Intellex - Internet Explorer 6.0 Setup
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on "Tools"
3. Click "Internet Options"...

4. Remove all existing connections by clicking connection name, then click remove.

5. Windows will prompt you "Are you sure..." Click "OK"

6. Repeat this process for any existing connections.
7. Click "Setup"

8. You should now see the "New Connection Wizard," click "Next" to continue.

9. Choose the top option "Connect to the Internet"
10. Click "Next"

11. Click "Setup my connection manually"
12. Click "Next"

13. Click "Connect using a dial-up modem"
14. Click "Next"

15. Type "Intellex" for the ISP Name.
16. Click "Next"

17. Call technical support or use the access number locator.
18. After you have the access number typed in, Click "Next".

19. Depending on your version of Windows you may or may not see the following screen. If you do have the following screen, click "Anyone's use" and click "Next".

20. Enter your username (also commonly your e-mail address) for Intellex.
21. Enter your Intellex password and Confirm password.
22. Make sure "Use this account name and password when anyone connects to the Internet from this computer" and "Make this the default Internet connection" are both checked.
23. Click "Next"

24. If you would like a shortcut added to your desktop please check this option.
25. Click "Finish"

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