area and one of our Techs will assist you.

9.     Now it wants your Intellex Username. It will look something similar to this,

10. Once you have your username in it is time for the password. The password is the password you probably established upon your signing up with Intellex.

11. After you get in your password it is time for you to type in the Connection name. Just take out Dialup Connection out of the Connection name field and just type in Intellex.

12. Click Connect at the bottom of the screen if it gives an error just tell it to set up connection anyway and phone Technical Support for assistance.

13. You should have successfully set up your Intellex Dialup Connection Congratulations.